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Justice for Bear Bear Info



Donations received will be use to assist in paying for Bear-Bear's last vet bills and the legal fees
Paypal Donations: using the email
or mailed to: Justice for Bear c/o TOTTSHR P.O. Box 612 Colmar PA 18915

Can be mailed to: Justice for Bear c/o TOTTSHR P.O. Box 612 Colmar PA 18915

ALL proceeds go to Bear-Bear's family.

To email complaints to the governor:
Mailing address:
Office of the Attorney General
200 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202
Main telephone number:
(410) 576-6300

State Attorney:
Frank R Weathersbee
Office of State's Attorney
7 Church Circle, 2nd floor, Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 222-1740

For Fort Myers authorities, use the following phone numbers:
Public Affairs Office:
(703) 696-0596
Director, Public Affairs:
(703) 696-4979
Community Relations Officer:
(703) 696-4979
Command Information Officer:
(703) 696-0584

Contacting Senior Army Leaders:
If you would like to contact a Senior Army leader (Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army, Sergeant Major of the Army) please use the following address:The address for mail would be as follows:
(Name of recipient)
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington DC 20301-1400

Governor of Virginia:

The White House:

Link to report police misconduct:

Complain to the AA County Police:

UPDATE 8/12: It has been brought to my attention that we should be looking into the officer who threatened Bear-Bear's supervisor with a TASER while he was trying to help Bear-Bear. Do we have any information on this individual?

UPDATE 8/07: We're seeing more and more controversy here, even as we hear more news of animal shootings in Maryland. In recognition of our interstate- and international!- members, we want to hear your stories too! If you hear any tales of law-sanctioned animal abuse in your area or in any area, we'd like to hear it!

The problem here extends beyond Bear-Bear. What happened to Bear-Bear is just a symptom of a deep-rooted sickness in our society.

UPDATE 8/06: I've got some new info on Keith Shepherd. Shepherd is a GS-07 employee at the Ft. Myer police department.

His commanding officer's information can be found here:

These are all matters of public record, and I'd like to thank my source who dug this information up! You can contact Shepherd's employer at: (703) 351-6569. Let them know how you feel about this man returning to work protecting people when he can't protect an animal from himself!

UPDATE: According to an ABC7 article, the off-duty officer who murdered Bear-Bear has a name: Keith Shepherd.

MEETING: 8/05/10, 6:30pm, the Quail Run Dog Park in Severn Park, MD. Go if you can!

On Monday night, 8/02/10, Bear-Bear the Husky was at a dog park with his adopted family. A federal police officer arrived with his German Shepherd. After observing the two playing rough, the officer pulled his gun and shot Bear-Bear.

Did shooting this dog make the community safer? Was it necessary for this dog to die? Or is this just more evidence of the abuse of power perpetrated by Maryland law enforcement on a constant basis?

What are our options for dealing with the real menace in this story- the gun crazy federal officer- when authorities won't act?

Let's start with this- complain:

An inundation of complaints about this incident will hopefully draw attention to the injustice. Send in your own form complaint. I'll also post a pre-written letter in the discussion section that you can send by snail-mail. Let's flood them with our opinions.

In addition, you can call them at the following number: 410-222-8700

It is known that the officer in question is 32, lives in Fort Myers, VA, and his dog is named Asia. If anyone has any other information about him, such as his full name and the exact nature of his job, post it here.

In order to contact Fort Myers authorities, use the following phone numbers:
Public Affairs Office:
(703) 696-0596
Director, Public Affairs:
(703) 696-4979
...Community Relations Officer:
(703) 696-4979
Command Information Officer:
(703) 696-0584

Thomas Jefferson once said, "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." If nothing else, let's give the authorities something to worry about.

We are making progress! A case that was closed is now starting to attract attention and an inquiry!

Animal abuse is a predictor of other crimes:,0,3761982.story Dog Blog:

Case turned over to state's attorney:

Interview with Bear-Bear's family:

CBS News:

Shepherd's defense:

Shepherd placed on leave:

Vigil held for Bear-Bear:

From Bear-Bear's owner Ryan's aunt:

The officer used his personal weapon:,0,7786058.story

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