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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 9/8/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
September 8, 2010

Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Restoration of True Israel

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - Pastor William Finck

Scheduled presenters and guests: Eli, Bill, Greg, Bryan, Ken Gregg, Randy Gray. Others to be announced.

Theme: The Bible and the US Constitution, America as the New JerUSAlem

Christian Israel: This is our first major annoucement of our 10/10/10 Marathon Day of Prayer and Fasting. Please join us by setting aside this day to pray and fast for the Great Awakening of True Israel to our Identity as Yahweh's chosen people and for the destruction of Mystery Babylon.

Praise Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua!!

Pastor Eli James

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Editorial: September 5, 2010

By Kenneth Lent

Topic: Yahweh God didn't abandon us to the Constitution, rather yes -- we ARE allowed to be Americans as well as Christians!

Greetings in joyful victory, in the name of our King Jesus Christ,

Some people want the Constitution to say on it somewhere “This is a Saxon Christian Kingdom government”, and they won’t be happy until it is so written.

Dear brethren – that stipulation has got nothing to do with the matter of whether our original American Constitutional government was Christian or not. Consider this: If such a “Christian statement” was written into the Constitution and yet the nation itself became 100% downgraded to house only non Saxon idolatrous heathen in the land, no matter how many times a person would then quote that inserted “Christian document statement” it would not make America a Christian government. The people are the government. Keep the liberty land alive by feeding Saxons with the correct Gospel of Jesus Christ, then the true “government” will automatically and always be Christian. We cannot legislate a Christian government into the hearts of a people by writing it on some parchment. Our ancestors of ancient Israel fell away from God’s national laws while those very laws were “the written document of government” right before them. There was no USA Constitution then to blame for their falling away! They did it with God’s Written Laws as their charter of “the law of the land”. If there is a problem in our land today, it is once again with the people themselves and not with the original Constitution.

However the application of the true Constitution and how it applies to our Dominion is an important matter to understand within the New Testament operation of Yahweh’s Kingdom. The real original 1787 Constitution does serve a purpose.

The law commentaries being complied on this website will continue to repeat and stress that the original 1787 USA Constitution was a Saxon Inheritance Trust Instrument within the already existing Christian government of America, which lawful Scriptural Kingdom government is comprised of the people, the Christian law, and the land – all three combined.

What then did the Constitution do? The Constitution decreed that the ongoing government of the Christian liberty of the land itself, that had been totally freed from Britain , would now be bequeathed (handed down perpetually) to the Saxon posterity forever. (see the Preamble) The original Constitution, the Inheritance Instrument prophesied in Psalm 102:13,14 & relate verses, is not the full Kingdom itself but it is a crucial part of the Kingdom government by which the Divine government is manifested into reality. It is administration – rightful administration of liberty and fairness based on Scripture justice. And as being such, it is one of the proper “ordinances of man” that we as Christians are directed and commanded to obey as per I Peter 2:13 .

In other words, God expects us to follow good governments of men who have adapted their times and circumstances to follow after His basic precepts. For example, “guns” are nowhere to be mentioned in the Bible yet our 2nd Amendment secures our God given right to have them. To exclude firearms from our homes on the basis that they are not mentioned in Scriptures and that this would be adding to God’s Law, is very dangerous to our present safety. Yahweh God has stated that above many other things it is imperative to have understanding of a particular issue or matter. (Prov.4:7). If a person does not take time to understand the Inheritance Trust nature of Saxon Law at the time of the Constitution’s writing – they will not have a clue as to the intent of the Constitution. There’s no way around this fact of study. Failure to do just this, has recently produced all manner of bizarre theories about the Constitution based on conjecture.

Scripturally, the administration of Yahweh’s Kingdom government laws has chronologically (and purposefully) moved from Adam, to the Patriarchs, to the Judges, to the men Kings, and then to the Body of Christ (the NT Commonwealth of Ephesians 2). Let’s please get this right --- God’s Kingdom is now in the Commonwealth government precisely where He wants it! Same laws --- different administration to fit the era.

