Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. David Duke's New Video: Can the White Race Survive?

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Here is my latest video:

Can the White Race Survive?


We are close to a milestone. One million views on Youtube and another 2 million on all other video sites combined.

We are reaching more people than we have ever dreamed we could.

Please help us get over 1,000,000 views in the next couple of days!!!!!!

You can do that by helping this video be seen by the world!

I think you will find it one of the most hard-hitting films showing the crisis faced by the European people.

What is happening to Europeans is the same thing that has been done to the Palestinians. Massive immigration took Palestine from 7 percent Jewish to an Israeli State that is today 80 percent Jewish.

Look what happened to the rights of the Palestinians.

And look what is happening to the rights of Whites in America and Europe.

There is a very real threat to the continued existence of the European people.

Not only do Europeans have the near prospect of living in nations where they are a small minority and thus must live as strangers in their own land, but their very existence as a heritage is threatened.

There is a word for the wiping away of a race or people.

It is called genocide.

But, people of European descent are awakening all over the world.

As soon as they invest themselves in the struggle for their heritage and freedom, no power on earth can stop them from restoring their homelands and securing the existence and freedom of their children.

I hope you will do everything you can to make this video go viral!

That means you need to be sure to ** comment on the video *** favorite the video **** rate the video

And Please be sure to contact all your friends and family and make sure they see this powerful video.

I don't know how any European could not be moved by the message of this video.

Our very existence is at stake.

We have the right to live! And, we shall live!

Best to you,

Dr. David Duke

PS please do contribute to my work because we need to keep this incredibly high quality material reaching our people!


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