Sunday, March 13, 2011

Internet Radio Shows with Pastor Eli James

Internet Radio Shows with Pastor Eli James

FLASH! Two Reactors in Japan are in meltdown. Radiation cloud blowing across the Pacific Ocean towards California. Start taking idodine pills now!!!

Thursdays: 7:30 Central, Truth Or Consequences, hosted by Stocktrader Dan.
Please join me and Dan on Thursday nights. Current series: Book of Numbers, Part 4.

Fridays: NOTE: Due to my heavy workload, I will be suspending the Yahweh's Covenant People show until further notice. Christogenos will be moved to Saturday nights.

Saturdays, 7 Central, Christogenos.
Subject: Zedekiah's Daughters, Part 2: Scota and Mile

This Sunday: Special appearance on By Yahweh's Design, with Pastor Dan Johns. Subject: Anthony John Hill's (aka Jah) teachings and current incarceration for producing the 7/7 ripple Effect video (listed below) 10 am, EDT (Part 2)

Sundays, 11 am Central. The Voice of Christian Israel.
The Teachings of Willie Martin. Interview with John Knight

Special Appearances with Doc Waterman, Tuesday and Friday, dealing with the 3/11 nuclear fallout coming from Japan., and the impact on food supplies and the economy.

Tuesday, 8 E Prepper podcast:

Friday, 8 E Argusoog Radio:

Thursday morning, I will be appearing on the Charlie Guiliani show 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM CST - Truth Hertz w/ Charles Giuliani Subject: Science and the Bible, a Christian identity perspctive.

Saturday: Come Out of Her, 5E. Topic: America's descent into heathenism

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