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Few Jobs for College Graduates; 80 Percent Move Back Home

Few Jobs for College Graduates; 80 Percent Move Back Home

by Jeff Davis

Most young Whites in college are hoping to graduate, find a job, earn a good salary and get on with their lives. Well, most will graduate, but the part about getting a job is where most will run into a brick wall.

The Baltimore Sun reports: “A survey of last year’s college graduation class showed that 80 percent moved back home after getting their diplomas, up significantly from the 63 percent in 2006. The survey of 2,000 young people showed that seven in 10 said they would live at home until they found a job. Now, as another class of graduates — the 2010s — move into the job market, the economy is still rough. A good number are still searching from the class of 2009, said Guy Davis, director of the career center at Towson University. He said only about 20 percent had jobs lined up at graduation, with a fair number looking at graduate school. The 14.7 percent [official, cooked figure] unemployment rate for those ages 20 to 24 remains double what it was in 2007, recent Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show, and is 50 percent higher than that of the overall population.”

California and Florida recently reported record high official unemployment at almost 13 percent each. We all know this number only counts people who are applying for unemployment, and not the people who have used up their unemployment paychecks, many of whom have also lost their homes by now. The real unemployment is most likely around 20 percent if not higher. The percentage of unemployed college graduates is not 14.7 percent. That’s the percentage of people in that age group who qualify for unemployment benefits. Students who go straight from high school to college are completely off the official unemployment radar. If you want to base unemployment for college graduates on whether or not these people are getting jobs in their field of study, the unemployment would be 80 percent. About 10 percent of students have jobs that they’re using to pay their way through college, and these students with jobs as waiters or the sales guy at Best Buy are probably considered “lucky” compared to their classmates. At least they don’t have to suffer a prolonged stay back home, often with step-parents and half-siblings. Businesses simply do not hire new people when the economy is hopelessly stagnant.

Thanks to competition from millions of illegal aliens, these college graduates have little chance of even getting the traditional fast food jobs. If they live in Los Angeles, they can forget about getting a McJob. The illegal aliens will be firmly squatting on those.

The Sun article continues “During recessions, there is a less likelihood of household formation, said Gary Dean Painter, a professor of real estate economics and planning at the University of Southern California. Research shows many people chose to stay at home or double-up with roommates, he said.”

Millions of people have their lives literally on hold for months if not years as Obama bungles the economy. Many college graduates have a $100k in student loans hanging over their heads. If some jobs do finally start materializing for college grads, remember that White people will have to wait for the Latino and Black quota-hires to get the first choice of jobs, and then several years of graduating classes will be competing against each other for whatever few jobs may turn up.

The damage which has been done to the entire American way of life by Barack Obama and the Democrats is immeasurable. From the apparently endless racial quota and Affirmative Action programs (which do nothing less than discriminate against us Whites based on our race) to the cancellation of the manned space program, which ends the dreams of many Whites that they might work on the first manned mission to mars or even to be the first astronaut to go to mars. Those days are gone. We are entering a period in which widespread poverty will be the norm. Going to college will seem increasingly pointless. Tent cities and shantytowns will increasingly surround the big cities of America, much like South Africa or Kenya. Perhaps it’s appropriate that we have a Kenyan president since we’re rapidly acquiring a Kenyan economy.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leaders Who Fail To Stop Illegal Immigration Guilty of Treason

Leaders who fail to stop illegal immigration guilty of treason

The president, the Congress, many politicians and now the media in the U.S. have become guilty of treason. The U.S. has been invaded by over 12 million illegal immigrants. None of the above are trying to do anything to solve this problem. Congress and the president talk about giving them amnesty. This will open the floodgates even more. If these illegals are given amnesty, it will be like spitting on all of the people that have come to the U.S. legally.

Now the media has joined the ranks of these treasonous politicians by not fighting this illegal invasion in the news.

We are at war. If during World War II people had helped illegals enter the U.S. they would have been tried and executed as traitors, or at the very least sent to prison. Now the president is guilty of not enforcing existing laws that would help stop illegals, and Congress is guilty of not prosecuting him.

Jim Krug, Baltimore


DefendUrRights at 2:09 PM June 27, 2010

There are 30-40 million illegals in this country. We must fine employers 10K per illegal and make it a felony - to force self-deportation.

When speaking of illegals, we are not talking about lettuce-pickers or dishwashers - but about Marxists that have been working a plan over undermine and take over our political system, to force American taxpayers to finance them, and to take our land - literally. Mexicans now have access to access to one of our AZ national parks - and citizens don't.

Restricted access of the Arizona Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge to Americans - is in Raul Grijalva's (D) district - the same Democrat that called not only for the boycott of Arizona, but pushes the Marxist ideology of LaMecha, LaRaza, and the Aztlan movement.

According to Jim Kelly of the Tuscon Citizen, "Grijalva’s race baiting rhetoric and La Raza/Marxist ideology that calls for seperation of Arizona from the United States of America to form an autonomous province called Aztlan certainly appears to be at odds with the will of the people of his district. In an earlier column I warned “Congressman Raul Grijalva (D, AZ) has proposed legislation to allow water stations in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Arizona. He wants to enable the watering of the coyote’s, or human smugglers, product on their death march to the tortuous squalor of the over 1,000 drop houses between Tucson and Phoenix."

Check out the anti-American rhetoric and know the ideology that you are dealing with when "immigration reform" is spoken of:

Bawlmerian at 9:38 AM June 27, 2010
Jim Krug nailed it. I agree 100%. Go after the employers and all of the elected and high ranking Govt employees that have refused to protect our nation and enforce the laws.

Employers that hire criminal aliens should have all of their assets seized and face a lifetime in jail.

Police, Govt, and political leaders that have looked the other way should be charged with high treason and face the highest penalty available.

This is a criminal invasion and it must be opposed.


Aryan Nations 6/19/10 Rally at Gettysburg National Military Park

Groups exercise free-speech rights

Times Staff Writer
Published: Monday, June 21, 2010 12:16 AM EDT

Thirteen members of Aryan Nations NE - including a woman and a pre-teen boy, and more than 50 anti-AN protestors exercised their free-speech rights Saturday on the Gettysburg battlefield. Separated by about 200 feet of pasture, the two sides stood in 90-degree heat and hurled accusations at each other.

"No Nazi, No KKK, No fascist USA," the protestors, some wearing masks to hide their identities, chanted at the white supremacists shouting racial and ethnic epithets from behind the facing fence.

Between them were 130 police representing a variety of agencies. They patrolled on foot, on horseback and on motorcycles, by helicopter and from the rooftop of the Cyclorama building.

"You've got to remember freedom has its actual costs," Cumberland Township Police Chief Don Boehs said of the expense involved providing five full-time and five part-time township officers.

"We can consider our operation a success because ... nobody was injured and there was no altercation," he said.

AN member Barry Jenkins, of Alabama, spoke strongly against the United States' addiction to oil that is fouling Gulf of Mexico shoreline and keeping 20,000 visitors off the Alabama beaches.

When asked how he could allow his seemingly peaceful message to be shared with phrases of racial hatred being shouted behind him, he said, "I can't control what they say as individuals."

Several of the anti-AN protestors wore masks to hide their identities. "I am a justice of the peace," said one of the disguised participants.

"4 Civil Rights," a group organized by Gettysburg resident Carly Mayer, appeared at the end of the demonstration, with guitar music and T-shirts proclaiming "Gettysburg Civil Rights starts here" on the front and "Stop the hate" on the back.


Neo-Nazi Group in Gettysburg

Reported by: Ewa Roman
Last Update: 6/19 7:42 pm

There was a verbal battle at the Gettysburg National Military Park Saturday afternoon, where a Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group spoke their mind, sometimes yelling at protesters across the field.

" We're ready to risk everything to defend what's right and what's white in this world!" yelled Paul Mullet, National Director, Aryan Nations.

Holding flags, making gestures and speaking up to show how proud they are about the white race, members of the Aryan Nations say they're angry and fed up.

" (we're) Waking up white America. Letting them know that we're not going to let Jewish media run us into the ground," said Mullet.

Police showed up on foot, by helicopter and on horseback, because across the field, protesters out-numbered members of the Aryan Nations.

" I disagree with the fact there are racist jerks in America and they're here," said Ted Sawchuck, protesting Aryan Nations rally.

They say they're not racist, just proud of who they are.

" I don't care if there are thousands of people out there, if one person heard what we had to say, and accept what we say, we've accomplished our mission," said Mullet.

But protesters say they don't like what they hear.

" We want to show that there are many more of us here than there are of them to protest racism, than there are to support it," said Sawchuck.

The Neo-Nazi group also criticized President Barack Obama and the decisions he's made on issues like immigration and unemployment.


Questions or Comments?

National Director

P.O. Box 394
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-0394

Copyright © 2009-2010 - Aryan Nations

If Only…….

If Only…….

A Short Story
N.B. Forrest

Obersalzberg, Germania, November 15th 2000.

The immaculate SS men watched the gleaming steel serpent writhe its way up the narrow mountain road on the sunny but cool autumn afternoon. It was composed of a variety of luxurious cars: Mercedes & BMW sedans, several 911s, and a lone crimson Ferrari. As the lead vehicle passed by on its way to the parking area, the hulking bodyguards snapped to attention; crisp Roman salutes in perfect synchrony with the echoing click of polished leather heels. Elegantly-attired figures emerged from the cars; some in suits, others in uniform, all with the Party badge. They made their way from the parking area and gathered at the bottom of the stone staircase, warmly shaking hands. They were a select group of the Reich’s most distinguished men: grey-haired feldmarschals; groundbreaking scientists; historians; high government officials; aged Knight’s Cross recipients – this one with an empty sleeve, that one with an eyepatch – famous heroes of the Great Victory. A frisson of anticipation mixed with a tantalizing puzzlement was shared by the group as they spoke quietly.