Since the day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the believers we are not to be going back to the lesser administration of the Old Testament ancient Israel era. The Scriptures are more than clear that God’s Laws don’t change but the administration to implement those laws in the land have and must, by need, changed as our Saxon race advances on into the eventual fullness of the Kingdom. Yahweh has put His laws into the New Testament Commonwealth and the original 1787 USA Constitution (Psalm 102:13,14, etc.) now administers that Commonwealth (Paul’s message of Ephesians chapter 2]. When we finally get it right, the other Saxon nations of our kindred folks will take note and joyfully enforce this administration in their countries too. (Isa. 2:3; Micah 4:2)

The original Constitution is the “grease on the wheels”, the “fire under the kettle”, or the “legs of the man”. Knock the legs out from under the person and he is easily thrust through with a sword. Even though the Constitution is not the Scriptures in and of itself, do you now see why the enemy in America has hated the Constitution only second to the Written Word itself? The original Constitution militantly secures our liberty so that our individual homes may keep the Scriptures on our mantels and teach God’s Laws to our children – our posterity mentioned in the Preamble.

The enemy has been smart enough to know that a direct attack to remove all Christian Bibles from our homes would meet with a revolution for sure. But “knock the legs out” from under the nation by an indirect attack upon the Inheritance Trust Instrument (the Constitution) and the subsequent generations of posterity mentioned in the Preamble eventually won’t have the lawful liberty to keep their Bibles or even read them. Don’t think that “they” aren’t aiming for this.

Those who assume that there is no connection between the original Constitution and the Scriptures simply because the term “Christian nation” is not found in the Constitution text have failed to fully comprehend the law of that era of America . Until the 1960’s it was pretty well a scholarly “given” that the original law of the founding of America was a Christian experience. It was liberal atheistic schools of thought after the 60’s which began a program insisting that the Founders were not Christians and that the Constitution was secular.

Our original 1787 Constitution made the Christian Commonwealth work (until subversion set in). The Constitution at that time didn’t need to say “Christian government” in it because the government of the land already was Christian. You can’t set something on fire that is already on fire and the Founders were well aware of that – America was Christian both in people and government of the people. Every one of those men who signed the Constitution were Saxon Christians and they were not so dulled minded as to create a morbid suicide pact to destroy their own faith by drawing up some sort of “secular government” where heathenism could become the law of the land.

Those today who want to discard the Constitution simply because they can’t find the word “Christian” or “God” in it are also displaying a lack of normal common sense about the entire matter of the Christian basis of our nation. They have simply taken the bait of such groups as the ACLU, the ADL, or the SPLC, which present their positional statements based on intentional distortions and half truths.

As I have stated, the original Constitution made the Christian Commonwealth work just like a car battery makes your car work. Would you refuse to use a battery in your automobile on the grounds that the battery does not have your car make written on it in big letters? Try telling your mechanic that your car battery has got nothing to do with your car, and you want it unhooked and thrown out because the battery does not have anywhere written on it “this is a Chevrolet Malibu battery”. Tell him that on those grounds the battery is not “automobile oriented” and is destructive to your car, and that you think it is actually evil to have it under your hood. The premise would be so silly that I doubt if your mechanic would even take time to try to explain it to you. With that type of thinking, good luck in trying to make your car run just because you insist that a battery has to say on it that it’s for your car. Your favorite auto is going to be sitting a long time in your driveway going nowhere, regardless of how many letters you write to friends, or meetings you hold trying to explain the “evils” of your car battery, which you assume to be “anti-car” because you have scrupulously examined all of the battery label print, shown your friends the print, and are quite proud that you can’t find the make of your car written anywhere on it.

Yet this is the exact train of thinking used by some people today who can’t see (or don’t want to) that God’s Laws in America will work for the Christian Commonwealth specifically because the battery that makes it work is the 1787 Constitution, with or without a Christian label on it. Without the original Constitution enforced and “plugged in” to real American government the Christian Kingdom is going nowhere, just like the car stuck in the driveway. Stubbornness can be a fatal trait, and until people get over the fact of law that a lack of mentioning Christianity in the Constitution has absolutely nothing to do with the background and intent of its law, they will be viewing the Constitution through a perverted set of Edomite eyeglasses.

The law of our original 1787 USA Christian Constitution is crucial in regaining our Saxon liberty in America . The Scriptural, lawful, and historical references on this topic are being sorted out and uploaded onto our web pages for truth seekers to read and include in their family PC libraries. More will be added as time permits.

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Blessings to the Remnant in Christ, Ken Lent

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