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Aryan Nations 6/19/10 Rally at Gettysburg National Military Park

Groups exercise free-speech rights

Times Staff Writer
Published: Monday, June 21, 2010 12:16 AM EDT

Thirteen members of Aryan Nations NE - including a woman and a pre-teen boy, and more than 50 anti-AN protestors exercised their free-speech rights Saturday on the Gettysburg battlefield. Separated by about 200 feet of pasture, the two sides stood in 90-degree heat and hurled accusations at each other.

"No Nazi, No KKK, No fascist USA," the protestors, some wearing masks to hide their identities, chanted at the white supremacists shouting racial and ethnic epithets from behind the facing fence.

Between them were 130 police representing a variety of agencies. They patrolled on foot, on horseback and on motorcycles, by helicopter and from the rooftop of the Cyclorama building.

"You've got to remember freedom has its actual costs," Cumberland Township Police Chief Don Boehs said of the expense involved providing five full-time and five part-time township officers.

"We can consider our operation a success because ... nobody was injured and there was no altercation," he said.

AN member Barry Jenkins, of Alabama, spoke strongly against the United States' addiction to oil that is fouling Gulf of Mexico shoreline and keeping 20,000 visitors off the Alabama beaches.

When asked how he could allow his seemingly peaceful message to be shared with phrases of racial hatred being shouted behind him, he said, "I can't control what they say as individuals."

Several of the anti-AN protestors wore masks to hide their identities. "I am a justice of the peace," said one of the disguised participants.

"4 Civil Rights," a group organized by Gettysburg resident Carly Mayer, appeared at the end of the demonstration, with guitar music and T-shirts proclaiming "Gettysburg Civil Rights starts here" on the front and "Stop the hate" on the back.


Neo-Nazi Group in Gettysburg

Reported by: Ewa Roman
Last Update: 6/19 7:42 pm

There was a verbal battle at the Gettysburg National Military Park Saturday afternoon, where a Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group spoke their mind, sometimes yelling at protesters across the field.

" We're ready to risk everything to defend what's right and what's white in this world!" yelled Paul Mullet, National Director, Aryan Nations.

Holding flags, making gestures and speaking up to show how proud they are about the white race, members of the Aryan Nations say they're angry and fed up.

" (we're) Waking up white America. Letting them know that we're not going to let Jewish media run us into the ground," said Mullet.

Police showed up on foot, by helicopter and on horseback, because across the field, protesters out-numbered members of the Aryan Nations.

" I disagree with the fact there are racist jerks in America and they're here," said Ted Sawchuck, protesting Aryan Nations rally.

They say they're not racist, just proud of who they are.

" I don't care if there are thousands of people out there, if one person heard what we had to say, and accept what we say, we've accomplished our mission," said Mullet.

But protesters say they don't like what they hear.

" We want to show that there are many more of us here than there are of them to protest racism, than there are to support it," said Sawchuck.

The Neo-Nazi group also criticized President Barack Obama and the decisions he's made on issues like immigration and unemployment.


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