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Tim Winckler for THIS GEEKS REVOLT

Folks ask yourselves this, if my post is wrong why do they flag it and post garbage about me. They are scared to death now and on their way out and I am providing the A train to their hell for them. The Jews especially, I am so ashamed of the juvenile postings they leave about my truth. 2 years old and need a beating then it is off to bed with ya, ya little bastards, such fagots.

Definitely check me out in Egypt, I have debunked world history using the record and the artifacts themselves, check out my 5 pt expose in pictures with my explanations, see March 15th for the expose. also see the pictures I reference in Cairo also. Look for the original posting with a similar title.

OH AND SARAH PALIN, a Crypto Jew for sure or a satanist whore, star of David used in satanic cults or tip to an outlaw nation. I think she is just another satanist whore like the lizard woman Mz Clinton.


Hey folks this cocksucker threatened my life by proxy for releasing the 300, 000,000 year old saucer artifacts information and the lizard pilots who flew them, I hit the mark dead center. It is the second time this piece of crap has had one of his bootlickers send me a message, both dealing with the Kennedy Assassination, they are scared to death about me being president so I am starting a write in candidacy. I am entering all political contests for the presidency; let’s see if this Geeks Revolt has legs.

Write my name in and see if We the People of America can’t for once have a good honest leader to bring them in to the 21st century, The Century of Humankind. The century everything goes to us.

I guarantee you I will have this British lizard toady hunted down, gutted and stuffed as a museum display to his folly, so many millions of humans have paid this price, time to repay the favor; a lizard has no legal rights on this planet what so ever, they don’t even exist legally. The whore poses a British accent so he could be MI6, Could even be the lizard boy, David Eech! He shows lizard on video so never trust a lizard, Credo Mutwa made that mistake and he lost the Necklace of Destiny over a thousand years old. The kicker was when Eech was said over and over by the kidnappers who took poor Credo and tortured him to be the most dangerous of all to the masons, typical ploy to amateurishly try to throw off the scent from him, totally transparent and desperate ploy indeed.. The very ground you stand on should be trembling at the very mention of his name. Not gods name but his, another false god to bend us all over and take it from, billions of years of history spelled out in this one sentence, man getting fucked over and over. I hear this megalomaniacs’ voice training his proxies to say this when doing Credo. Once a mason mi6 always a mason mi6, a lizards boys club and they are all fagots, see the picture below, hundreds of millions of years and they have never changed all that time.

They have lizard brains without the ability to feel any kind of emotion what so ever, they don’t know what a conscience is and can never grasp the concept, no brain mass to do so. Whenever you see someone with a very much slopped forehead they are no doubt lizard drones or hybrids. The Craigslist stalker also has this deformity, he appears white but doesn’t act that way, has no conscience whatsoever.

By the way you capricious little fagot lizard fucker, you best get rid of the obstructions to Craigaslisters being able to post and keep their post up or I will publish your name picture, oh that’s right, I published your picture , address and phone number. You are already going to federal prison for hate crimes and free speech violations against me. You have no legal rights though you have stolen them from millions since 2006 I have heard. Either remove the garbage and leave folks alone on every Craigslist site or I let the public decide what to do with you personally. People can’t even post about their merchandise half the time and I know people who have had apartment ads flagged for no reason. He is a mosaad shill and is working to destroy the ability of We the People of Craigslist from enjoying the free list. Like I have said he is an extortionist for hire. Scumbag you have no status here and can prove none. You are a mason and a pedophile or so you have alluded to in many of your posts and I know a crypto Jew when I hear and see one, I bet you are done for within 24 hours of me publishing this truth. You have ruined the lives of millions and now you get your comeuppance like old lizard king obuma will, just a visit by the sheriff and he is fair game for everyone. Either you get the fuck out of people’s lives or they invade yours. End of fucking story asshole.


This illegal alien lizard demands the ouster of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, how petulant of him to demand as though he were a legitimate anything in this world, he’s not even human for God’s sake. He sent his CIA, Al Quiada, to stir up trouble for the Libyan people, arms were shipped to get the people hopeful of a quick vitory but ist was all a big lie. He never intends for any Arab to be truly free and away from their Muslim priest who have sold the people out. They make out big time when the people suffer horribly. . Instead of using his status as the supposed world leader he squandered it for a political adventure guaranteed to get American killed for his lizard kings ambitions to stay in power though he isn’t even human.

He is a total fraud and has no right to tell anyone anything ever again. He has been outed and it is up to our armed forces to finish the job or consider yourselves failures at keeping the country safe and traitors to the Constitution you are sworn to uphold and We the People of America. this illegitimate son of satan needs to go or the country dies, seems like a good idea to me but then I like to make sense instead of being a brainless slave who follows every illegal order this freak demands of them. Either rise up or you all become just another obstacle to be destroyed, I said God is here and you best start being mindful of my boss’s presence instead of following this loser, this failure, this degenerate lizard who has taken my country over and hoodwinked bamboozled and led the We the People of Planet Earth astray with his materialistic horseshit dogma.


The lizard brain does not have the ability to rationally reason so they will never have consciences. The Maya skulls bear this out, the only parts of the brain fully developed are the reptilian and for PSI senses, that is why the incredible mass to the rear of the skulls and those insanely strong jaw bones for balance and chew on human bones instead of balanced normal human skulls as humans have with no oversight or conscience to stop you from using the PSI abilities for evil. There is no good or evil, only desire for a thing in the most evil means possible, they live off our emotions but controlled directed anger and controlled simulated rage really fucks em up, they can’t handle it as they are slaves and bred to be such in the face of an authority figure, mason dogma and hierarchy at its worst. All pyramid builders were mason lizards. It is the archeological line of proof of their existence and crimes against humanity. The temples and pyramids buried and destroyed were from either them hiding their existence or a population trying to cover their existence up because they were so evil and tried to bury them. They turned on their priests and false gods and they want to land on those pyramids again so they are being recovered now to rekindle the old feeling again.

