Friday, March 25, 2011

New Mulatto Ken Doll

Toy maker Mattel has decided that Barbie needs to be more fashionable in today's world so that involves a new boyfriend. Mattel sponsoreed a nationwide contest called Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend. The winner has been chosen! The new Ken doll will be based on former Iowa State football player Kurtis Taylor, who is now playing in the pros.

Did I mention Mr. Taylor is [part] black? Folks: this is not funny, it is a coldly calculated move by Mattel executives to push race millions to millions, nay tens of millions, of white females when they are still in what child psychologists call the "formative stage" Now every white female will have plated in her subconscious that dating black males is the height of fashion and popularity, and not to do so means one is evil and narrow minded and ignorant!

Watch liberals laugh and say we are taking this way to serious, its only a doll! But wait! Feminists have denounced Barbie for decades saying she is responsible for female sucides and poor self image among females because no one can live up to her glamor and figure and beauty!

Do you need any more indication that they are after our kids.They want our race miscegenation out of existence. What they did in Wiemar they now do to the world? What was that Revelations said about a beast who was wounded unto death, but miraculously revived stronger that ever, via the power of Satan, so much so the entire world now worships him? (Hint Mystery Babylon = Organized Jewry, the same Jews many Christians worship as "God's Chosen")

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