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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 12/7/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
Dec. 7, 2010

The Bogeyman is a Fake Terrorist

"Behind every act of treason lurks a Jew."

Yahweh, in the Name of Your Son, Yahshua, please open the eyes of all of your children and make them see that Zionism is the greatest evil of modern times. It is the political arm of the religion of the antichrist, the synagogue of Satan, Judaism. I pray that never again should anyone die in wars that make the Zionists rich and the Jews proud.

"War is the Jews' harvest." - Prof. Werner Sombart.
"A nation of sheep will beget a nation of wolves." - Edward R. Murrow

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - William Finck
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The first show will be Tuesday, Dec. 7. Since this is the infamous Pearl Harbor attack remembrance, I will be talking about how Federa Dictator Rosenfeldt had foreknowledge of thePearl Harbor attack. The next few shows will be devoted the classic book on honest government, Frederic Bastait's "The Law."

Praise Yahshua and pass the ammunition. The sword of the Lord (the Truth) is coming to a station near you.

"Al Qaeda is Jewish."

Item: Schiff controlled American foreign policy

Item: AIPAC controls America's war policy

Iem: How do you spell Al Qaeda? A-L-C-I-A-D-A

Item: The origin of fake terror in the Jewish Agency

Item: Al Qaeda is a division of the Mossad. Israeli Mossad agents, posing as "A; Qaeda," pulled off 9/11.

Item: Fake Terrorists and Fake Tourists: Vicous Mossad agents kill tourists and assume their identites in order to pose as "AlQaeda"
Item: Update on the 7/7/05 Fake Terror event in London. Thanks to all of you who forwarded the video to all your friends and associates in our previous Newsletter. KEEP IT UP! - Eli

As received:

PS: I appologize. The new press release mentioned below didn't get added. Please see it attached now.

Posting DVDs now an act of “Terrorism”?

London, England, Dec 05, 2010 – In what many believe to be an extraordinary abuse of police-empowering legislation, counter-terrorism officers have pressed-forward in their plans to convict a British man of a major criminal offense, for posting DVD copies of a documentary film he produced, to the crown court in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Anthony John Hill, aged 62, also known as “Muad’Dib” the producer of the documentary film,“7/7 Ripple Effect”, has been charged with “intending to pervert the course of justice,” after counter-terrorism police investigated him for sending copies of his film to the British court, requesting the court administrators deliver them to the judge and jury-foreman, in a trial related to the London Underground bombings on July 7th, 2005. This has always been common practice in Britain, as people send opinions or evidence, openly or anonymously, to courthouses all the time, acting as an “amicus curiae” (a friend of the court).

Now—posting DVDs to a court is a crime—and possibly “terrorism”… Do you feel safer? Or have things gone too far?

The film itself,“7/7 Ripple Effect”, has gained international notoriety for using official government and mainstream media reports to highlight irregularities and impossibilities in the Home Office’s official take, and then re-take on what happened. Initially dismissed by many as “conspiracy theory”, recent testimony at the 7/7 inquest, in tandem with deeper independent investigations over the years, is increasingly revealing that the film is turning-out to be more fact that theory.

Mr. Hill believes that it is due to the take-off success of his film that he’s now being targeted and harassed by police. This claim appears to be well-founded, as the lead counter-terrorism officer handling the case stated this past week that when Mr. Hill was initially arrested, friends and supporters of his also sent DVD copies of the film to the courthouse that he appeared before. In other words, they did the exact same thing that Mr. Hill is now in jail for, but the officer admitted plainly that the police had no intention of even investigating those acts, never mind prosecuting anyone.

With all the controversy stirred up by those injured in the blasts and the families of those that died, as well as independent investigative reporting and now the plainly-admitted double-standards of the policing agencies in targeting someone with an “unauthorized” viewpoint, it appears that the British peoples' trust in their government is reaching its lowest levels ever and they're just not buying the “terrorism” excuses any more. How many more lies should be expected? How many more tolerated?

After already having to change the official government narrative on more than one occasion, and with MI5 making every effort possible to have secret, closed-door hearings at the present inquest, its becoming more and more clear that the governmental authorities have something to hide. It seems clear at this point that “7/7 Ripple Effect” is bringing some hidden things to light.

When simple, obvious, and relevant questions are going systematically unanswered, sensible people start getting suspicious.

- The CCTV footage alone should have made it immediately and perfectly clear which train the alleged bombers took. So, why did the government have to change its official story when independent freelance researchers discovered that the first train the bombers were said to have caught was cancelled? How would the government with all its access to different agencies have got such a basic and crucial fact wrong, and then refuse to change their story for so long? If they got the very first part of the timeline wrong, how can we trust the rest? WHERE is the CCTV footage and how is keeping it hidden a “matter of national security” when the authorities have already stated exactly what the footage would show? Shouldn’t the government be made to prove their claims, with evidence, like everyone else? Or are they now above the law?

-Why do eyewitness reports of people there that day say the floors in the trains blew upwards, as if the bombs were placed below the carriages, not downwards, as would be the case if the explosions were really the result of backpack bombs?

-Why did the BBC, Channel 5, and other mainstream news sources report within hours of the bombings that multiple bombers had been “neutralized” by armed police in the Docklands area, and then those reports were never repeated or re-discussed?

-Why have graphical design veteran's claims, that the lone CCTV image released from 7/7 is a poorly-doctored fake, never been investigated further? Why was only one single still-image released to begin with? Where’s all the evidence? They claim "national security" would be harmed by releasing the footage but they have already told people exactly what the footage would show--if they are actually telling the truth which remains to be proven until the footage is seen. Common-sense makes it perfectly clear that "national security" IS being harmed by keeping the tapes hidden from the public.

These are just a few of the many basic questions that remain unanswered more than 5 years after the event. WHY?

For the latest updates on Mr. Hill’s trial and how to get involved, please visit: ***WAKE UP Britain!!!***

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From: Jeffrey
To: Eli James
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: 7/7 false-flag - FRAUDULET Elizabeth Battenberg/Mountbatten (also uses criminal aliases Windsor and QE2)

Dear Eli,

Good morning. Hope you've had a good weekend.

Thank-you again for helping to publish this very important news amongst Israel.

There is a new press-release about the situation, hopefully getting more people to ask more questions regarding what is obviously another Mossad-organized false-flag attack. Please find the .doc file attached that was written and formatted to be a one page print out flier to be passed around with DVD copies of the film. I think .doc files are virus free, but in case you don't open files, I've also copied the updated story below, its just the formatted may be a little goofy, but maybe not.

This story is definitely about 7/7 and John Hill's film absoutely destroying the official conspiracy theory, and he's being persecuted for that.

But, this is why the Establishment has persectued, spied on, and generally harassed John for decades:

John can prove that Elizabeth is NOT the legitimate queen in Britain, and NOT the rightful heir to the throne of David. Please study that. Tell people about it. Prime them for what is about to make big waves, trying to get them to help. Because THAT is what is really important as far as Israel is concered. THAT is te death-knell of one of the Beast's slimey heads.

John's website about the British court-system is here:

Please also tell the other CI leaders or anyone else fighting for proper Israel. The real leaders of True Israel need to unite under one very good cause. A major elder of Israel is about to go stand in front of the fraudulent and criminal queen and tell her what we all think.

Thank-you and God bless Eli.

Long Live The King,

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