Monday, June 14, 2010

New David Duke Video: Laying Bare the Racial Supremacist State of Israel

This video must rank as the most powerful video that Dr. David Duke has made. It is incredibly powerful because it shows the true reality of Israel and International Zionism as a Racial Supremacist State and ideology, and perhaps even more importantly it exposes the media- and political hypocrisy in covering it up!

It exposes the fact that Jewish leaders openly call Jews a race, that leading Jewish scientists (and others) say that it is a distinct racial group, very different from other peoples. In fact, Jewish researchers say that Jews are 6 times more genetically distant from Russians, or from English or French, for instance, than they are from other Jews around the world.

He exposes how Israel won’t allow marriages between Jews and non-Jews. How atheist, non-religious Jews are permitted to immigrate, to mix, to live with, and to marry other Jews, but how they are not permitted to marry non-Jews.

He exposes how the Kohanim, or Jewish priest class, can’t even marry a fully-religious Jew who has even a drop of Gentile ancestry.

And he exposes how the Jewish influenced media and political establishment in America and Europe cover all this up!

You may find this to be the most powerful ten minutes you have seen in video!

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