One of their number suddenly went silent and came to attention; the rest quickly followed. A man had appeared at the top of the staircase. He returned their salutes and spoke:

“Ah, gentlemen! I see that you’re all arrived safely, and on time as well. Excellent. Please – do come up!”

The guests were gathered in the Great Hall. They gazed wide-eyed at the coffered ceiling, at the paintings, and at the rich furnishings. It wasn’t the mere sumptuousness of the room that so deeply impressed them; many of these men were themselves wealthy & accustomed to finery, and some had been there numerous times as part of their duties many long years before.

No. It was the original master of the house that infused their surroundings with awe: Adolf Hitler. This was the 50th anniversary of his death from Parkinson’s disease. The Berghof had been turned into the greatest shrine to the memory of the creator of Germania immediately after his passing. Velvet ropes had been placed around the rooms to prevent damage from the hundreds of thousands who came from around the White world every year to pay their respects; that was all. Nothing had been moved to this day; the white-gloved cleaners even carefully placed weights on the papers on his desk so that their positions would remain unchanged when dusted.

The only additions to the estate had been his tomb & eternal flame memorial. The circular tomb – 50 feet in height, 100 feet in diameter – was constructed with great blocks of dark grey stone cut from the surrounding mountains the Fuhrer loved so much, weighing several tons apiece. The interior was illuminated by the play of light & shadow produced by black iron torches ensconsed at regular intervals along the walls. His silver-inlaid solid ebony coffin was encased in a sarcophagus made of the same roughly-surfaced stone blocks as the mausoleum, rather smaller in size, set in the center of a larger replica of the Black Sun floor at Wevelsburg Castle. The top of the massive one-piece lid of the sarcophagus bore a mosaic Blut Fahne made from the choicest red, black & white marbles. On a black granite pedestal just behind was placed a solid gold bust over the simple inscription:

Adolf Hitler

20.4.1889 – 15.11.1950

The eternal flame memorial consisted of an great dish-shaped cauldron of hammered gold atop a 75 foot-high column carved from red granite taken from what was once Lenin’s tomb. The plinth bore the inscription:

In Everlasting Gratitude to Our Fuhrer

All the gold in the tomb & memorial flame had been donated by the German people. An honor guard of elite SS men attended the site with the utmost solemnity day and night.

The man who had greeted the guests from the top of the staircase strode through the rounded-arch doorway and into the Great Hall.

“Welcome, gentlemen, welcome. Thank you all for heeding my summons to the Fuhrer’s abode on the 50th anniversary of his death,” he said, his voice as deep, rich & commanding as the master of the house’s had been.

At 6’4″ and 223 solid pounds, Fuhrer Ulrich Jaeger cut an imposing figure. His face was attractive in a hard sort of way; a 3 inch-long dueling scar that deeply creased his left cheek made him look even more austere than he really was. He was 66 years old, but still an avid participant in sports (tennis, swimming, horseback riding, shooting, even the occasional impromptu football match with staff). His thick golden hair was now laced with veins of silver, and when angry, the icy gaze of his cobalt blue eyes could freeze the spine of even the most hardened vet. Jaeger had been chosen to take the reins of Germania by the previous leader, Otto Skorzeny (who had in turn been selected by Hitler himself). It was his 25th year at the helm.

“I have invited you here to be witnesses to what I think must be a revelation of world historical importance,” he began, standing behind an ornate desk bearing a square object covered with blue velvet cloth. “I say ‘I think’ because even I don’t actually know what it is.” Brows furrowed and muttering rose from the audience. Jaeger raised his hand to silence them. “Some background is in order: When my noble predecessor, our late leader Skorzeny was on his deathbed, he not only conferred to me the great honor and even greater responsibility of the stewardship of Germania, but also a mysterious secret that had been entrusted to him by Adolf Hitler himself. The Fuhrer, his lifeforce fading fast due to the ravages of that cruel disease that would soon claim him, gave Skorzeny the combination to his private safe here at the Berghof – with the strictest order that it was not to be opened until this, the 50th anniversary of his passing. Otto, smooth as a cat – as I’m sure those of you who knew the old raider can attest! – tried to coax from the Fuhrer some clue as to what the safe held: of course, no joy at all. ‘Ah, how I wish I could live to find out what’s in that blasted safe, Uli! Damn you for being so young!’ he laughed as he passed the combination on to me. And let me tell you, Kamaraden, many has been the time that I, too, have longed for this day!

“Well now: enough talk from me. I opened the safe an hour ago – and this is what I found.” Jaeger whipped the cloth off, revealing a very old, deeply-carved box. The men quickly gathered around the desk like excited schoolboys, necks craning for a good view. Jaeger inserted a key into the lock & turned, then lifted the lid. Inside they saw some papers bearing the “AH” monogram, unmistakably written in the Fuhrer’s angular hand. Adrenaline surging through his body, Jaeger picked up the papers, cleared his suddenly dry throat and began to read aloud:

“My Future Successor,

I greet you over the shadowy gulf of fifty years, hoping with all my heart that this finds you and my beloved Germania healthy, strong & inviolate. I suppose that the arrival of this day will afford you no small relief, since you shall at last have the answer to what must have been a rather maddening mystery indeed.

I must confess that it is difficult for me to know quite how to begin to supply you with that answer, since in merely recounting the singular event that I’m about to reveal to you, I run the risk of being dismissed as a raving deathbed lunatic. Yes, it’s true that this cursed disease has ravaged my body – but I assure you that my mind remains untouched. In any event, you will be satisfied on that point in the end, so I now begin:

The fateful date that would forever alter history was 22 March 1940. The period derisively called the “Sitzkrieg” was about to come to its end, since my fevered final preparations for the offensive in the West were almost complete. Late that evening, I was alone in my study poring over maps of the upcoming campaigns – when a very strange sensation suddenly came upon me. It was as if the oxygen had been sucked from the room in an instant, to be replaced by an electric charge. I became quite faint, and groped for my chair. Thinking I might be having a stroke or a heart attack, I reached out a trembling hand for the button to summon a servant. At that moment, a blinding flash of blue light filled the room. Simultaneously, I heard a voice speak in oddly-accented German:

”Don’t touch that, Herr Hitler! You are in no danger!’

My vision quickly returned – and I was astonished to see standing before me a man with a benign smile on his face, his hands raised in a placating gesture. The intruder was very oddly attired: under an open white laboratory coat bearing the red letters “VNN” on the left pocket, he wore an undershirt that bore a stern image I recognized as that of American Civil War general Nathan Bedford Forrest, superimposed on a Confederate battle flag; workman’s trousers of faded blue denim, and absurd white shoes with large green check marks on the uppers and what looked for all the world to be little green columns for heels.

‘Who are you, and where have you come from?!’, I demanded for the fellow, attempting to regain control of the situation.

‘Please don’t be alarmed, sir! My name is Jack Haight. I’m an American, from the state of Virginia – and I come on an urgent task to save you, Germany, and all we both hold dear!’

If it hadn’t been for the stunning manner of his arrival, I’d have had him dragged off to an asylum at once.

‘I see. Hmm….well then, speak your piece, and be quick about it – it’s past my bedtime.’

‘Thank you for your indulgence.’ He took a deep breath, gathering himself. ‘Herr Hitler, I have come to you from the future – the year 2010, to be precise….’

Yes. An escapee from a loony bin…..

‘Of course,’ I said, forcing a smile to humor him as I eased my hand toward my Luger drawer.

‘Naturally you can’t believe such a crazy story, no one could – but I have PROOF in this duffel bag, Herr Hitler!’

Seeing that his sudden move had startled me, he again put his hand up.

‘If you’ll allow me?’

‘Go ahead – but make it slow….’

Haight reached into his bag and withdrew a flat box, setting it on my desk. He lifted the lid, revealing an odd sort of typewriter keyboard. The bottom of the lid was glass. He touched one of the keys – and to my amazement, the bottom lid came alive with color-”

“Mein Gott – he’s describing a laptop!”, one of the dignitaries exclaimed.

“Shhh!”, Jaeger hissed, continuing -

“Haight touched a few more keys and stroked a small blank space on the box with his index finger. With that, the most vividly realistic moving pictures imaginable began to flash over the screen.

And what monstrous scenes they were! Hideously ugly, smirking negroes sporting billowing clown trousers that literally hung off their Khoisanid buttocks, jabbering like rabid baboons about ‘busting caps’ in ‘crackers’ whilst brandishing pistols & fistfuls of U.S. currency! Great cities like the Detroit built by Henry Ford in ruins! Degenerate, utterly shameless white females engaging in sexual intercourse with the untermenschen – who had the unmitigated gall to laughingly boast about their penises being so much larger than Aryan organs as they ravished the swooning trollops! Then, most appalling of all, the inevitable, ghastly results of these abominable couplings: scene after scene of fat harlots, their greasy, nearly-nude rolls of flesh plastered with the most garish tattoos imaginable, proudly perambulating their revolting spawn – vomit-yellow, freckled, thick-lipped heads topped with kinky red wool – down streets seething with jungle noise, empty liquor bottles, used condoms & many paper cartons bearing the smiling image of an old man and the letters ‘KFC’…..

