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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 11/22/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
November 22, 2010
Islam's Pagan Roots

"Behind every act of treason lurks a Jew."

Yahweh, in the Name of Your Son, Yahshua, please open the eyes of all of your children and make them see that Zionism is the greatest evil of modern times. It is the political arm of the religion of the antichrist, the synagogue of Satan, Judaism. I pray that never again should anyone die in wars that make the Zionists rich and the Jews proud.

"War is the Jews' harvest." - Prof. Werner Sombart.

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - William Finck

Item: Mohammed Was a Pagan

Item: The Jewish Muslim, Obama, is NOT an American

Item: Allah, the Moon God

A quotation from this article:

The evidence reveals that the temple of the Moon-god was active even in the Christian era. Evidence gathered from both North and South Arabia demonstrate that Moon-god worship was clearly active even in Muhammad's day and was still the dominant cult. According to numerous inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was al- ilah, i.e. "the deity," meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods. As Coon pointed out, "The god Il or Ilah was originally a phase of the Moon God." The Moon-god was called al- ilah, i.e. the god, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times. The pagan Arabs even used Allah in the names they gave to their children. For example, both Muhammad's father and uncle had Allah as part of their names.

The fact that they were given such names by their pagan parents proves that Allah was the title for the Moon-god even in Muhammad's day. Prof. Coon goes on to say, "Similarly, under Mohammed's tutelage, the relatively anonymous Ilah, became Al-Ilah, The God, or Allah, the Supreme Being."

Item: Islam Is a Corruption of the Old Testament. The Koran is a Jewish Hoax

Item: Allah was simply a lesser god Before Mohammed re-invented "Allah" as the "One, True God."

Item: Allah and 666

Item: The Illuminati, the Mark of Cain and the Cross of Lorraine

Item: Mormonism and the Mark of Cain

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