Friday, August 27, 2010

Support for Justice for Bear Bear

Apparently, some people believe that we have no right to support the Justice for Bear-Bear cause because we are considered a "hate group". There is no hate in our support for this cause. Many of us own and love dogs just as much as anyone else. Adolf Hitler was a supporter of animal rights. Writing "hate mail" to Keith Elgin Shepherd or threatening him in any way is not what we advise. Although, the public does need to know where this dangerous individual resides. I also wouldn't mind seeing Justice for Bear-Bear's supporters picket Mr. Shepherd's home and neighborhood. Let him know that Bear-Bear's cause will not go away! The authorities need to know that we will not accept having our rights taken away and our pets murdered by rogue law enforcement officers and/or other animal abusers, such as some recent cases from out of the war zone called Baltimore city. This symptom of government out of control needs to be addressed. Our politicians will not do it, they just collect a paycheck that taxpayers finance. The police departments are the frontline troops in the war against the American people. FIGHT BACK CONSTITUTIONALLY, while we still have a chance!

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