I could finally take no more: ‘Enough!’, I exclaimed, my stomach churning. I took a few moments to compose myself, wiping the nausea-sweat from my brow. When I could speak again, I said:

‘It is a truly nightmarish vision of America’s future you’ve laid before me, Herr Haight, and I’m sorry for you – but after all, of what pressing concern is that to us Germans? It’s the tragic-but-inevitable result of allowing jews to run your country. We’re cleaning them up in Germany, and you have had our example to guide you-’

‘That’s just it, Herr Hitler!’, Haight interrupted. ‘Your great measures to remove the jewish ticks from Germany’s hide will not stand! German women of the future will likewise produce countless mulatto bast-’

‘NEVER!’, I burst forth. ‘Not OUR girls!’

Another key pressed. ‘Please watch more!’

I thought I had been shown the absolute depths of subhuman depravity & destruction. I was wrong. The next scenes were seared into my horrified brain forever: Our skies black with British & American bombers. Our beautiful, ancient cities reduced to smoking heaps of rubble. Millions of our civilians crushed & burned alive in their beds. Stalin’s Bolshevik hordes mass raping our dazed, starving women……and I was not to be spared, either, oh no. My ignominious fate was a rendezvous with a pistol and a cyanide capsule in my Berlin bunker….

By now, I was emotionally shattered. I sat there slumped in my chair, surely looking pathetic to my strange visitor.

‘So it is all for nothing…..’ I muttered helplessly. ‘My people doomed…..the White race in its entirety, doo-’

‘NO!’, barked Haight with a vehemence that jolted me. ‘Do you really think that I’d come back to this crucial moment in time just to rub your nose in such a fate?’

‘But what can be done….’

‘I’m here so that you can avoid the fatal mistakes that will destroy us all! Now, Herr Hitler, listen to me: When you commence the war in the west, you will have spectacular success at first. Norway will fall with ease. Just as you suspect, the French generals are indeed going to re-fight the First World War, relying on their Maginot Line. Your Ardennes offensive will go down in military history as a masterstroke…..’

The fact that Haight knew my plans in such meticulous detail astonished me – but of course, by that point it shouldn’t have.

‘But right at that moment of your greatest triumph, you’ll make one of your most deadly errors: The British forces will be rolled up with their backs to the Channel at Dunkirk, utterly helpless. As a gesture of goodwill, you will want to let them evacuate back to Britain – but you must abandon your kind-heartedness and your misguided Anglophile sentimentality and kill them all without mercy.’

I took offense to his lecturing tone, and to his advice. ‘Now see here! I have no designs on the Britain or her empire – in fact I greatly admire both. The sane elements in England know this. Furthermore, Anglo-Saxons are our racial kindr-’

‘None of that matters! Churchill and the goddamned jews who own him do not reciprocate your feelings in the least: they hate you and the German people with the most venomous hatred imaginable. They’re bitterly jealous of the economic miracle you’ve pulled off in Germany by circumventing the international jew bankers – and more than that, they are terrified that it’ll spread! That’s the real reason for the catastrophe they’re planning to inflict on your nation and the entire White world! So again, I warn you: You must steel yourself and kill every Tommy on that beach! That and only that can stop the race traitor drunk Churchill.’

‘Very well….’

‘Next: When you invade the Soviet Union, you must provide your troops with warm winter clothing and all the cold weather mechanical necessities. The most severe winter imaginable is going to descend on Russia, and if your men aren’t prepared for it, unmitigated disaster will result….’

‘Yes – yes, I’ll see to it!’

‘Good! And when you launch your attack, for God’s sake, do not split your forces! To hell with the oil fields in the south – focus all your might on KILLING STALIN and his Red butchers in Moscow! Once that absolutely essential objective is accomplished, you can avail yourself of those abundant resources at your leisure.

Next: Don’t fall into Roosevelt’s trap of declaring war on the United States when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December ’41′ (I’m sure my eyes were the size of saucers when Haight dropped that bombshell….) ‘The Japs aren’t going to reciprocate by kicking in Stalin’s back door like you think they will; if you just let the dirty cripple’s provocations slide, he won’t be able to overcome the American people’s natural aversion to making war on Germany. After all, German-Americans are our largest ethnic group – of which I’m a member, by the way.’

‘I’m delighted to hear it!’

‘And lastly, we come to the most vital issue of all: the jews…..’

‘Ah yes – don’t you worry on that score, my friend,’ I interjected confidently. ‘As I’m sure you’re well aware from Mein Kampf and the measures I’ve implemented since coming to power, they’ve always been in the forefront of my mind. We’ve already spooked a lot of them out, and helped the Zionists take others to Palestine. When the war really commences, the rest are going to be booted straight into work camps for the duration. After the war, we’ll ship them off to Palestine, Madagascar or some other faraway hole where they can do no further harm. Believe me, our plans for the final solution to the sordid jewish question are firmly in hand. ‘

‘Not good enough.’

‘Why not?’, I said indignantly.

Another keystroke: Images of naked, emaciated corpses of jews, gypsies, sodomites and other subhuman trash assault my already badly abused eyes. Many more in striped prison uniforms, loafing around and crying crocodile tears for the cameras as they’re “liberated” by the Americans, the British and the Reds.

“Herr Hitler, those stick-figure vermin you see were sickened & killed by typhus, dysentery and malnutrition brought on by the smashing of your infrastructure – but that’s not the way the filthy jew “survivors” will tell it. Oh no. Not by a long shot. Instead they’ll swear that you fried them on huge, electrified steel plates; that you smashed their kinky heads open with pedal-powered brain-busters; that you gassed six million of them with diesel fumes in death vans, and with Zyklon B in phony shower rooms.’

‘T-that’s prepost-!’

‘Preposterous. Yes indeed. Still, after the war they’ll use their absolute control of the international press, Hollywood, the academy & their goy political whores to make it stick to you and the German people like shit sticks to a blanket.’

‘I….I’ll…..’, I sputtered in what I’m sure was unintentionally comical rage.

Jack Haight sighed with clear relief. A weary smile of satisfaction slowly spread across his face.

‘Now you know what needs to be done. And so my mission is finished.’

Yes, I certainly did know what needed to be done. And as you already know, I followed the guidance of this impossible benefactor from a future American South to the letter: I annihilated the British at Dunkirk, causing Churchill to be swept onto history’s dung heap where he tried to sweep me; I surrounded Moscow in an unbreakable ring of red-hot iron, captured a quivering Stalin and slowly hanged him in Red Square before a throng made up of our victorious soldiers & Ukrainian kulaks who’d survived his attempt to genocide them. I heard them burst out laughing with glee as his jew butcher Kaganovich begged, wept & soiled himself when his turn came immediately after.

And oh yes, I made the final solution to the filthy jew parasites well & truly FINAL.

‘Now I must leave, Herr Hitler. I thank you for hearing me out….’

‘W-Wait! Why so soon? Please – stay with me for a few days as my honored guest. I owe you such an incalculable debt of gratitude, Herr Haight – indeed, all future White generations do. You must at least allow me to present you with the Grand Cross of the German Eagle-’

‘Sir, it is we who owe you and this generation of Germans all gratitude. Your brave sacrifice in the living hell to come will make possible my return to an infinitely better future than the one I left. So long, Fuhrer….’

With that, Jack Haight pressed a button on his wristwatch and vanished just as he had appeared.

Well now, my madman’s tale is complete. The proof of my sanity is in the false bottom of the box.”

Jaeger put down the letter and began inspecting the box. He quickly found the slight indentations in the edges of the false bottom and took it out. He reached back in with trembling fingers, withdrew the Apple Mac laptop and set it on the desk. The guests gawked at it in stunned silence.

Jaeger again picked up the letter:

“I was born into an era of impending chaos; a nobody from nowhere, utterly insignificant to anyone whose eyes might have momentarily fallen upon me – but from my first consciousness, I knew I was different from others. I knew in the depths of my soul that I had some great mission to achieve. It was only after enduring the mud, blood & fire of a world war that I came at last to the realization of what that mission was to be: Freeing a nation and a world that were in the merciless clutches of a race of murderous, insatiable vampires. The mission at times seemed impossible, but I never lost faith in either the mission or myself.

My life’s work is now complete. With the steadfast loyalty of my beloved people and the aid of a kindred spirit from a faraway place & time, I have accomplished all I set out to do and more. Your great task, my dear successor – and the task of all my successors who follow you – is to safeguard my legacy, and to take our noble race further than even my dreams could envision.

And even though I cannot be there to see it, the same faith that sustained me through the darkest hours assures me it will be so. Therefore, I now die with the most sublime contentment…..


A. Hitler”

Jews in the Music Industry

Jews In the Music Industry!

America's culture is in decline because of the heavy influence of Jews in it, especially in the rock music industry which targets White's Youth with it's messages or drug use, incest, alcoholism, degradation of White women, vulgarity, etc. Here is a partial list of the Chosen One's.

Bob Dylan

Robbie Robertson: solo artist, founding member and guitarist of The
Band. It is not common knowledge that Robertson's natural father was
Jewish. Robertson's mother was of native ancestry.

Peter Stone Brown

Steely Dan: Donald Fagen, Walter Becker

Lou Reed: founder, Velvet Underground

Leonard Cohen

Beastie Boys


The Ramones: founder/lead singer Joey Ramone, b. Jeffrey Hyman

Van Halen: lead singer/founder David Lee Roth

Kiss: Gene Simmons, b. Gene Klein (Haifa, Israel); Paul Stanley, b. Paul Eisen

Blue Oyster Cult: lead singer Eric Bloom; founder/producers Sandy Perlman/R.

Neil Diamond

Carole King

Carly Simon

Warren Zevon: father was Russian Jew according to an article.

Randy Newman

J Geils Band -- Peter Wolf, Seth Justman, Magic Dick (Dick Salwitz),
Danny Klein, Stephen Jo Bladd (according to Jay Geils, he was the only
gentile of the group, and they jokingly called themselves the J Geils
Jews Band -- the original name of the group was J Geils Blues Band).


