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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter 4/27/10

Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter April 27, 2010

Racial Armageddon

FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! The Murder of Richard Barret, as received from the First Freedom Newspaper,

Messenger killed, his arguments thereby grow louder
The First Freedom was considering a merger with Mississippi Attorney Richard Barrett’s All the Way newspaper when he was assassinated by a team of local Blacks last week who simultaneously torched his Nationalist Movement Headquarters in an apparent effort to destroy computers and circulation lists, but backups exist and this newspaper will honor that Crosstar Flag’s obligations to its current subscribers.
Richard Barrett’s most recent column of January 2010 in The First Freedom had pinned another “Scalawag of the Month” “prestidigitatious” award on one of those who keep pushing efforts to stop Ole Miss students from chanting TSSRA at games and while driving around on campus, but that’s not why the usual suspects put these local misfits onto him. No, it’s much more serious than his humorous jabs at peecees.
And in the December 2009 TFF issue, when Richard named appointed Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones that month’s winner, an anti-“Dixie” proponent responded with a post on the “Daily Mississippian” blog ranting: “Die, Barrett. I really mean it.”
The just-before-last issue of All the Way dated April 2010 contained typical upbeat articles about skinheads and others never bowing before tyranny; the Nationalist Movement’s successful lawsuits causing prison mail rooms to cease interfering with delivery of All the Way; the need to stay off drugs, the affinity between skinheads defending the sovereignty of their people and Moslems who stand up for their own countries; the evils of integration, feminism and sexual perversion; the Ole Miss Rebels disobeying would-be censors by chanting The South Shall Rise Again. These topics pursued relentlessly by Richard Barrett in one successful lawsuit after another had his cowardly enemies on the ropes. Skinhead Smoke Bispham explains what’s happening in that April 2010 issue: “They are already coming around to the Nationalist way. Clean-cut. Healthy. Pro-American. Solid.”
True. And those in momentary control of the media/government cabal bypassing the U. S. Constitution know totalitarianism is now or the game’s up, which explains their highly offbeat sending in of Blacks rather than the usually more professional hit squads such as assassinated Palestinian Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Why would they risk losing their “Whites only” race-hate card? Playing in this final round, they’re desperate.
Otherwise, instead of the media crowing about the killers “immediately confessing” so that it’s no drawn-out Rodney King type story and this ends it, a team of Harvard trained lawyers would’ve descended onto the courthouse and local police demanding them to file those taped confessions down the memory hole. How did they persuade such less-than-mentally-acute patsies to imagine themselves lucky in finding such friends? As former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew them better, his seminal work named those “making the world safe for democracy” Masters of Deceit.
All the Way subscribers were surprised to receive their May 2010 issue the week after Editor Richard Barrett’s assassination. Containing the last column he would write and mailed the day before his death, in it he analyzed the Hollywood movie 2012: “The study in brain-washing leads off with a Negro portraying the President of the United States. The character later states that he is the ‘last’ President, stoking fears that the nation is already collapsing, due to African usurpation… [They] do not have a clue, until… revulsion and popular uprising.”
Here’s one of his latest articles.
NEW YORK – Failed agent provocateur Hal Turner had sought to “flush out” right-wing politicos, but his soap-opera antics have “flushed out” more than he bargained for. One Turner crony, “flushed out” because prosecutors were required to disclose secret FBI files, was Moreland Huber, who used the alias Tripp Henderson, who journeyed to Brazil with Turner. Since Turner began to “sing” about his “undercover” operations, Huber had been mum, neither attending his travel companion’s trial nor conducting interviews of his own.
Huber had turned up at an anti-affirmative rally at George Washington’s headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey, where organizers recalled an odd demeanor. “He seemed that he wanted to take part, but not be on the mailing list or interact with any of the marchers,” recollected one protester. “He wanted to get information, but not give any.” When Turner had found out that his targets disdained violence, he dropped them, as did Huber.
Nationalists had sued the FBI in 1997 and, despite claims by the agency that it had lost its files, uncovered documents which detailed that, despite a post-Watergate Congressional ban, disinformation was still being conducted against Americans. Nationalists continue to push for enforcement of bans against spying on patriotic citizens. Gerry Frederics noted “the fate of all traitors,” that, “once they have served out their usefulness, they are abandoned by their former employers.”
This was his penultimate column.
Richard Barrett
Nationalism is blood-based
government, marked by
a strong central State
Turner case useful to
halt agent-provocateurs
NEW YORK – There are three main reasons to speak out on the Hal Turner case. First, The Nationalist Movement apparently was the first organization that Turner had tried to infiltrate, in March of 2002. Second, The Movement has written the law-of-the-land in the United States Supreme Court on free speech. Finally, the course must be set, notwithstanding efforts by Turner and his cronies to stigmatize or derail Nationalism.
Nationalism is the blood-based form of government, marked by a strong, central State, social justice for those who work and rule by the majority of its people. In shorthand, Nationalism is the opposite of Communism. Turner used the internet to create the false-persona of a would-be assassin, to paint Nationalists as murderers and even entrap pro-majority activists into committing crimes. At first, Nationalists rejected Turner and warned against him. However, some insisted that Turner had “free- speech” rights, which, if impinged, would set a bad precedent for rightists in general. However, being a “snitch” and a “rat” was so unappealing that Nationalists refused to utter any sort of kind words for Turner at all. Nationalists have said that they will press for enforcement of laws against Turner-style agent provocateurs. Some Turner critics have suggested that Turner “got what he deserved,” by having to spend his loot on lawyers and bail-bonds and going bankrupt. Others say that the way Turner was hung out to dry by the FBI warns others from becoming informants.
Saying that someone “deserves” to be killed does not override the First Amendment, although Nationalists warn against making any threats. A “true” threat is when someone has the “imminent” means to “imminently” carry out a threat. An opinion, via the internet, does not qualify.
Truth versus lies
According to Jeffrey Ullman, “Now is the time for Nationalists to speak out, to get the information out.” Ullman branded Morris Dees, Abraham Foxman, Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama, who try to slur Nationalists, as “a movement of lies,” contrasted with The Nationalist Movement, which he termed “a movement of truth.” Ullman pointed out that the news media had taken a hit in the Turner case, because they had referred to Turner as a “right winger,” even when Turner himself, as well as prosecutors, asserted otherwise. With Turner exposed as a fraud, the public is asking, “Will the real Nationalists please stand up?”
“It is a risk to speak out,” warns Ullman, “but our words and actions are one-hundred percent patriotic and are empowering real Americans.”
Our latest edition containing the above, and much more, has just mailed out. We’ll print Richard Barrett’s final words to his Nationalist Movement friends in the June 2010 hardcopy issue of The First Freedom.
Special Item #1: Jew Talk

