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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 5/5/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
May 5, 2010
Economic Armageddon
Full Orwellian Meltdown Imminent

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Judgement Day Perspectives Newsletter

Special Item: Although this Newsletter was planned to be about economics, the current Oil Volcano in the Gulf threatens to be the biggest ecological AND ecnomic disaster of all time. Commentators are saying that the BP rig was blown up by saboteurs. My guess is that the saboteurs didn't realize that this was a high-pressure well. If this is another Israeli false flag, I don't see how the victims can be placated. - Eli

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana

and this from the Alaskan Citizen Militia and their commander Norman Olson-a 22 year Air Force Officer-retired:


There is an huge bubbling torrent of superheated oil erupting from the
gaping hole remaining after sabotage destroyed the pumping rig, 1 mile
of pipe line to the bottom of the canyon, and the check valves able to
control the flow. The exploratory bore hole, approx 24" in diameter pierced the rock
5,000 feet below the surface, to reach a vast and immeasurable dome of
oil under great pressure beneath the floor of the Gulf.

The hole, now enlarged by the past ten days of scouring, is calulated
to become much larger, as long as the great pressure on the dome, by
the weight of the water in the gulf continues. Essentially, the pressure will
not subside until the hole in the oil dome is patched. Such a patch job
has never been attempted. Nor can anything be built large enough or
fast enough to deliver and install it in time enough to even hope to slow the flow.

It is thought also that near simultaneous explosions both at the well head,
the great check valves, and the pumping station on the rig, were calculated
to blow a crater at the well head. That crater itself is growing larger as
the oil flow continues to increase along with the diameter of the drill hole.

Geologic dynamics include what is called the "Rebound Theory" which
means that the earth will rebound after it has been bent and broken, such as
in the case of an earthquake. After the slip or upheaval, the earth will
return to it's former topography. If this were the case in the Gulf, the
oil will empty from the dome until the weight of the water equalizes the pressure.
When this happens, the earth dome will begin to rise once again, causing a
vacuum in the now empty dome. This vacuum will draw water down into
the dome where it will be superheated. A huge explosion MAY occur, larger
than any thing we've ever seen before, possibly setting off a string of earthquakes,
including a collosal one along the New Madrid fault running from Chicago to
New Orleans. Think of what happens when a tennis ball with a small hole bored
in it is pushed below the water. Now squeeze the ball. Air will bubble up as
long as the pressure remains on the ball to force the air through the hole. Now enlarge
the hole and increase the pressure. Soon the inside pressure and the outside
water equalize, but you still have to deal with the rubber chararacteristic of the
ball. The ball will attempt to rebound to it's former shape, when that happens,
a vacuum begins to pull water into the ball through the hole. The larger the
hole the faster this happens. But what if the center of our "tennis ball" is
10 times the boiling point of water 10,000 feet below sea level. What would

The timing of the sabotage was critical. BP estimates say that the hole
cannot be patched for up to 3 months. If unchecked, the dome could release
nearly 100 million barrels of oil into the gulf. The economy of all Gulf states
would be wiped out. The destruction of the rig coincided with the onset
of hurricane season. By the end of July as the near peak of the hurricane
season approaches, there will be a crust of oil many thousands of square miles
in size, nearly 3 inches thick float along the coast when the first of the great
hurricanes hit.

There is no way to stop the bore hole's enlarging every day.

Later this year, unusual plant life will begin to grow along the coasts where
oil has been washed and blown ashore. Dryland oil drillers do not freely
talk about the plant seeds and other material that gushes from oil wells since
any exotic or rare plant life would result in shutting down the operation by
federal endangered species agency order. Once spore reach the warm
climate of a Gulf Coast summer, they will sprout and bloom.

The question will forever remain, who sabatoged the BP operation?
Someone picked the best possible location at the best possible season
and with the best possible destruction anyone could possibly imagine.

High ranking officials at BP face one of two possible scenarios. Either
they announce that the destruction was sabotage and escape some of the
financial devastation due to lawsuits, or they remain silent and end up
totally broke. I suspect that we will begin hearing about terrorist sabotage
within just a couple weeks.

Hundreds of platforms. Dozens of companies, Hundreds of subcontractors.
Skilled laborers and technician teams coming and going. People from all
different middle eastern counties working on rigs. These repair and operation
team members are not given extensive security checks. They work for
the lowest bidding contractor. Background investigations cost money and
to win the bid, expenses are shaved.