George Gershwin

Dire Straits: Mark Knopfler

Peter Himmelman: Peter is probably the only Torah-observant Jew in rock
music. For those who don't know, he is married to a daughter of Bob

Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane): It is not commonly known
that Jorma's mother is Jewish.
Herb Alpert

Jennifer Trynin: Boston-based alternative-rock chick.

Kenny G

Paul Desmond: well-known clarinetist/Dave Brubeck sideman. Wrote Brubeck
hit "Take Five"

Lenny Kravitz

Andrew Dice Clay

John Zorn

Marc Ribot

Yo La Tengo: Ira Kaplan/Georgia Hubley

Was Not Was -- Don (Fagenson) Was/David (Weiss) Was

3rd Bass: MC Serch, rap artist/producer

Andy Statman

David Grisman

Allen Ginsberg

Janis Ian

Lounge Lizards: actor/musician John Lurie

Benny Goodman

Ziggy Elman

Luscious Jackson: Gabby Glaser

Spyro Gyra:

Barbra Streisand

Barry Manilow

Bette Midler

Kinky Friedman: surprisingly, most of the Texas Jewboys were not.

Ramblin Jack Elliott: b. Elliott Adnopoz

Arlo Guthrie

Dave Bromberg

Michael Bloomfield

Peter Paul and Mary: Peter Yarrow, Mary Travers (not Noel Paul Stookey, however)

Paul Simon

Art Garfunkel

David Buskin

Sammy Davis Jr

Marvin Hamlisch

Mickey Katz

Paul Shaffer

Billy Joel

Counting Crows: Adam Duritz

Wallflowers: Jakob Dylan, Rami Jaffe

Rush: Geddy (Gideon) Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson

The Bangles: Susanna Hoffs

Dan Bern

Lucy Kaplansky

Olivia Newton-John: allegedly has one Jewish grandparent

Sha Na Na: Ritchie Joffe, Elliot Cahn, John "Bowser" Baumann

Manfred Mann: b. Michael Lubowitz (Johannesburg)

Sharon, Lois & Bram: Canadian children entertainers

T Rex: Marc Bolan, b. Marc Feld (London)

Mama Cass: of Mamas and the Papas, allegedly b. Naomi Cohen

Gary Lewis & the Playboys: b. Gary Levitch, son of comedian Jerry Lewis

Neil Sedaka

Mountain: Leslie West, lead singer and guitarist, early-'70s power trio,
b. Leslie Weinstein (Queens, NY, 1945).

Blues Project: Al Kooper, Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, Roy Blumenfeld, Andy
Kulberg. Amongst themselves referred to the band as the "Jews Project."

Phil Ochs

Asleep at the Wheel: founder/vocalist/guitarist Ray Benson, b. Ray
Seifert. Also Lucky Oceans, b. Reuben Gosfield

Happy and Artie Traum

Soul Coughing: Sebastian Steinberg, Yuval Gabay, M. Doughty?

Songwriters/Key Industry figures:

Doc Pomus
Mort Shuman
Jerry Ragovoy
Aaron Schroeder
Gerry Goffin
Irving Berlin
Jerome Kern
Brian Epstein: manager, the Beatles
Murray the K
Alan Freed
Leiber and Stoller
Albert Grossman: manager, Bob Dylan/The Band/Janis Joplin/Peter Paul Mary
Bill Graham
Jerry Wexler
Don Kirshner

Jewish musicians in predominantly non-Jewish bands:

Slash: guitarist, Guns 'n Roses
Lenny Kaye
Trevor Rabin (Yes)
Anton Fig: drummer, Paul Shaffer's band
Gary Glitter: b. Paul Francis Gadd (England)
Mickey Hart: drummer, Grateful Dead, Planet Drum
Jim Steinman: songwriter/producer, most notably of Meat Loaf
Elliot Easton: guitarist, The Cars (b. Elliot Shapiro)
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes: Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg and
Alan Berger
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen: not the Commander, but
bandmates including Andy Stein.
Wings: keyboardist/vocalist Linda Eastman McCartney
Paul Kossoff: guitarist, Free
David Bryan: member of Bon Jovi
Hillel Slovak: founding member of Red Hot Chili Peppers (deceased)
Zal Yanovsky: founding member of the Lovin' Spoonful
Twisted Sister: Dee Snider


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Edgar Steele’s Current Mailing Address

Edgar Steele’s current mailing address is:

Edgar J. Steele #1000016623

Spokane County Jail

1100 West Mallon

Spokane, WA. 99260-0320

It should be born in mind that Ed is in federal custody, which is odd in itself, because criminal solicitation to commit murder is usually a state offense. That’s another interesting question here, i.e. how the damned FBI got involved at all.

They moved him once from Kootenai County, Idaho, and they may decide to give him another dose of “diesel therapy” soon (like send him to Chicago, as they did with Bill White and Matt Hale.) So you might want to get him off something in the mail quick, before they do a Houdini and make a 65 year-old man disappear. Bear in mind that anything Ed receives will almost certainly be photostated and sent to Washington, so use sensible discretion.

-Harold A. Covington

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Dr. David Duke's New Video: Can the White Race Survive?

David Duke News and Updates!
Here is my latest video:

Can the White Race Survive?


We are close to a milestone. One million views on Youtube and another 2 million on all other video sites combined.

We are reaching more people than we have ever dreamed we could.

Please help us get over 1,000,000 views in the next couple of days!!!!!!

You can do that by helping this video be seen by the world!

I think you will find it one of the most hard-hitting films showing the crisis faced by the European people.

What is happening to Europeans is the same thing that has been done to the Palestinians. Massive immigration took Palestine from 7 percent Jewish to an Israeli State that is today 80 percent Jewish.

Look what happened to the rights of the Palestinians.

And look what is happening to the rights of Whites in America and Europe.

There is a very real threat to the continued existence of the European people.

Not only do Europeans have the near prospect of living in nations where they are a small minority and thus must live as strangers in their own land, but their very existence as a heritage is threatened.

There is a word for the wiping away of a race or people.

It is called genocide.

But, people of European descent are awakening all over the world.

As soon as they invest themselves in the struggle for their heritage and freedom, no power on earth can stop them from restoring their homelands and securing the existence and freedom of their children.

I hope you will do everything you can to make this video go viral!

That means you need to be sure to ** comment on the video *** favorite the video **** rate the video

And Please be sure to contact all your friends and family and make sure they see this powerful video.

I don't know how any European could not be moved by the message of this video.

Our very existence is at stake.

We have the right to live! And, we shall live!

Best to you,

Dr. David Duke

PS please do contribute to my work because we need to keep this incredibly high quality material reaching our people!




By now you have read what I have written in the article below about the Talmudic JEW 'New World Order', also known as 'One World Government', and 'Communist Internationale'. Here is a 7 minute video presentation for the whole world to see and hear that will verify what I am trying to warn you about, and have been warning you about for the past 40 years. Their goal is go take over the entire world and make every non-Jew their Goy (cattle) slaves. Comrade Marxist Obama is one of them ... it is part of his blood and racial makeup. His Black coloring is of his Black Communist Muslim father, but his thinking and education is of his Jewess mother. He is what is known as a Black Falasha JEW. Do you think he is totally surrounded by other JEWS for the fun of it.

George Soros and his billionaire Talmudic JEW friends, aided by the Talmudic JEWS who own and control the national news outlets, are the ones who financed Comrade Obama into the White House. Now do yourself a favor and watch the 7 minute video presentation below... then either cut & paste it and send it to as many people as you can so they know who their real enemies are in the United States and the rest of the world. If you don't cut & paste, then email those who you know are very troubled over losing their Freedom and Liberty in these united States of America and other respected countries. Thank you!

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Talmudic Jews reveal their plans for the world:

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 6/20/20: Talmudism and the World Order

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
June 20, 2010
Talmudism and the New World Order

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James
"If you see a rabbi, there's already been a crime." - Pastor William Finck

Wake Up, White Man.


“Yesterday, I found out that the feds and the ADL are following me in unmarked vehicles. It’s such a great relief to know that I’m NOT paranoid!” - Pastor Eli James

Special Item: Peter Schiff's Gold Connection
(In the previous Newsletter, Apocalypse Here and Now, I reported an article by Peter Schiff explaining how the Obama "administration" wants to bail out the porn industry. A reader has advised me to be cautious of Peter Schiff. Here is another person's opinion of Peter Schiff's rhetoric. Let both sides be heard. Eli)

Item #1: Video continaing Jewish quotations about the New Wordl Order

Item #2: Obama, Lieberman and Rockefeller (All Jews) team up to censor the internet

Item #3; Homeland Insecurity is working overtime to frame white nationalists

Item #4: Who's Ear is the Serpent Whispering Into Today? 'Serpent' = Nachash (Whisperer, enchanter) Is Rahm Emanuel another Nachash? Is there any doubt?

Rahm Emanuel "has the ear" of Obama:

‘Whispering’ Rahm Emanuel

Pres. Ahmadinejad was reported as having stated
that “there are some elements in the American
government that are misleading Barak Obama.”

And that’s a terribly shy way of putting it, especially
for a guy that had the nerve to put to doubt the big
‘Holo’. So why doesn’t he simply say it as it is:

“Obama’s Chief of Staff is an Israeli citizen with
a terrorist pedigree bad enough to put him on
no-fly list. This character was born into a nest
of the most poisonous Zionist snakes.
The snake that begot him was a member of the
most notorious Zion-gang responsible for terrorist
murders of hundreds of the Palestinian and British
citizens, including the bombing of the King David
hotel in Jerusalem, where over a hundred Christians,
Muslims and Jews were murdered. And this vile
Zion-gang also used its Zionist prostitutes to entice
the British servicemen into their death-traps,
where they were treacherously murdered in order
to blackmail the embattled post-war British
government into abandoning its Mandate authority in
Palestine – and surrendering it to the Zion-gangsters.”

