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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 12/10/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
Dec. 10, 2010
Racial Reality and Jewish Denials

"Behind every act of treason lurks a Jew."

Yahweh, in the Name of Your Son, Yahshua, please open the eyes of all of your children and make them see that Zionism is the greatest evil of modern times. It is the political arm of the religion of the antichrist, the synagogue of Satan, Judaism. I pray that never again should anyone die in wars that make the Zionists rich and the Jews proud.

"War is the Jews' harvest." - Prof. Werner Sombart.
"A nation of sheep will beget a nation of wolves." - Edward R. Murrow
"The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever." - Franz Liszt
"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - William Finck

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More Great News!!
Pastor Eli James has joined the radio broadcasting team of the Micro Effect. His new one-hour show, "The Restoration Hour," will be broadcast live on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 pm Central time.

Support, live streaming and rebroadcasts available from

The first few shows will be devoted the classic book on honest government, Frederic Bastait's "The Law."

Praise Yahshua and pass the ammunition. The sword of the Lord (the Truth) is coming to a station near you.

If you want to make a conservative angry, tell him a lie. If you want to make a liberal angry, tell him the truth.

Special Item: The Wikileaks fiasco is a deliberate ploy to provide an excuse for censoring the internet. As the Jews always do, they create the scandal and then use it as an excuse to to deprive the rest of us of our rights. How long will the world put up with this deception and tyrrany?

Item: Chutzpah presonified: "Europe will not survive unless it embraces Jewish multiculturalism" Yeah, like we need more advice from jewish deceivers. See how smug this jewish vipress looks! You goyim can't run a society without us jews meddling in your affairs.

Item: the Caucasian People are the Israelites of Scripture

Item: The Reality of Race

On page 211 of their book Race: The Reality of Human Differences (2004), authors Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele explain the role of phenotype in racial classification. Unlike those biologists who make politically correct denials of the scientific reality of race without providing any standard of what is required for race to be considered real, Sarich and Miele do provide us with standards for race for non-human species that are accepted by biologists. There is no accepted genetic standard as genetic knowledge is still too incomplete (as the authors point out, until very recently dogs could not be genetically distinguished from wolves), but there is a long-accepted phenotypic standard based on "sorting accuracy." Basically, by this standard, if the biologists who specialize in the study of a species can sort two different populations of the species based on phenotype or physical traits with 75% or more accuracy they are considered to be separate races. The authors point out that although races, unlike species, are not discrete, so some phenotypic overlap is to be expected of them, the fact is that there are at least twenty human populations that can be phenotypically distinguished from each other with a sorting accuracy of 100%. By the actual standards applied by biologists to non-human species, that of 75% or more sorting accuracy, there are literally hundreds of separate human races. The authors state that most people could even achieve close to 100% sorting accuracy in distinguishing the populations of Athens and Copenhagen. I would add that most people could also probably achieve a greater than 75% sorting accuracy in distinguishing the indigenous populations of London and Paris. So it is only by hypocritical double standards, applying different standards to the human species than non-human species, that biologists can deny the reality of human races. This standard allows the authors to state: "if we employ a straightforward definition of race -- for example, a population within a species that can be readily distinguished from other such populations on genetic grounds alone (that is, using only heritable features) -- then there can be no doubt of the existence of a substantial number of human races."

Item: The Racial Compact

Item: William Gale on Two-Seedline

Item: As Received From South Africa

The Tea Party USA
Attention: Dale Robertson,,,

THANK YOU Dale Robertson
I am extremely impressed with your progress so far.
Get that LIAR scumbag Zionist Freemason Jew “PUPPET” OBAMA out of office before he destroys and bankrupts the USA and the West.
OBAMA is the biggest FRAUD in the history of the USA.
Your Tea Party manifesto is honorable and it is imperative that you restore respectability in USA.
Restoring respectable traditional family values is absolutely essential. (Christian values and ethics).
Zionist Jews promoting Multiculturalism is totally unacceptable and must be banned.
The whole country and the World have been led astray by those Zionist Freemason Jews and their Satanic New World Order Occult.