Special Item #2: ORWELLIAN PDATE

As Received:

April 26, 2010
There are numerous signs of severe discord within the European and North American secret governments these days. What we seem to be witnessing is the very dangerous death throes of the Nazi faction of the Western secret government. They have launched a desperate counter-attack over the past week in order to prevent the implementation of the new financial system. This counter-attack has been triggered because most members of the Washington establishment, top pentagon brass and members of European Royal Families have all been handed subpoenas by judicial authorities in recent days, according to a member of the British Royal family and an opposition source in the US.

The question of what this will ultimately mean depends on how the Pentagon brass decide to react. The likely outcome is civil war in the US, according to the wife of a major oil company CEO. A source close to Bill Clinton predicts martial law and an eight year term for puppet Obama. Perhaps a more likely outcome will be regime change in the US.

What is becoming increasingly obvious is the huge split in the ranks. In the US, this centered around the SEC's actions against Goldman Sachs. The corporate propaganda media immediately began a smear campaign against the SEC saying staffers watched porno! (imagine finding a large organization where nobody at all watched porno). Then the Republicans came in and said the charges were politically motivated. All in all it showed chaos and splits in the US government ranks.

Much of the secret action was focused on Japan where both Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton showed up for secret lobbying visits. Kissinger offered the Japanese underworld substantial sums in exchange for a purge of anti-New World Order members of the Japanese establishment. The underworld people told him they would no longer be subcontracting for the N.W.O.

President Clinton also tried, unsuccessfully, to cash various instruments during his secret visit here last week. However, according to a source who was on the plane with Clinton, we were wrong in reporting that his holdings included the $134.5 billion worth of US bonds seized in Italy in June of 2009. "Those bonds are still being held by the government of Italy, they are asking now for 10% of their face value," he said. In any case, Clinton also returned empty-handed.

However, our source in the Clinton plane says Clinton was offering to help resolve the crisis in a manner that would not give him any profit whatsoever. If this is true then he is basically saying he wants to cooperate with the Black Dragon Society. If so, he will be offered protection in exchange for truth.

The recent leak of information about Clinton's responsibility for the Waco massacre may be a sign that someone has decided to jerk his chain.

In any case, be it Clinton, Kissinger or Obama who does the begging, the bottom line is that Japan will no longer finance the criminal Washington D.C. regime.

President Obama's secret visit to Iran last weekend was meant to encourage the Iranians to depopulate Israel by using the neutron bombs sent in the days of George Bush junior, according to a cousin of the former Shah of Iran and an MI6 source. This was nothing more than a desperate attempt to revive the old plan to use a small atomic war between Iran and Israel as an excuse to set up totalitarian regimes in the West in preparation for a bigger atomic war. He was turned down.

