Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Illegal immigrant tuition: Don't subsidize law-breakers

Illegal immigrant tuition: Don't subsidize law-breakers

What part of "illegal" do our House, Senate and especially our governor, Martin O'Malley, not understand? Rather than enter our country by the legal procedures, illegal immigrants have chosen to break American laws and sneak in. Their only entitlement is deportation. This liberal, socialist, Democratic administration keeps rewarding illegal immigrants for breaking our laws which only encourages more people to sneak across our borders. It is outrageous that an out-of-state American citizen would have to pay more tuition to go to a Maryland college than someone who is here illegally ("House panel OK's in-state tuition for illegal immigrants," April 6). To add insult to injury, the American taxpayer has to pay the cost to provide this reward to people who have no respect for America or its laws.

Peggy Alley, Baltimore

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