Saturday, July 26, 2014

Black Criminals, White Victims

It is never racial. It is not PC (politically correct) to imply any racial motivation when the criminals are black and the victims are white. Such crimes, no matter how senseless, violent, brutal, vicious, etc. are rarely reported on the jew-owned/controlled mass media. That is why most people in New York never learned of these crimes in the news. Even Internet portals like Yahoo do not carry this kind of news. If they do, the news are bleached to unrecognizable, unidentifiable pulp. They prefer to give you the latest doings of Le Bron or Kim Kardashian and her black husband. This is a summary of a horrendous crime committed by two black on five whites in Wichita, KS. This is a summary of another horrendous crime committed by four blacks against two whites. This is the infamous crime where the criminals poured bleach down the throat of the female victim! (presumably to erase traces of sperm left by the criminals from forced oral sex). The above mentioned crimes are some of the most notorious recent crimes. Black on white crime happens all too often, but racial motivation is never a consideration. Never is a black (or "hispanic") charged with a "hate" crime. Conversely, a white who commits a crime against a black or a jew, must jump through hoops to prove that his crime was for motives other than racial.