There also seems to be something serious happening under the surface in Europe. The shut-down of European airspace came at the same time as some kind of military air drill. The Icelandic volcanic eruption was just a cover used to justify the shutting down of European airspace.

The murder of the Polish government was also likely to have been a warning to European governments by the Nazi faction. It is likely the Polish government was murdered on the anniversary of the Katyn massacre by the US criminal government in an attempt to curry favor with Putin or at least get some money.

Much of this activity was carried out in the run-up to the G20 financial summit in Washington this past weekend. The meeting has been down-played in the corporate propaganda media and is also being largely ignored by anti-globalists. Perhaps this is because they are ignoring the elephant in the living room: the bankruptcy of the United States and the need for it to give up control of the US dollar.

The IMF and its top brass were also making a strong pitch to justify their continued existence. Among the promises they are making is to end national quotas for staff (i.e. stop being a white man's club), give more voting rights to non-G7 countries (but not more than 50%) and be nicer to poor people. It is probably too little, too late.

Although the meeting was still going on as I wrote this, my prediction is we will see a repeat of last year's headline from the International Herald Tribune (April 3, 2009):"Talk of unity but G20 is split on how to end crisis."

This crisis, by the way, is largely confined to the Western rich countries. Basically, the rest of the world has decided to stop subsidizing their living standards. End of story.

Meanwhile, in Japan the tenure of Prime Minister Hatoyama is expected to end in May, according to Japanese secret government sources. The new Prime Minister is expected to be Naoto Kan. However, the real power is expected to reside with power broker Ichiro Ozawa and ex-police honcho Kamei Shizuka.

Japan is probably headed for more political turmoil because of a deadlock over control of the nation's money printing apparatus. The old aristocratic families from Choshu are reluctant to give up control. However, the current set up is becoming dysfunctional and Japan will have hyper-inflation unless they reboot their financial system.

The overall world scenario is of continued turbulence and dramatic events until the new financial system is announced. The Western secret government representatives keep saying, "very soon," but so far it has been empty promises. The most recent date we have been promised is April 29th but these people have cried wolf too often. Believe it when you see it and not until then.

All the vulture has to do is wait until the lion dies.

Banjamin Fulford

Comment by Pastor Eli: The Illuminati to has rearrange its portfolios to make sure that, when the global economy collapses, they don't lose control of the most vital industries. This is why they are scrambling to shore up their own corporations. but they cannot do this without twisting the arms of many unwilling nations. Do you see the problem? The "best laid plans of mice and men" will fail, just as the Book of revelation tells us: "Babylon is fallen, is fallen." Mystery Babylon, due to its own corruption, must resort to ever more strong-arm tactics in order to keep the global corporation in power. Now, sooner than later, the Zionists will run out of partners and patsies. The percentage of people who can be bought off or intimidated is declining precipitously. Economic collapse is coming soon.

Item #1; Flash Mobs filled with angry blacks, coming to a neighborhood near you

Item #2: Prelude to Marshal Law: Sending the troops into Chicago to control Black violence.

Item #3: Race Riots Happening In America. The Kosher Press Is Silent.

Race riots normally occur in the Summer. Particularly when it is really hot. The term "long, hot summer," is a euphemism for race riots. Well this year, they have certainly come early. Starting in the winter, mobs of young black thugs began rampaging through downtown Philadelphia. Hunting for white victims, smashing property, and even looting a Macy's department store.
The press has been downplaying the riots as "flash mobs." According to a local Philadelphia neighborhood paper, the riots have been organized in advance on black social networking sites like and
However, these are not the same "flash mobs" started by British college kids. Flash mobs historically have been artsy fartsy demonstrations in public areas by white college students. Often the flash mob is combined with some kind of charitable fundrasier. The new black version of a "flash mob" is when hundreds gather somewhere and go on a violent rampage. Leaving victims seriously injured in their path. There is nothing "artsy" or charitable at them.
The phenomanon is spreading. A few weeks ago an all black "flash mob" went on a violent rampage in Seattle. Two weekends ago a mob of 300 blacks went a minor rampage in Kansas City, MO. The police did nothing and the media downplayed it. So this past weekend, nearly a thousand blacks rampaged through a majority white shopping district in Kansas City leaving injured victims in their path. Still, no arrests and the media is desperately trying to downplay the entire event.
These riots are practically a state secret. They are only being reported in the local communities and even then all mention of race is censured and the public is not shown any photographs.
This is a horrifying developement that threatens the entire nation. Organized, premeditated, large scale violenece. Mostly aimed at white victims. As I write this, you can be sure that young black thugs are organizing more of these in a city near you.
Visit to reas all about it.

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Item #4: Curt Maynard Commits suicide

Last Item: Has the worldwide persecution of Christians begun?

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