Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bothered by illegal immigrants

Am I the only person in Maryland offended by the pictures of illegal immigrants, one on them on the front page, that appeared in your newspaper April 14?

An individual illegally invades our state and country, breaks our laws and takes by force what others spend years to achieve legally and we celebrate this violation of law and borders with quotes and interviews while never questioning their right to be here?

I wonder just when our elected officials were given the choice of what laws they choose to enforce. Governor Martin O'Malley labels those who break our laws as "New Americans" -- and we re-elect him. Officials violate their pledge to enforce the laws and are routinely reappointed. We pay our tax dollars to those who then decide what is politically correct and what criminal acts are acceptable.

Our legislature denies in-state tuition to someone a few miles over our border whose family came here legally, has been here hundreds of years, who fought and died in our wars and built this once great country, while gladly granting it to these illegal invaders.

Would we give a tax evader or rapist the same pass? Has the political left, the ACLU, etc., so indoctrinated us that we are immune to this outrage? Is the law no longer the law?

Just when did we begin to celebrate these criminal acts? How would we be treated if we invaded their country? Would we want to be pictured and named?

None of these questions, of course, are going to be answered or even discussed. We'll just continue to welcome those who violate our laws with open arms, reduced tuition and other associated benefits while our citizenry continues to re-elect the same liberal, politically correct perpetrators of this nonsense.

Don Imwold, Lutherville

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