You seem to have a lot of confidence in FOX News.
Watch Fox News like a hawk as they will turn on you with a vengeance.
The Zionist Freemasons Jews Round Table OCCULT, New World Order are NOT happy and they are planning a massive comeback.
The Zionist Freemason Jews monopoly MEDIA TV and Newspapers World Wide are going to attack you with everything they can.
Look after your friends but make sure they are your friends.
Always remember that for the last thousand years the notorious Zionist Freemason Jew Occult has been infiltrating Gentile institutions Corrupting, perverting and undermining them with their own communist propaganda.
All the “STUPID WHITE LIBERALS “are “PUPPETS” of the Zionist Freemason Jew Occult.
Move the United Nations New World Order Occult out of USA to ISRAEL.
Move all the Zionist Freemason Jew lobby groups out of USA back to ISRAEL.
Always remember the Zionist Jews motto “By Deception We Will Make WAR”.
The Zionist Jews have lots of “PUPPETS” and they will definitely try to infiltrate your organisation.
Zionist Jew “PUPPET” OBAMA is tapping your phones and checking your e-mails.
Zionist Jew “PUPPET” OBAMA is checking your post and collecting lots of info on you.
Beware of planted WHORES to try and discredit and embarrass you.
Their favourite method of assassination is poisoning.
It you ever get a situation were you do NOT fully understand what is going on simply refer back to their motto “By Deception We Will Make WAR”.
The secret is to "see" what is going on behind the Governments, who are the New World Order “PUPPETS” and who is pulling the strings.
The Zionist Jews always get “PUPPETS” to do their dirty work including WARS so they cannot be held legally responsible.
Stop the brainwashing of our white children by these Satanic Socialist Leftist schools and colleges.
I have just finished re-watching the film “THE RIGHT STUFF”.
That’s what you have to restore back in the USA and the West.
Truth, Trust, Respect, Admiration, Honorability and genuine Hero’s.
We need a new era forged with heroism and “THE RIGHT STUFF”.
Restore the American Dream because you have the American nightmare at present.
Our country South Africa has been totally destroyed by the Zionist Freemason Jews and their own Communist Satanic New World Order Occult.
South Africa is Bankrupt.
The Zionist Freemason Jews and their own Communist Satanic New World Order Occult forced their so called planned “Democracy” on us all.
Democracy gives the vote to uneducated illiterate unemployed dumb ass fools own do NOT pay taxes.
South Africa is now governed by the most incompetent corrupt ANC BLACK Government we have ever had who has stolen billions of Rands from the Tax Payers and not one is in JAIL.
The ANC BLACK Government is by far the worst Government we have ever had, most of the 265 ANC Municipalities are bankrupt in debt to more than R50 BILLION.
Since 1994 the ANC BLACK Government has turned South Africa into a Black slum with neat SEWERAGE in almost every river in South Africa.
Every White family in South Africa lives in fear of their lives from BLACK murderers.

While the Whites in USA are still in the MAJORITY you need to ruthlessly enforce your immigration laws to protect your country.
White families must be encouraged to have at least 3 white children to ensure the survival of our White Race.
All the Whites in South Africa are with you 100%.
The Zionist Jews and their Round Table OCCULT, United Nations New World Order DESTROYED South Africa and are presently destroying the USA.
South Africa is already destroyed but it is not too late for the USA.
You must act fast against the New World Order OCCULT.
Also please keep the Internet FREE SPEECH and reverse the Zionist Jews “PUPPET” OBAMA censorship and monopoly control. “PUPPET” OBAMA Anti Cyber Security Coordinator.
The sole reason for the CENSORSHIP of the Internet is to close down Internet Journalists who EXPOSE Government theft fraud and corruption.
The Zionist Jews and their Round Table OCCULT, United Nations New World Order wants to OWN and control the Internet.
GENOCIDE of Whites:
When you get into power please help us to stop the GENOCIDE of Whites by Blacks in South Africa. (All secretly planned and promoted by the NWO Occult.)

The Zionist Jews and their Round Table OCCULT, United Nations New World Order imposed their COMMUNISM on the Russians now they are doing the same to the rest of the World.

The New World Order has militarized the Police World Wide.
The Police are supposed to be protectors of the people, servants of the People.
The LAW is now a weapon against the People.
The Police today are more DANGEROUS to the People than the criminals.

USA American GI’s
GI’s, American “Gentile Idiots” YOU are being USE by the Zionist Chabad Freemason JEWS NEW WORLD ORDER OCCULT.
The Zionist Chabad Freemason JEWS always get the White Christian boys to go to WAR on their behalf.
In many cases Whites fighting Whites.
The White Christian boys USA American GI’s are “PUPPETS” of the Zionist JEWS.
The Zionist Chabad Freemason JEWS motto:
Zionist Chabad Freemason JEW Henry Kissinger said “Military men are DUMB STUPID ANIMALS to be used for foreign policy”.
Zionist Chabad Freemason JEW Henry Kissinger works for “THE ENEMY” the United Nations New World Order Headquarters.
The Zionist JEW NWO wants to take over the World.

