Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop the Jewish Cruelty on Animals and Human Beings

Stop the Jewish Cruelty on Animals and Human Beings

In peace time, they are doing that to chicken.

In war time, they did that to human beings.

Jewish commandants in US army opened fire on German POWs or civilians.

Jewish NKVD officers in Soviet army virtually did the same in Berlin. In many occasions, they herded several hundreds of surrendered German POWs to the slaughter house (any building that survived the intense bombing) and sticked the sharpened bayonet right into the German POW's jugular vein under the chin and penetrated to the other side and slashed it to the front. Most of victims, being unable to make any sound or shout, died with massive blood spurting out.

Still many hundreds are waiting their turn of throat cut...

Extreme capitalism, federal reserve banking, wall street financing,
inflating money value, cruely striping the middle class savings,
extreme communism, Bolshevik cruelties, on the other side of the globe, always one same race is doing that.

the JEWS


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