Sunday, March 13, 2011

Advice from Alex Linder of VNN on FBI and Law Enforcement Set-Ups

The enemy are murderers. They are liars. They are schemers. And they specialize in setting people up as part of false flags.

The most prominent of these set-ups was the WTC demolitions, which was produced by the Mossad using Muslims as the fall guys. But this was also the case in Oklahoma, where the SPLC, ATF, FBI brought in an agent provacateur from Germany. Andreas Strassmeir, as documented in “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,” by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Strassmeir was tasked with infiltrating Elohim City and setting up a cell to blow up a federal building. Why? Because at that time militias and ‘angry white males’ were all over the news, due to rising resentment of liberal Clinton, and the intent was to create a false flag that would take the steam out of that movement. Which is precisely what happened. After OKC, Clinton blamed Limbaugh and right-wing radio, the militias disappeared, and the right wing went back to groveling at the feet of the jew neocon controllers.

Thanks to the hard work of reporter J.D. Cash and the legal investigations of Jesse Trentadue, whose brother was murdered by the feds, we now know for a fact that:

- the SPLC/ADL/FBI had multiple informants inside Elohim City, and knew about the bombing plot through all stages of its development. Yet none of them ever informed the public. Yes, the government is that cold blooded. This is not a game. It is for all the marbles, and the SPLC-ZOG parasites must live off honest White men AT ANY COST.

- the FBI’s top domestic anti-terrorist agent, Danny Coulson, was in Oklahoma City the night before the bombs/truck bomb went off — and he has lied about this repeatedly, until a copy of his hotel receipt became public.

ARTICLE: Was FBI early arrival in Oklahoma City?


Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols — neither of whom were white nationalists or right wing — were set up to take the fall for a ZOG plot to stifle growing resistance.

In conclusion, when the enemy controls the government and the media, giving it access to endless resources, and endless barrels of printing ink to use to lie about people like us, you offer yourself up as a potential patsy or fall guy if you come on a known “extremist” site and hint that you are a veteran with emotional problems.

This forum has one owner and two mods. I am not here a lot of the time, and I don’t read every post. This means you must control yourselves, to a great degree. You must stand behind your words. That’s the Aryan thing to do. I weed out troublemakers and head cases as best I can. But if you are not up to the struggle — and what I’ve outlined above shows you how serious it can be — then maybe you should think two or three times before signing up here and spouting inanity, or viewing this as as depository for your emotional incontinence. If not, be prepared for new “friends” to look you up and offer you “devices” that you can “receive” and your friend’s friends in the media and with the cops can represent as illegal explosives to be used as part of a terrorist plot by right-wing/racist/extremist/white-nationalist/haters.

Part of this problem comes down to knowing yourself. Biting dogs don’t bark, they just bite. No one here sees you as tough because of what you’d like to do want to do, might do, claim you would do. White nationalists driven by their personal emotional needs are less than useless to the cause, they actually endanger it. So if you want to be better than a christian hypocrite, to be redundant, try actually thinking about what would help our cause, and then doing it. Not venting stupidities that can be used by the enemy, whether it’s a lying jews writing a lying report for a mass daily, or a lazy prosecutor who thinks he can boost his career by fabricating a white domestic terror network.

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