“And another prominent Zionist snake in the White
House is rumoured to be the great-grandson
of the notorious mass murderer Leon Trotsky
that exterminated over a dozen million during
the so-called ‘Civil War’ in Russia – in fact,
an anti-Christian war of extermination – and may
well be related to an Israeli namesake of his – a
convicted terrorist and a known great-grandson
of Leon Trotsky – who happens to be a card-carrying
member of Kach, a Zion-gang that was regarded
as too extreme even by some Israeli governments –
and its erstwhile Führer was even thrown out
of the Israeli apartheid ‘parliament’.”

“And these two extremely poisonous specimens
are by no means the only ones. There is a whole
snake pit of those Zion-gangsters in the White
House – and they’ve got the run of it. They are
the government that runs the US government!
And there is a larger still and better entrenched
Zion-gangster snake pit in Washington DC commonly
known as the US Congress, where these poisonous
vermin are overrepresented by at least a thousand
percent. In effect, Americans need not apply!”

And they still call it a ‘democracy’!”

“Could poor old Obama ever disobey his Zionist handlers?
And would then the Zion-gangster lynch mob bring
the noose to the Oval Office? No, they wouldn’t need to –
because they already did! Obama was always a ‘good boy’ –
in the Southern sense of the word – and readily volunteered
to have the Zionist noose permanently tied around his neck
since long before he ran for the White House, which made
him a ‘boy’ that was, in a sense, ‘pre-lynched’. Otherwise,
this poor little Uncle Tom would have never been in the
running, in the first place. And his only rival was a paleface
Uncle Tom John McCain. Whichever Uncle Tom wins, only
an Israeli-endorsed ‘good boy’ can get to be the President
of the United States, which, however, involves no prejudice
of any kind! For example, being a bisexual dyslexic moron
wouldn’t necessarily disqualify one from this high office,
especially if one happens to have the right daddy!”


“Were the Holocaust shown to be a hoax,
the number one weapon in Israel's
propaganda armoury would disappear.”

— Prof. William Rubinstein, Melbourne University

"Israelis and American Jews fully agree that the memory
of the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon – one that
must be used relentlessly against their common enemy...
Jewish organizations and individuals thus labor
continuously to remind the world of it. In America,
the perpetuation of the Holocaust memory is now
a $100-million-a-year enterprise, part of which is
— Moishe Leshem, Israel
Balaam's Curse, p. 228

“Indeed, the Holocaust has proven to be
[Israel’s] indispensable ideological weapon.
Through its deployment, one of the world’s
most formidable military powers, with
a horrendous human rights record, has
cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most
successful ethnic group in the United States
has likewise acquired a ‘victim’ status.
Considerable benefits accrue to this
specious victimhood – in particular,
immunity to criticism, however justified.”
— Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry

“The Jews rule the world by proxy.
They get others to fight and die for them.”
— Dr Mahathir Mohamed

“Anti-Semitism is indispensable to them
for the management of their lesser brethren.”
— The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

"Don’t blame the Jews;
blame those who bend to their pressure."

"I do not blame those who yearn for power,
but those who are willing to submit to them."
— THUCYDIDES, Historia, D 61

“Who controls the past controls the future.”
“Who controls the present controls the past.”
— George Orwell
[Who controls the telescreens controls the present.]

“In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
— Franklin Roosevelt

Irgun Terrorists' Son as Chief of Staff???
Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father,
Benjamin M. Emanuel, was a member of the Irgun, ....

Rahm Emanuel
17 Nov 2006 ... Rahm's father, Benjamin, was
a member of the Irgun, …

Benjamin Emanuel, Irgun Terrorist-Bomber Mass Killer, Father ...
11 Dec 2008 ... Benjamin M. Emanuel, was an Irgun member. Irgun has been
labeled a terrorist organization by both The New York Times newspaper and ...

List of Irgun members - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Former Irgun members have held positions of highest influence in the ...
Israel Eldad; Benjamin M. Emanuel, passed "secret codes" to Menachem Begin. ...

Voices - Son of a Zionist Terrorist: Rahm Emanuel's Dirty Secret
5 Jun 2008 ... Rahm's father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun,
the Zionist ... according to what Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel told me the other day. ...

Daily Kos: The Son Of A Zionist Terrorist Should Not Be Obama's ...
6 Nov 2008 ... Emanuel's father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, was a member of Irgun,
an organization described as terrorist by both The New York Times and by the ...

Obama Already Palling Around With Terrorists!
6 Nov 2008 ... Rahm's dad is Benjamin M. Emanuel, … in the 1940s,
a member of Irgun, the militant Zionist group that attacked ...

David Axelrod (biographical details)

Born (1961) in the USSR (but taken by his mother to the US in mid-1979),
Axelrod is a great-grandson of Leon Trotsky. His mother, Yulia Akselrod, ...

David Axelrod Is A Descendant Of Leon Trotsky | The European Union ...
The JEW advisor for Marxist Obama David Axelrod is the great, great grandson
of Leon Trotsky the butcher. Ho-hum, is anyone paying attention to the JEW ...

Judaic Communism: The Documentary Record
Trotsky gave a clue to their identity in a 1937 interview in the New York ...
of the blood-drenched Jewish Red Army commander Leon Trotsky, David Axelrod, ...

David Axelrod Trotsky
Pages on David Axelrod Trotsky. ... More on David Axelrod:
David Axelrod Trotsky, Lou Rawls David Axelrod, ...

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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter June 13, 2010: Uhuru: Genocide Against Whites

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
June 13, 2010

Uhuru: Genocide Against Whites

Item #1: Slaughter of Whites in Southern Africa: background

Item #2: UHURU, the Day of Vengeance: Genocide of Whites Planned by African Blacks
When Mandela Dies, Uhuru Begins

Item #3: Uhuru in America

Item #4: Boer Prophecy of Racial Disaster for Whites in Southern Africa

(Introduction, comments and translation of the Von Rensburg prophecy by Neil Koch)

To all the people of the white race all over the world, most of all to the German nation:

This is an important agreement concerning the South African Boer people and the German nation. It has to do with an agreement between the Boer rebels and the German troops in South West Africa.

The Boer rebels were lead by leaders of the Afrikaaner nation (General Manie Maritz, General S. G. Maritz, General Koos De La Rey) and who also fought against the English in the Second Anglo-Boer war from 1899 - 1902, where the Afrikaaner nation under their president Paul Kruger were completely humiliated by the English when they were forced to sign the Treaty of Vereeniging in 1902.

The atrocities committed against the Boers in the concentration camps were horriffic to say the least, and at least 30000 Boer women and Children were driven from their farms which were torched under Lord Kitchener's scorched earth policies. The attached files are an image of the original agreements drawn up by the Boer Rebels and the German officials of German South West Africa (english version below), as well as an important copy of the book 'Voice of a Prophet' written about an important clairevoyant ('seer'), called Nicolaas van Rensburg, who had received the gift of prophecy, and was able to make astonishing predictions about the future of the Afikaaner Boer nation in South Africa:

< a book with a clear message
from a prophet of the Almighty God to his people, not only present in the Southern point of
Africa, but also to the Western World. If one reads these visions of the Seer Nicolaas van
Rensburg, one finds the Hand of Almighty God always present, surely guiding His people
towards their destiny, according to His Will, through all the errors made by this stiff-necked
people out of own choice.>

The point is that the agreement was made between the Germans and the Boer rebels in 1914 since the Boer rebels did not want to wage war against the German nation, unlike the leaders of the South African Union, Jan Smuts and Louis Botha, who had decided to side with the English against Germany, in particular German South West Africa, and in doing so had effectively stabbed the Germans in the back.

The significance of the agreements made in 1914, is that the German nation will provide the Afrikaaner Boers assistance in any future conflict that may occur, and that the Boer nation of South Africa would do everything in their power to assist Germany in the future in regaining sovereignty over the territory known today as 'Namibia', or ‘South West Africa'.

The onus was on the government of South Africa in 1990 to approach Germany and give them the option of having South West Africa placed under their control again, but Germany was completely ignored about this, and up to this day there is bitter resentment on the side of the German nation regarding South West Africa.

It is however now that the Afikaaner nation, as descendants of the Rebels and who remain true to the future survival of the German and Afikaaner nations, needs the support of the Germans here in South West Africa and in South Africa, since there is a revolution brewing here in which the communists together with the English are setting the stage for the final extermination of the Afrikaaner Boer, the time is very, very close and this is why this message must at all costs be preserved. This message is to be forwarded to any right wing group of the German nation as well as the 1914 Agreements, which are no doubt still located somewhere in Germany.

