Wednesday, September 29, 2010

J.T. Bowles: Why Are Pro-White Candidates Doing Terrible In Latest Elections?

Why Are Pro-White Candidates Doing Terrible In Latest Elections?


Pro-White political candidates are doing terrible according to the latest election results. Why? You would think there is enough White anger out there to push the vote percentages of pro-White candidates up; but, instead we see them being pushed down to laughable percentages. Here are the reasons:

Laziness - the pro-White movement has some of its so-called leaders running as write-in candidates. This shows laziness and sends the wrong message out to the White voters.

Message - the pro-White candidates are not talking to the voters; but, talking at the White voters. There is a difference! Roper is a good example of talking at White voters instead of talking to them and sets the best example of being the worst candidate. Metzger isn't that much better!

Support - some pro-White candidates have gotten on the printed ballot; but, have very little support from their organization or their surrounding areas and running as "look-at-me" candidates instead of serious candidates trying to win an election mandate to govern.

Same ole retards running - Gosh, does the pro-White movement have to go through a torturous 2012 Presidential election with fraud David Duke or egomaniac Brian Holland again? It sure looks like it! Enough to make you puke!

Tactics suck - being a political candidate involves thinking and using tactics to outwit and outflank your opponent. You have to be clever with your responses! Here is an example of what I would cleverly say regarding running as a Republican Party candidate:

Reporter: "You are a pro-White candidate; but, are running as a Republican Party candidate. Isn't that contradictory?"

Candidate: "No, it isn't. The Republican Party is always saying that it wants a broad range of people and different new ideas within its ranks and I am running to see if they are being truthful or bluffing the American people".

I guarantee you that a pro-White candidate would not be thrown under the bus or off the Republican ticket if they made the foregoing remark to the press.

COMMENTATE - Do I have the right to criticize other pro-White candidates if they are not up to par? Yes, I do! I ran the first National Socialist candidate in 1975 to be on the printed ballot and win a primary election and enter an American general election and received over 12% of the White vote. I have been on the printed ballot twice as a candidate in Baltimore City. Plus, I ran a Rockwellian style campaign for U.S. President in 2008. In addition, I oversaw and advised the campaign of Shawn Stuart when he ran as a National Socialist in Montana (House District 76) in 2006 and received 17% of the White vote. I get good results and run to win!

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