Hate and sexual intensity are their drugs, I have found a video of lizard porn actors below that can be used as a guide when using video analysis to wed out the lizards and send them back to their holes or kick them off the planet. They feed off real intensity not controlled intensity and get us to start killing each other by incitement, they stir shit up to feed off it, they were also bred to be as they are. Since these Maya beings seen in videos of graveyards and artifacts do and did exist around the time of the dinosaurs near demise as a race, not animals per say but a race of beings it is logical they are as they are the product of genetic engineering just as us humanoids are. Produced by beings who wanted them to be merciless killers and conquerors, a perfect synthetic soldier, the analysis of star child remains show fibers as in reinforced fiberglass embedded in the skull though not as numerous and thicker fibers, who creates himself in every species he comes in contact with billions of years old with a trail of dead or dying planets lasting forever. Berserkers as I said, I wonder if their handlers still exist or they were killed off by their progeny. It could be the split up of Pangaea was caused by these soldiers and they turned on their masters and destroyed them. This planet has been at war for millions and millions and millions of years and it is only now we the people of this planet have become aware of it. They have murdered on mass humanoids they bred over the eons because we always come up better than them and they lose control, they blow the planet when they lose control.

Reptilian Porn Star caught shapeshifting! Stunning evidence!

An XXX x rated film cut for content with shapeshifting porn actors this video help as you identify them when using video analysis software. Use it as a guide to weed them out of our world.

The lizards breed us and try to get their little fagot hybrid king to be produced to supposedly save their race, what a crock of horseshit. They sold themselves out for nothing and they have made the whole humanoid race pay for their detestable folly. Trillions of us have died to support their travesty of creating a hybrid king, they are very hierarchical as the mason dogma proscribes, they are cunning and use the suffering of others to get a fix, they also combine us with Mercury by grinding up our corpses when the terror adrenaline rush in the poor victim is at its peak they will take weeks to sweeten the meat before consumption, Credo Mutwa has the scoop on this so find his interview when he was taken in by David Eech and put on exclusive contract to control the exposure of his truth no doubt. They also harvest the adrenal gland like in Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, yup it is all true. Obuma is just another mason decrepit lizard degenerate and so is his hybrid family. Since he does not legally exist anyone can knock on his door and tell him to get the fuck out of Americas house, he has no legal right to poses it and as We the people of America are the landlords we have the right to have the sheriff come and put the little lizard cocksucker out.

These lizards have no ability to feel any kind of human empathy; they are devoid because their brains lack frontal lobe mass so they don’t even have the ability built in. The old bastards kill or get rid of their mates when they pass breeding age. They cannot feel compassion and are born and bred as slaves to their overlords the King Lizard assholes.


All you folks who deal in the occult including the perverted phone app. for calling on demons and ghosts, people are now haunted for using this killer app. There are videos of houses being haunted after doing sĂ©ances and using the and weegy boards. Below is the picture from a video of people using a weegy board and one of them turns into a demon, the camera is forced to go by him quickly when he is highlighted and the lights are very low, I am proud of this catch. Astral projection also attracts these demons and that is who you are channeling. Don’t be fooled by these occult perverts, stay the fuck away from them…


Again history is changed by a young man and his wife, a good team they are. Best keep her hidden from now on because the jackals will be after her to get to you. Just like the copywrite speculators who steal the rights to artist’s works.

You have done a spectacular thing and your findings meld together so many before hidden paths to the true history of this planet. I dare you among many will get a Medal of Freedom when I am president, pluck and guile, never let em get to you and the world will benefit from it.

Congratulations for your find.

Here again are the Petrified Saucers the Chinese found, they both suffered the same demise and that is why the artifacts still exist with all tissues and technologies still there but forever frozen in time. The lizards have been here manipulating us for hundreds of millions of years, they came in all shapes and sizes and even an artifact I see where the skull is elongated like the Mayan remains, yup they been here for a very, very long time. I will more about this either this weekend or this week so keep an eye on my website and the Cairo branch of my museum on Craigslist.

Notice, there are spheres and different kinds of saucers present. I think they were berserkers and had to be wiped out for this reason, cunning and very dangerous as they still are now.

Oh ya and just for fun here is just how far the history goes back, at least 300 million years, now try to debunk that one skippy!

300 Million Years Old Fossilised UFOs

They did what our government was trying to do at Bikini Atoll, blowing nukes off to get rid of an infestation of these little grey men, Phillip Schneider tells of this happening. They were caught with their pants down and here are the petrified remains, the outer skin of the saucers flakes off and the Chinese have been analyzing it. My Chinese buddy translated some of it to me. Notice, there are spheres and different kinds of saucers present. I think they were berserkers and had to be wiped out for this reason, cunning and very dangerous as they still are now.

Here are his facts; a 9 part show of his artifacts, they need help folks to get them out there so the truth can ring from them. Definitely get the auctions going as they deserve a break for telling the whole unvarnished truth. I think you may have something there about Atlantis happening over and over, The Ground Hog Day Effect I told you all about in my New Magna Charta for the rest of us. I am going to draw all this stuff together and update the history I have put out there in Cairo, appropriate as Cairo’s history fits in with the whole picture of the history denied to We the People of Planet Earth.

Reptilian Demon Fossils - pt1 - The Fossils That Change History

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