There has been a very large escalation in the murder rate of the white farmers, since 1994 over 3,000 white farmers and Boers (Men, women and children), have been cold-bloodedly murdered in South Africa by mainly racist black elements, and the situation with the crime rate is even dimmer. There have been countless occassions where there have been heated confrontations between white and black people, where the blacks always say something along the lines of: "Wait until Nelson Mandela dies, then we will kill the whites like flies". The plan is to let Nelson Mandela lie in state in Church square, Pretoria for 7 days, then on the 8th day he will be buried in Heroes Acre next to the union buildings in Pretoria. That very same night black terrorists will launch what is known to the as "Uhuru", "Operation white clean-up", in which they will attempt to completely wipe out (murder) all the white people in South Africa. The Seer van Rensburg prophet had a vision of this, as well as another prophet called Johanna Brandt, who was also present in the concentration camps of 1899 - 1902, I include both predictions:

man being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return, be
appointed in an important post. The country will be thrown into chaos under his rule.
However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader, and a massive strike cripples
the country, that real trouble starts.
This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in
their thousands to ‘pay their last respects’: “The body of the king (black leader) is placed in
a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria—for seven days. Mourners
came from all over the world to pay homage to this king (of the rainbow-nation). Nobody
worked—for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept
bitterly, and could not be consoled—for seven days.
“On the eighth day he was buried in Heroes’ Acre.” (A special plot in the old cemetery in
Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen).
Thus what the old prophet, the Seer van Rensburg, said, came true: “I see a coffin being
lowered into a grave. Fires emerge, but one great fire emerging in front. Naked people
appear.” This tells of violence and civil war which will erupt with the burial of the (black)
king. Then the Boer nation will also stand naked, stripped of everything and experience
dreadful oppression...
This vision concurs with the ‘bloody funeral’ he saw on 4th April 1915’.
Chaos and decline are visible everywhere; the cold- blooded murders of whites escalate by
the day and our pension schemes are being plundered. In a vision on 26th December 1921,
the Seer saw a fatal stomach disease break out in the Johannesburg area. The disruption
this would cause even greater violence: “There is a round tank in the east and fire falls out
of it.”
It is at this time the Seer saw the red pickaxe going over us—a time when the nation will
still be very divided and dissension at its worst.
But then he sees the man in the brown suit rise very unexpectedly to gather the nation
together and take matters in hand by means of a coup d’etat. The first large-scale violence
erupts and the Witwatersrand (Gauteng) in particular feels the brunt of black violence, and
bloodshed in that area will also be unexpected.>

Johanna Brandt's vision

Disasters which will strike South Africa

Suddenly she awoke from a short, deep sleep, and still the messenger (angel) was next to her bed. This time there was a new warning. He said: “Awake now, because the time is short and I have another vision to present to you in front of your eyes! Look! Look, the nearby future of South Africa! Be strong and do not quiver, gather all your strength because I ask you not to look at the terrible scenes just to torture you but to prepare you for the task that has been set upon you”.

The messenger let Johanna see a horrible scene of the terrors and the adversities which were still in store for her and her beloved land and fellow countrymen. It was such a disturbing picture that she screamed out in fear, and was scared that the vision of this would be the end of her. With terror-filled eyes she sat up straight in her bed and she felt how the death sweat was running over her face.

“Save! Save! South Africa!” she called out in fear.

“What do you see!?” the messenger asked.

Johanna explains herself: “I saw a beautiful land that was being harassed by a raging hurricane. The strangest for me was the unexpectedness of the storm. It was so terrifying that even the earth looked as if it was roaring and shuddering while the thunder of the restless elements ripped the black clouds apart, and then a rushing flood of fire and hailstones were hurtled onto the earth. Everywhere there was blood and destruction which threatened to wipe out all things alive on earth. I saw how human life forms were being blown apart like leaves in the wind, and persecuted to all regions of the land.

Compare the prophetic quote from the bible: Jesaya 29 v 5 – 6:

Moreover the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones shall be as chaff that passeth away: yea, it shall be at an instant suddenly.

Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.

It was a terrible and frightening scene which until today still haunts my thoughts. But that was just the beginning. The storm of misery which threatened South Africa with destruction seemed to extend to all four corners of the earth. It also seemed as if the darkness of a terrifying night encircled both man and beast, and many souls, just as the message had said, prayed for death to come and relieve them – but to no avail.

Johanna further elaborated on what she saw in that terrible vision: The outbreak of the storm was strange and completely unexpected. It was a frightening outburst of never before seen fury! After South Africa was destroyed the fury of the storm dissipated again, very quickly, in an instant. It was of short duration despite its overwhelming vigor and intensity.

Someone quietly entered her room and placed a cold hand on her sweat drenched forehead. She was however eager to talk to the messenger again. “Leave my husband alone so he can sleep”, she whispered. The person then left the room quietly again. Johanna turned to the messenger. There was only one thought in her mind. With all the love she held for her nation and country, she begged: “Save South Africa!”. The messenger looked at her and answered: “Do not be afraid, oh you, fearless believer! Did you really think that there would not be any darkness to overcome in your land? Do you not understand that if South Africa is spared from destruction, she could not have any share in the coming glory and salvation? No, the scenes that you have seen are unavoidable. The destruction which threatens South Africa would be manifested in a longer time frame through hatred and jealousy, violence and injustice. The storm is an outburst nobody will be able to withstand, a storm of a long time coming, systematic backstabbing, deceit, oppression and evil intentions – all the wickedness which had been built up and gathered over the years, is in the heart of the nation. That which people sow is what they have to reap. They sowed wind, and they will reap the storm.

In South Africa, more than in any other country in the world, they bowed the knee before the god of gold. With revenge and bitter unreconciliation on the one side, and injustice, violence and greed on the other, the scene has long since been set in a hundred thousand hearts in South Africa for this storm of retribution which has to come.

“Do not be afraid! You have seen that the outburst will be of short duration. You have been called to warn your nation by making a real life portrayal of the scene. Prepare your nation to be united in righteousness in an attempt to break the might of the storm. Indeed, I say to you: the judgment which cannot be prevented, can however be softened – the terror can be shortened. The disasters cannot be avoided, but they can be lessened. It depends on your faithfulness. It depends on the power of your calling and if the nation will listen…”

The night attack on Johannesburg

Concerning a blood bath which would take place in South Africa, the messenger told her: “Look!” She looked and saw in front of her a small spear on the ground. Then she saw the start of a strike which spreads rapidly across the country, and high in the sky the letters ‘XL’ were displayed. Everything stood still, even the large businesses are closed and deserted, and nothing is functioning anymore. The strike is so large that the entire country is crippled. While this strike is on the go, the blacks secretly organize themselves and come together in one night in Johannesburg. Then things happen quickly and unexpectedly – they cut the power lines within and around the city. Hereafter, she sees the blacks invading the white areas and cold-bloodedly murder our people. Thousands and thousands will die in that ‘Egyptian night’ which is going to come over the white people of Johannesburg.

When I saw in the vision the widespread disfigured, bloody bodies lying around me, I was shocked and called out: “This cannot be, since there are not so many people in Johannesburg!” Following the terror of this vision, Johanna Brandt turned completely grey overnight. She was so shocked and confused that for days she could not speak to her husband about what she had seen.

“The way in which they murdered the whites is too horrific for words. As was the case at Bloukrans more than 150 years ago, I saw how the blacks took the babies by the feet and crushed their skulls against the nearest hard object. The screams were unbearable. Women and children, old and young, were cut down ruthlessly with guns, spears, sticks, knives or any kind of weapon which the blacks could get their hands on. People tried to flee, but were hauled in, killed, and left lying in their blood. There was blood everywhere – on the streets, on the sidewalks, in the houses, flats and shops.

At daybreak, I saw how the black masses moved in the direction of Pretoria. This was the sign for the other blacks in the country to also mobilize and systematically attack the whites in their own towns. She also heard that under themselves they referred to this day as ‘Our Great Day’.”

In this time Europe, particularly England, will experience a famine in which millions will die. She then explains more about the situation in the outside world: “Germany will in the time when people in other countries perish from hunger, be the bread basket of the world, and just like Egypt in the past, will provide the world with food.”

Concerning South Africa she said: “We will be the country of the future. There are precious minerals in the ground here which have not even been discovered yet, and which will place our country on the forefront of all developments in the world. There are also other unknown riches in our ground (The Kruger millions) which will be recovered by the Boer nation. JAHWEH’s blessings will once again rest on us, since we are the chosen nation of JAHWEH.”

South Africa, JAHWEH’s pearl

The fact that South Africa will not pass through these things as badly as the rest of the world, is indeed consoling. The messenger said to Johanna that this is because JAHWEH chose South Africa as a special instrument with which the whole world would be blessed. He also sent a special warning with a special purpose of this country. He said: “Know that this message of prophetic warning would rather be believed by the unsophisticated and modest people of the world, and when the time comes for the prophetic disasters to be fulfilled in this country, the whole world will see how thoroughly you are prepared and how well you will be capable of handling and getting the better of your problems. They will see that you are brave and walk with strong faith in the face of the gravest dangers, that you will be calm under the boiling anger of the storm, that you will do your duty in spite of the dangers and tests, and they will accept your evidence and will be forced to follow it so that they can be rescued on the Great Day that is coming. JAHWEH has mercy on South Africa!, Johanna realized, but that is not all – there are also conditions and responsibilities which lie on this nation. She continues: “Oh nation of South Africa, large is the sacrifice that is asked of you! Large the responsibilities which have been laid on you! You will accept the message through faith alone, without proof, without the higher authority of the written word – but the world will accept this through the evidence of the fulfillment of the prophesies of the disasters which will come over you! Thus, through your guidance!

The sacrifice she refers to and which is asked of South Africa, is the sacrifice of complete faith. South Africa is a pearl in the eyes of our LORD, the messenger told her. Since here in South Africa the first great wonders of the new century of Revelation will occur. Through South Africa the whole world will be forced to believe that the return of the Redeemer is at hand.

Then she continues: “A beautiful light not from this world, shone over the hopeless scene, as I watched in astonished respect. I saw the glorious and superior presence of our beloved LORD in our midst – here in South Africa. This was the meaning of the visions which I saw – that Jahshua our LORD will come to us when the storms of cleansing and preparation are over and the hearts of the people have, through suffering, been prepared to meet HIM.