Only a very brilliant mind could have chosen a act of sabotage so devastating.

Norm Olson, Commander


Those of you who have heard my many messages on the evils of fiat money know that I believe in the gold standard. The Constitution does NOT permit paper money to replace gold and sivler coins. The Constitution specifically states, "Congress shall COIN MONEY..." It means what it says.

The signs are pretty clear that the Fed must dump the current FRN's and replace them with a new currency, as the FRN has been inflated out of sight and is being traded at 10 cents on the dollar. The Fed has been printing money like mad in order to pay for our unConstituional wars and unConsitutional welfare state. But the international market will not accept any more FRN's. Wheelbarrows full of FRN's will no longer buy a loaf of bread.
China is holding 3.5 trillion in assets denominated in FRN's. Only the war industry and the welfare industry are accepting this doomed currency.

So the crash and the proposed "FIX" will be coming soon. The reason why the IBM (international banking mafia) has been hoarding gold is to prop up the new currency, when it comes. This will provide a temporary state of confidence for consumers and investors, but the Fed will NOT stop inflating the money supply, even with the new currency. The Big Corporation (Mystery Babylon) cannot stop all of the war-spending and welfare-spending that have been driving the world's economy since Nixon opened the doors to trade with China. They will simply use the promise of gold backing as a ruse to create confidence in the new currency. Don't be fooled. The confidence game goes on....

Pastor Eli James

I#1: The new $100 bill

Item #2: Ezra Pound, James Jesus Angleton, Fiat Money and Liberty

Item #3: Taming China with Fiat Money!!!

The international ecnomy is a chess match, or better, a monopoly game, in which the International Jew rigs the game by creating the money to buy all the real estate. Too many players have realized that the game is rigged and they want out. If China drops out, the game's over.

A quote from this article:

Keep in mind the irony: Jiabao, a communist, is demanding that the Obama administration rein in big government spending and preserve the greenback’s integrity. While Obama bows publicly to Beijing, he appears oblivious to their demands on curbing spending.

Item #4: Bob Chapman on the coming collapse

Item #5: Jewish Lightning and Crash Scheduled for July

As received:

April 27, 2010

Two weeks ago, a lifetime family friend who runs a hunting service, stopped by my office. (He has another business which our business utilizes.) He dropped off our invoice (they are usually mailed) and he said to me, "Can we talk for a minute?"

We went into my office, and he said, "You might want to sit down." He has a hunting client who is retired CIA who told him that the grid would go down in June/July. Our friend told me, "It is to mask the global monetary collapse." He then went on to say that it would be, "either an EMP attack or the Chinese would shut the lights out 'with the push of a computer key.'"

He then said something that I didn't understand (until I heard Hawk's broadcast.) He said, "they are going to evacuate the don't want to be next to a railroad track."


St. Joseph, MO

Question from Pastor Eli: Will they stage a false war? Use boxcars to send us into their prepared "concentration camps'? Is Armageddon looming?

All of the puzzle pieces are falling in place for the prediction that "Babylon is fallen, is fallen." The Illuminati has been unable to suspend the Second Amendment, so China will be used by the Illuminati to attack America and keep the Illuminati's power intact. China will be forced to use the economic collapse as an excuse to attack the Capitalist Pig:America. This is the only way the Chinese can save their own economy, by playing the Orwellian Blame Game. China's millions of unemployed will be conscripted into the largest army the world has ever known. An Armada will be assembled. A boatload of FRN's will be dropped of in China. The same boat will be loaded up with chinese troops and set here to America. The American people simply do not realize that "Free Trade" has been financing America's destruction since the day that Nixon got off the plane in Beijing.

When that Armada is outfitted, we'd better pray that Yahweh sends a hurricane in its direction.

Back to the international jew. I have a feeling that once the Chinese are forced play this card, due to their own mistrust of the Jews, they will also target the Illuminati, fulfilling Obadiah's prophecy that Esau's enemies will come to hate him.

Be prepared to relocate away from the big cities. The bomb may drop any time after July.

Item #666: The Book of Obadiah and the Judgment of Edom

I have repeatedly stated that the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note will be timed with another major war, so as to blame the collapse on someone or something else besides the International banking mafia. The public must be "dstracted" by an outside enemy so that the domestic criminals can operate behind your back. We are in full Orwellian Meltdown-- Eli

Verses 4-7 describe the failure of Esau's international banking confederacy:

Item #7; The euro Is not long for this world, either. Edom's alliances are falling apart.

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