Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leaders Who Fail To Stop Illegal Immigration Guilty of Treason

Leaders who fail to stop illegal immigration guilty of treason

The president, the Congress, many politicians and now the media in the U.S. have become guilty of treason. The U.S. has been invaded by over 12 million illegal immigrants. None of the above are trying to do anything to solve this problem. Congress and the president talk about giving them amnesty. This will open the floodgates even more. If these illegals are given amnesty, it will be like spitting on all of the people that have come to the U.S. legally.

Now the media has joined the ranks of these treasonous politicians by not fighting this illegal invasion in the news.

We are at war. If during World War II people had helped illegals enter the U.S. they would have been tried and executed as traitors, or at the very least sent to prison. Now the president is guilty of not enforcing existing laws that would help stop illegals, and Congress is guilty of not prosecuting him.

Jim Krug, Baltimore


DefendUrRights at 2:09 PM June 27, 2010

There are 30-40 million illegals in this country. We must fine employers 10K per illegal and make it a felony - to force self-deportation.

When speaking of illegals, we are not talking about lettuce-pickers or dishwashers - but about Marxists that have been working a plan over undermine and take over our political system, to force American taxpayers to finance them, and to take our land - literally. Mexicans now have access to access to one of our AZ national parks - and citizens don't.

Restricted access of the Arizona Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge to Americans - is in Raul Grijalva's (D) district - the same Democrat that called not only for the boycott of Arizona, but pushes the Marxist ideology of LaMecha, LaRaza, and the Aztlan movement.

According to Jim Kelly of the Tuscon Citizen, "Grijalva’s race baiting rhetoric and La Raza/Marxist ideology that calls for seperation of Arizona from the United States of America to form an autonomous province called Aztlan certainly appears to be at odds with the will of the people of his district. In an earlier column I warned “Congressman Raul Grijalva (D, AZ) has proposed legislation to allow water stations in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Arizona. He wants to enable the watering of the coyote’s, or human smugglers, product on their death march to the tortuous squalor of the over 1,000 drop houses between Tucson and Phoenix."

Check out the anti-American rhetoric and know the ideology that you are dealing with when "immigration reform" is spoken of:

Bawlmerian at 9:38 AM June 27, 2010
Jim Krug nailed it. I agree 100%. Go after the employers and all of the elected and high ranking Govt employees that have refused to protect our nation and enforce the laws.

Employers that hire criminal aliens should have all of their assets seized and face a lifetime in jail.

Police, Govt, and political leaders that have looked the other way should be charged with high treason and face the highest penalty available.

This is a criminal invasion and it must be opposed.


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