The return of Jahshua after the night of the storm, Johanna writes, will go hand in hand with great surprises, since the modest and rejected will be honored and blessed, and the selfish will be humiliated into dust.

In this struggle between light and darkness, people are used as workers on both sides, and they are willing workers. There is nothing like a ‘forced’ will, out of free will each of us chooses where we want to stand. For this reason, JAHWEH instilled the voice of consciousness in our hearts. We thus know that in this last struggle between good and evil we ourselves decide where we want to stand. After this night of terror, she saw the day break and it was as though the heavens descended upon South Africa…

Warning to the black tribes

When the first shockwaves hit this country, the messenger told Johanna, the indigenous and the colored people must know that this will be no ordinary storm which will be unleashed on South Africa, and he furthermore warned: It is the big preparation for the day of the LORD, and woe be to those who attempt to draw advantage for themselves out of the general confusion, chaos and hopeless vibe which will reign over the country, or he who takes advantage of helpless people! Woe be to those who think of murdering and stealing, to plunder and destroy!

Furthermore, the messenger gave the blacks of this country a special warning, that they should hold themselves quiet and out of the way during the dark days when the fear and the tests will come over the white people. They may have no hand in the oppression and suffering, they may not try to take revenge due to old wounds. It does not matter what their grievances are, and it also does not matter how justified their discontent is – they may not seek revenge in the hour that is on hand. There is the ONE who says: “The rage cometh to me, but I will punish!”, because the coming ailments are in his hands.

Johanna Brandt explains herself what this warning means: “It has been revealed by the messenger of JAHWEH that the dangers lying ahead for South Africa, will be a thousand times worse if the blacks intervene, because it will be in the hands of the different tribal chiefs to control and pacify their people and to absolutely forbid them in taking part in anything that may happen. For this reason the message must be sent to them in time. They must not fight amongst themselves, they must not go out to steal and to murder. When people are left destitute and strewn across the country and the elements rumble, when the mighty howling of destruction shakes the earth, they should stay as calm as possible and stay where they are, and do nothing except to defend themselves!”

“The judgment will be harsh on anyone who ignores this command of the Almighty!”

More than 80 years ago (March 1918) Johanna Brandt worked tirelessly to have the message printed in English, Sesotho, Zulu and Xhosa and have it distributed among the black population.

“Why then send this specific message to the black nations of South Africa?”, Johanna asked the messenger. He answered this question exactly, tersely and clearly: “Because in that time JAHWEH will place the Boer nation under judgment and take them through the purifying furnace because of their terrible sins and injustices.

{I would think that the greatest of these sins is that of the Judeo-Christian churches: the promotion of race-mixing and co-operation with international communists, encouraging Whites to dispossess themselves of their right to rule. Americans need to heed this warning as well. God's Chosen People, the Caucasians, are not to race-mix ("No mongrel shall enter the congregation of Yahweh." - Deut. 23:2); and we are not to give up our stewardship of the earth to non-whites. Yahweh will punish us for these violations of His Law. - Eli}

But since the black nations have got nothing to do with this, they must just quietly behave themselves and stay where they are, otherwise, much worse things will be waiting for them. JAHWEH is just, and if the black nations in this last awful judgment are destroyed, they will not be able to say:”But we were never even warned!”

< Treaties drawn up

The Governor arrived to negotiate with us. Treaties were drawn up and some of our officers
were chosen to sign the treaties on behalf of the 1914 Rebels.
The following version of the 1914 treaties is that of General Manie Maritz as written in his
book: My Life and Aspirations, published in 1939. (This book is still on the banned list in
South Africa. In fact, most books written by role players during the War of Freedom and the
Rebellion were banned by the Smuts Government).

The Agreement:
“Agreement made and concluded between and by the Governor of the Kaiser of German
South West Africa as representative of his esteemed Majesty, the Kaiser of Germany, and
General S.G. Maritz, on behalf of a number of officers and men wishing to declare the
independence of South Africa, acknowledge:
∙ 1. Said General S.G. Maritz having declared the independence of South Africa and
declaring war against England;
∙ 2. The Governor of German South West Africa acknowledges all ‘Afrikaans’ forces engaged
against England as being forces of war and after further discussions to support them in their
war against England.
∙ 3. In the event of British South Africa being declared partly or fully independent, the
Governor of the Kaiser of German South West Africa will apply all means to have the State
or States acknowledged thus and have them included in the general signing of peace.
∙ 4. In consideration of such assistance the newly formed State or States will have no
objection to the German Reich annexing Walvis Bay and the islands adjoining German South
West Africa.
∙ 5. The centre of the Orange River will in future form the boundary between German South
West Africa and the Cape colony.
∙ 6. The German Reich will have no objection if the above named States annex Delagoa Bay.
∙ 7. Should the uprising fail, any dissidents present in German territory will be considered to
be German subjects and treated as such.

After the signing of the treaties we were transferred from Nabas and Ukamas to Jerusalem
where the last horses were distributed among ourselves. We were ordered to move from
Skuitdrif at Orange River where we met Commandant Stadler. He had previously taken
Commandant Du Plessis of Cradock as prisoner-of-war. Du Plessis had marched to Upington
with 500 men, having promised to General Smuts to deliver Manie Maritz to him (Smuts).
The 500 men fled and left their commander in the safe hands of Commandant Stadler. The
Botha-Smuts Government decided to march into German West in various columns of 1 000
men each.
One column was at Rooysvlei, one at Lutzhuts and one at Nous (on the Union side of the
Orange River). In the meantime the river had risen considerably—probably this same water
which had claimed the lives of General Beyers and Pieterse.
Reaching Nous posed a problem. However, the maxim: ‘A farmer always makes a plan’
swung into operation. Van der Merwe rowed across with a steel cable and firmly wound and
tied it around some thorn trees. Many hands pulled it as taut as possible on the German
West side and tied it to thorn trees there.
The two boats were held alongside each other and planks attached across them to form a
rude platform. An ox chain was hooked to the cable in front of the boats and we had a
workable ferry with which we transported our commando and cannons across the river.
‘Oom’ Klasie, however, did not want to cross over, saying: “I see a well (danger) in the
middle of Orange River. At Nous I see an English girl (Government troops) jumping up and
running down the valley. She is wearing a dirty napkin and then she sits down.”
The last division to cross on the ferry was that of Commandant Stadler. The ferry could
carry four mounted horses simultaneously. The last four ‘penkoppe’ (young teenage army
volunteers) rounded up the sheep belonging to the Government troops and put them under
the planks inside the boats. On reaching the centre of the river, the load became too heavy
and the boats started taking in water. Two of the four lads drowned -the ‘well’ that Van
Rensburg had seen, had claimed its victims. >

The Afrikaaner Boers need all of the help they can get if they are to continue existing as a nation in South Africa, and will only be able to achieve this with German intervention, without which they will not stand any chance to survive the coming onslaught against the white people in South Africa.

This message is in the process of being sent to Munich, Guttenberg, Germany, to:

Karl Theodor von zu Guttenberg, Minister of Defence, or any of his relatives. Here is some more information about him:

Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg (born 5 December 1971) known as Karl-Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg or simply Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, is a German politician of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU), currently serving as the Minister of Defence of Germany in the second Merkel cabinet (since 28 October 2009).

Even if this person is not reached, may it be God's plan for the Afrikaaner Boer Nation that this information finds itself into the right hands.

With my greatest regards and sincerest greetings,

Neil Erich Koch

Geneva, 25 May 2010

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 6/10/10: Communism is Talmudism

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
June 10, 2010
Communism = Talmudism

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James

Wake Up, White Man.


Special Item: David Meyers (Last Trumpet Ministries) Has Died.
(I was never a follower of David Meyer, but here is a very good sermon on the wexlers (geldwechslers = moneychangers) of the Temple.)

Item #1: The Jews of Poland Rejoice as the Soviet tanks roll in

Item #2: Adam Rothschild calls Canada a "slave to the Jews"

Item #3: May Day rally turns violent. Kosher Press is silent.

Item #4: Sign of the Times. Publisher apologizes for the "racism" of the Founding Fathers

Item #4: As I stated way back in 2003, those bars of "Jewish soap," if tested, will not reveal any human DNA. That is why these bars of soap have been removed from all of the Hoaxacaust Museums. Here is the proof.

Item #5: Remember, this war was started by the Jewish False Falg attack at 9/11, and promoted by the Jewish Neo-Kahns. It is not America's war.

Item #6: Ashkenazi jews Perform Deadly Experiments on Sephardic Jewish children
(Disregard the comments about the "holocaust." The Mongoloid Askenazi (Khazars) are the Neanderthals of the modern era. - Eli)


Last 3 Items: As Received

Subject: W2 Tax form

Bet you didn't realize this tax increase is coming next year.
I don't recall any talk of a tax increase when this was being
debated. Not quite the change you Obama voters were
contenplating was it?

This is supposed to be part of the new Health Care Bill.
I contacted my Congressman about House bill HR3590
the health care bill
just passed. I asked for a summary of changes.
The aid directed me to go to enter
HR3590 in the search box and look for summaries.
Starting in 2011 (next year folks) your W 2 tax form sent by
your employer will be increased to show the value of what
ever health insurance you are given by the company. It does
not matter if that's a private concern or Governmental body
of some sort. If you're retired? So what; your gross WILL
go up by the amount of insurance you get.

You will be required to pay taxes on a large sum of money
that you have never seen.

Take your tax form you just finished and see what $15,000
or $20,000 additional gross does to your tax debt. That's
what you'll pay next year.

For many it also puts you into a new higher bracket so it's
even worse.