Their “MASTER PLAN” is very clearly defined and laid out in great detail in the excellent 100% TRUE book “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”


We WHITES are sick and tired of the ZIONIST JEWS ANTI-GENTILISM.
Item. As Received: Why Haiti is such a mess.

Yes, let's send financial aid to Haiti... seeing how important it is for their civilization to survive...what would the world do without this bastion of culture and irreplaceable contributor to the nations of the world (uh... what has Haiti ever produced but disease and witchcraft...?) Of course, it probably isn't even taught anymore that Haiti was once a safe and prosperous French Colony (as all the nations of Christendom once were, and their colonies, until we started surrendering)... that is, until the French weakened their laws and the locals saw their chance--and rose up and brutally, savagely killed every single white man, woman and child. Somali, Rhodesia, South Africa, etc., the list can go on and on (including our very nations themselves, the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, etc.)--when we alone ruled, there was civilization, prosperity, morality, law and order; when we allowed nonEuropean foreigners to immigrate to our lands, then foolishly gave them a vote, our nations have been rendered moral cesspools unfit for man or beast. If foreigners want to live in our borders... fine, but shut up and obey the law, stop trying to change our nations into your pathetic failed nations from which you fled. If you don't want us ruling your nations as our colonies, fine--but don't call us when disaster strikes, when your people start killing each other, when you start starving to death or dying of disease. Freedom comes with responsibility. If you can't handle the latter don't ask for the former. You can't have the best of both worlds. You can't have an insurance policy without paying the premiums (not that I believe in insurance policies, for I don't, but it is an easy analogy most should be able to understand). The Bible says you reap what you sow. That should be an even clearer analogy for people to understand. If you plant thistles, don't be surprised when blueberries do not come up. If you plant poison ivy, don't be mad that you don't have bananas. If people want to stop reaping corruption and death, stop planting it. If they don't want to stop planting it, then only a fool--and someone who hates God and Righteousness--will continue to help such people out of the problems they themselves have embraced. If such nations repent, call to us, and say, "We don't know how to run a nation, please, come and make us your colony again"--then of course, we could do so under the strictest of terms: We are the boss. You do what we say. As long as those two terms are met everything will be fine. However, even if that was to happen, we could not help them--for we have destroyed our own nations by allowing all such peoples to flee their lands and corrupt our nations into theirs. I have written for 20 years that the U.S. and our sister nations are "Third world nations with pockets of civilization here and there." This becomes more true every day, tragically, sadly. Our nations are bankrupt because we have turned from and violated God's Laws and Principles, the very ones upon which our nations were founded. Our nations are corrupt, crime ridden, immoral, and filled with disease, ignorance, illiteracy, perversion, and poverty. In truth, we can help no one. We cannot even help ourselves. All our political leaders are godless, immoral traitors. What would anyone think of a father who gives all his money to neighbors while his own wife and children are starving, suffering from malnutrition, disease, neglect...? What would anyone think of a father who is off doing chores to help ungrateful neighbors, while his own house is falling apart, the doors and windows cannot be secured, and his family is robbed, beaten, and raped while he is off helping neighbors...? What would anyone think if a father loaned money (which he did not have) to neighbors, while his own house and cars were mortgaged to the hilt and about to repossessed, putting his wife and children out on the street...? We reap what we sow. Any time we want to stop reaping corruption and death all we have to do is repent. Repentance requires us to stop planting seeds of death--and then to obey God and to begin the laborious job of digging and uprooting all the vile plants in our garden... and then start planting the wholesome seeds we should have planted all along (and continue to uproot every weed as it shows itself, for with many plants, once introduced into the garden, they will always be there and compete with the good seed... that is the nature of life).Those unwilling to do what is right deserve to suffer and should not complain that their garden is overrun with thistles and thorns and poison ivy, and they should embrace death for it will surely come and they have chosen it.... having turned from God's Ways and made a Covenant with death.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, - Haitian mobs fearing a cholera epidemic have killed at least 12 people in recent days whom they accused of trying to spread the disease, including through witchcraft, police said Thursday.

"A dozen people accused of importing cholera to a region that so far has been spared were killed with machetes and stones and their corpses were burned in the streets," a police inspector told AFP.

"These people are accused of witchcraft related to cholera," said local prosecutor Kesner Numa, adding that local communities in the Grand Anse area in Haiti's southwest were refusing to cooperate with investigations of the killings, which began one week ago.

The death toll from the cholera epidemic has risen to 1,817 since the first outbreak in mid-October, but only five have been reported in Grand Anse, according to health ministry figures.

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