Monday, February 7, 2011

Prisoners Tortured and Abused in American Prisons


by Colby Palmer

New tactics and more games, yet the Iowa State Penitentiary just can't win. We brothers stand solid, proud and strong. But we continually see growth in our numbers as the games and the administration's tactics increase. Brothers are driven, becoming more focused as we battle these tyrants we are currently engaged with. Writing and distributing literature of our own as we are allowed none and we are recruiting at any and every chance given.

They began persecuting Christians and patriots. Surely but slowly we all found ourselves setting in lockup where to this day we continue to reside. We're punished and attacked from all levels of this administration because of our views and beliefs as God fearing Christian Americans. Will the administration allow us to read the Bible or go to church? No. Can we possess the United States Constitution? No. Can we provide another brother with literature? But with all this our brothers still multiplied.

The administration seeing our solidarity began implementing and utilizing Soviet censorship tactics. Our mail began to disappear, literature both religious and political is being confiscated upon finding. New literature arriving at the institution is often denied. And just like the Bolshevics brothers have no way to challenge the authority of the rules and procedures they set out. Paperwork is not processed and often appeals are over looked and our right ignored. Even still our brothers multiplied.

Then the administration not being able to break the solidarity amongst the brothers began separating us. Forcing diversity on to us, implementing integration forcing us to live around an all minority part of the cell house. They've attempted to stop all communication amongst the brothers. We've been cut off from the outside world and been denied even receiving and even to send mail to friends, family and even legal. Although we multiplied.

The administration then sent their goons to carry out attacks on the other brothers and I at our residence in this gulag. We were slammed with riot shields even to the point they broke on impact. We had to fight to breathe every breath as excessive amounts of chemical weapons poured into our rooms. They literally attempted to beat their diversity and liberal ways into us. With each punch and kick that they crashed into our bodies. We were forced to use self defense, but in the spirit of communist thugs, numerous goons acting like KGB continued to attack us from all angles. Once restrained, they twisted our joints until they popped, they smashed our faces into the concrete walls. In the name of diversity they forced us to shed blood in honor of our solidarity to America and the God of our ancestors. We were robbed for our property, and other belongings at this time and for a week we were not able to even shower, brush our teeth, have clean clothes, or toilet paper. When our property was finally recovered all literature both religious and political had vanished. Bibles were stolen and even destroyed. Even oppressed to this point brothers have exercised solidarity and multiplied.

The administration after realizing separation attempt number one was a failure executes another attempt at separation. Placing more restrictions on our mail. Placing us on mail restriction where we can't send or receive any mail for months. They even went so far to move brothers to other cell houses splitting us up and placed a well respected brother on the shuffle. Even with this we've multiplied.
Now the prison administration has been forced to acknowledge zeal and passion burn just as strong as it did in theSons of Liberty. Since the prison has Iowas largest incarcerated population of patriots and we have held our heads high through all the persecutions, the prison administration has issued statements that this prison will become the state's only “razor free facility”. By doing so, they will be attempting to restrict patriots from displaying our patriotic bald heads. Furthermore, they will force Americans to share electric razors with the negroes and mongols. This forced integration and diversity will spread fatal diseases like wildfire, thus literally sentencing the American population to death for the crime of maintaining popular personal hygiene. However, in the spirit of America we embrace our fate and declare that we want liberty or death. As the administration prepares to enforce unsanitary living conditions in the hope of enforcing their agenda and destroying our lives, we prepare to trust in our God and live as we always have.

Time after time, the prison administration has tried to break us and indoctrinate us with their communist ideology. Time after time, we have shown we can not be broke. They simply don't comprehend that our DNA can not be changed. They can't alter how God created us. Our ideology is not some experiment in a petri dish, that may be manipulated by scientists in a lab. Just as our fathers were before us, we were born this way and will die this way, we have no regrets, nor do we make apologies for who we are. And so, what it really comes down to, one way or another, we will raise again and multiply. We can do it the hard way or the easy way, but either way, the future will be ours.

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