This is how the government is going to buy insurance for
15 % that don't have insurance and it's only part of the
tax increases.

Not believing this I researched the summaries and here's
what I'm reading:

On page 25 of 29:

REVENUE OFFSET PROVISIONS-(sec. 9001, as modified
by sec. 10901)
Sec.9002. "requires employers to include in the W-2 form of
each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer
sponsored group health coverage that is excludable from the
employee's gross income."

Joan Pryde is the senior tax editor for the Kiplinger letters. Go
to Kiplinger's and read about 13 tax changes that could affect
you. Number 3 is what I just told you about.

Why am I sending you this? The same reason I hope you
forward this to every single person in your address book.
People have the right to know the truth because an election
is coming in November.

Please check the June NEWS

As received:

Hi Leo,

I don't know your friend Charlie. I don't know where he's been, but evidently he's lost his belief in Capital Hill's efforts to bring peace to our planet.

Here it's morning. There was the desire to visit Georgia. Unfortunately, there's a prob. with a playhouse. Thus, I'm getting ready to correct/fix work on a mini-toy house that I'm building for a granddaughter. Like most in the South, before heading out we read one of our regional newspapers. Give me 5 minutes to share our part of the world.

Leo, we, in this home, representative of others. About 500,0000 read our regional Sunday edition. This is a great way to start the day. It provides needed non-noisy-tube info by quietly feeding hungry Southern minds about what's what. After all, man is a social animal.

On the Opinion page (St. Petersburg Times, 2P) a Bob Tankel tells us about the people of Gaza. According to him, they "live in slums and they are no different than other 1.5 billion around our globe who live in similar places." He informs us that “to blame Israel is ridiculous.” He goes on with “instead of adopting the Singapore model, which is a successful city state, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority seem to want to keep Gaza a festering sore and blame Israel.” Leo, why read the cartoon- funny pages?

Pity those who are not political junkies. They miss out on the vehicle that gives the ride. Mindsets shown by media speaks volumes. And, the entertainment comes while you eat.

Leo, on the same noted page Mary Ann Marger tells half a mln readers that 6 mln Js died 70 yrs ago in WWII. As for politics and those running for office, overall it seems Amdom is heaven. For example, one guy, running for governor, was involved in a billion dollar fraud due to book keeping of his hospital... He spends mlns of $$$ in ads for Florida's top political power slot. Think about this. Do it just for a minute. Just a minute.

In the Tampa Bay section (p. 3B) Adam Smith tells the enormous readership about a fellow running for the highest office in the state. Billionaire Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene is spending millions of $$$ on TV ads.

According to Greene ads, he's a nice family man. Journals around the world have indicated that he was involved in the female export business in Ukraine and Romania. Yet, who knows how much of this is true. Whatever, today's paper notes that in “respected journalist Gregory Zuckerman's book The Greatest tTade Ever” there's data “about the Ukrainian strippers aboard Greene's 145-foot yacht in the Black Sea.”

Jeff was traveling on his boat with his Rabbi and his younger brother to visit Jewish sites in Romania and Odessa. Apparently he was interested and upset in the fact that Greene was involved with the most notorious Hollywood Madam, Ms. Fleiss. Greene even lived with her for a year. Greene reiterates that it was simply a business adventure and he was helping a friend. Leo, can Ukrainians can be thankful for having a “friend” such as Greene? Well?

Billionaire “family man” Greene has been known for having incredible parties in his Malibu and California homes. He's a fun guy evidently attempting to bring the Russian-Ukrainian and Middle East worlds into greater harmony.

Such a unique fellow requires the services of the body guard field. What's fun is to watch the tube's ads. Jeff Greene's ads tell millions that he knows how to create jobs. Who can deny this.

Another candidate for the senate job is Marco Rubio. His hx. sheet shows involvement in all kinds of mysterious “deals.” No one can accuse him of being involved with the Russian Mafia.

Moving on we see Alex Sink. She's a gal running for governor. She screwed thousands out of work in her position as a head honcho in the banking industry.

Bottom line: Reading about voting gives more entertainment than studying the once “Russian” Mafia. Besides, the "R" mafia has overall gone into global businesses. Officially, it no longer has the smell of rotten decay from... well, you know what.

Leo, without guys like Greene and the noted others they'd be less work here and internationally, especially for the female members of our society. No wonder democracy seems to be improving...

My friend, these are just a sample of the people who will lead Amdom into this new century. Surely peace will be given new hope. Who can deny that the badly needed spekulative and weapons industries will prosper in this time of unemployment? Certainly mankind need leadership from such successful businessmen.

Once again, this is just a snap shot blink of Amdom's optical political pct.! Have a great day and remember what happens when the world interacts with such “representatives of the people.”

Oh, what's confusing is that the intelligentsia indicates that the anomalies under the Bush-Wolfowitz-Perle regime have now been consecrated into operating procedure by the Obama administration. How could this be?

As Received #3: When the Rats Abandon the Sinking Ship

I once attended a small party in Manhattan in 1987, and while standing next to a group of Jews there, I overheard the following conversation:

Jew No. 1: Where could the Jews go if we left the U.S.?

Jew No. 2: Brazil.

Jew No. 1: Too catholic.

Jew No. 3: Australia.

Jew No. 1: Too far away from Europe.

Jew No. 4: Canada.

Jew No. 1: Population is too small. Not enough critical mass.

The late Joe Vialls claimed that teams of agents from the Zionist Entity were scouting Patagonia, and that rich Jews had already secured Tasmania as a retreat.

Articles that he wrote on these topics include:

1) "What are Israeli Army Reconnaisance Teams doing in Patagonia?" (Hard to find a link to this one.)

2) "Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America" (Part One and Part Two)

The Yids have been scrubbing these articles from the Internet.

(The parasites require a healthy host to parasitize. But, I'm afraid that they've killed off or pauperized too many Whites for their feast to continue much longer. - Eli)

New David Duke Video: Laying Bare the Racial Supremacist State of Israel

This video must rank as the most powerful video that Dr. David Duke has made. It is incredibly powerful because it shows the true reality of Israel and International Zionism as a Racial Supremacist State and ideology, and perhaps even more importantly it exposes the media- and political hypocrisy in covering it up!

It exposes the fact that Jewish leaders openly call Jews a race, that leading Jewish scientists (and others) say that it is a distinct racial group, very different from other peoples. In fact, Jewish researchers say that Jews are 6 times more genetically distant from Russians, or from English or French, for instance, than they are from other Jews around the world.

He exposes how Israel won’t allow marriages between Jews and non-Jews. How atheist, non-religious Jews are permitted to immigrate, to mix, to live with, and to marry other Jews, but how they are not permitted to marry non-Jews.

He exposes how the Kohanim, or Jewish priest class, can’t even marry a fully-religious Jew who has even a drop of Gentile ancestry.

And he exposes how the Jewish influenced media and political establishment in America and Europe cover all this up!

You may find this to be the most powerful ten minutes you have seen in video!

White Nationalist Lawyer Edgar Steele Arrested in Dubious Murder Plot

The Idaho Statesman reports that White nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele, famed for his vigorous but unsuccessful defense of Pastor Richard Butler in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought against them by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2000, has been arrested by the FBI in connection with a dubious-sounding "murder-for-hire" plot.

An individual occasionally employed by Edgar Steele turned out to be a confidential informant and has been singing to the FBI. According to the snitch, Steele had discussed a list of people he wanted dead, including his wife and her mother, six months earlier. The snitch agreed to the plot and accepted $500 in travel money, and Steele allegedly promised as much as $25,000 if the murders were completed on Friday June 11th. It was intended to be a car crash made to look like an accident. Steele also allegedly promised the snitch another $100,000 if an insurance policy paid out after his wife's murder. Steele also allegedly said he would deny knowing the witness if he were caught, but he would compensate the witness's family if Steele was never implicated.

Once the snitch learned of the specific deadline, he informed his FBI handlers, who equipped him with a concealed recording device which documented Steele allegedly discussing the murders. As a result, Steele was arrested at his home in Sagle, Idaho on June 11th. Traci Whelan, an assistant U.S. attorney for Idaho, explained that the complaint is just a charging document and is not proof of guilt. Steele will likely appear at a preliminary hearing on Monday June 14th, and the case will eventually go before a grand jury. Whelan further stated that Steele is in custody on federal felony charges, but she declined to reveal where he is being held.

What makes this case spurious is that there is no recorded discord between Steele and his wife. The couple is reportedly still married and have not separated. Steele's wife was visiting or helping out with a health care issue at her mother's house in Oregon this week.

Edgar Steele, also the author of "Defensive Racism", operates the ConspiracyPenPal and NickelRant websites. In late summer 2009, he took an extended sabbatical from posting on those sites. Since then, he's revealed that he almost died of a ruptured aorta in November 2009, so he's been contending with serious medical issues of his own. In his most recent post on NickelRant on May 21st, he does not disclose any problems with his wife, although he does disclose the intent to get active in the Cause again and publish a softbound edition of Defensive Racism. I don't see how any of his activism could suddenly attract FBI interest.

The unanswered question is was the snitch deliberately sent in by the FBI in advance to worm his way into Steele's confidence, or did he become a snitch after he began working for Steele? Informants can only be trusted to do one thing; tell the story the government wants to hear. Without independent objective evidence corroborating this story, it is difficult to take this snitch seriously.

Unfortunately, the government does, and the government has Steele in custody. He's about to go through hell. Update: American Nazi Party activist John Taylor Bowles has now picked up the story, and offers useful tips for activists who don't want to get swallowed up in this type of situation. Stormfront has also picked up the story, and most everyone posting on the thread share my skepticism. Now also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.