Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tips For Hunting Units: Tips for ambushing Police and Military Patrols

Tips For Hunting Units: Tips for ambushing Police and Military Patrols

By: Captain Borgmann

This is one subject so obvious but filled with taboos. How is it you say you hate minorities, and their MongoLLoyd through Negroiid craniums, and yet love Police, watch cop shows, and anything positive the Jewish media has to say.

There is no more on the topic than I. Our SF friend can't put a away his potty long enough to think straight. We not only advised the Special Forces in the West but the Viet Cong on how to defeat them. The uniformed NVA Regulars and Russians won after the Viet Cong Celebration in Tet.

A side effect is that minorities and Police might learn from the Tips but only if I have to explain them carefully to you and write in the grunts and growls you call English.

Tip #1
The area in which you seek to operate should be checked for cameras and alarm devices in every location. They get their best clues from playing back the memories of every security device in the area. That can include helpful observers who pull out their cellphones. An area must be mapped and checked for device observation and the dead spaces have to be mapped or shaded in as well. Like a leaping buggery artist you must look to attract them to non electronically recorded areas. Or see yourself on Youporn.

Squad cars will have forward looking cameras to record routine stops. They will switch on their radios to on to record all voice and sound. Each weapon can produce a unique sound to include silencers. It may seem more practical to explode half a city block.

However, sometimes it is necessary to take prisoners for propaganda purpose. Prisoners talk, are humiliated to ruin group image, and cause the arrest of group members. The partisans take prisoners as hostages to good behavior as well. Let the punishment fit the crime. No Aryans. No Heads.

The ambushers cannot have walked the ground recently. That may vary depending on their data storage and personal memory. The ground will have to be walked by others. A dress rehearsal can be walked through in a nearby forest with police type tape to simulate buildings etc. Sand tables will need to be set up so that each member is familiar with the area. Task list must be made up before the attack. Each member must know what tasks he is to perform. Do not try to wing it by shouting 100 confusing orders to 10 different people. Also all group members must participate where possible and fire their weapons into the target. That way guilt is shared equally.

You must become the VC in AmeriKa and be prepared to accept the 2 million losses or more. Your white fanny was doomed to extinction in the US since the Boer War.

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