Saturday, May 29, 2010

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 5/27/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
May 27, 2010
News Updates

"The pen is mightier than the shekel." - Pastor Eli James

Wake Up, White Man.

AS RECEIVED: How your sons and daughters are convertd into communists by the univeristy system. One day, this student's professor wrote a new word on the blackboard:


on the board. I thought, "Great, i'm actually learning something new."... since I did not know that word before. He defined it as a "worldview"
basically, and then said,

"The goal is to destroy the old paradigm, and replace it with the new paragidm," ( based on these books.)

Our required reading books for the class were:

Humanist Manifesto l and ll
Communist Manifesto
UN Charter
Evolution as a Religion
The Aquarian Conspiracy, by Marilyn Furgeson, 1980.

He said we would be the change agents.

These same "change agents" have been teaching DIVERSITY since the 1960's. Diversity starts out by teaching "all races are the same." Later on, the courses teach that "the White man is responsible of all the evils of the world and must be eliminated." If we're all the same, why do Whites have to be eliminated? - Eli

Item #1: Update from BP. this is a technical explanation of the oil spill and current operations to fix it.

Item #2; Latest Report says Top Kill operations have not stopped the gusher

Item #3: Readers of my past Newlsetters know that the Illuminati are planning on using Project Bluebeam as part of an elaborate hoax to make us afraid of our own shadows. Project Bluebeam has the capacity to project holographic images in the sky. Naive people will take these images as real objects. It turns out that Werner von Braun tried to warn us about such an elaborate hoax way back in 1974.

Item #4: ZOG version of Kane Versus Police

Item #4: Skepticism about the official versions of events


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