Saturday, February 5, 2011

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 11/18/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
November 18, 2010
Security Or Tyranny?

"Behind every act of treason lurks a Jew."

Yahweh, in the Name of Your Son, Yahshua, please open the eyes of all of your children and make them see that Zionism is the greatest evil of modern times. It is the political arm of the religion of the antichrist, the synagogue of Satan, Judaism. I pray that never again should anyone die in wars that make the Zionists rich and the Jews proud.

"War is the Jews' harvest." - Prof. Werner Sombart.

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - William Finck

Item: Big Brother's body Scanners Exposed

Item: Red Light Cameras Resulting in Lower Revenues, May be scrapped.

Item: Astrologer Exposes the Fed (More and more, non-Identity commentators are revealing the secrets that we in Identity have known for decades. Slowly, the cat is being let out of the bag. Even if the astrology is suspect, the revelations about the Fed are not.)

Item: Multi-Media Website Exposing the Illuminazis (My aplogies to the Nazis. I couldn't resist the word play.)

Item: The Dragon (China) is Rising

Item: Christian/Newsome Update

Item: Missiles and Dollars

Item: Gog is the SynaGOGue of Satan

Item: The End of Liberty, Full Length Movie About the Banker's Tyranny

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