Saturday, May 29, 2010

John Taylor Bowles: White Workers Continue To Be Unemployed!

White Workers Continue To Be Unemployed!

Hundred-of-thousands of White workers continue to be laid-off throughout America. The White construction workers, the nations largest blue-collar work force, has been hit the hardest, and unemployment is double for them.

Who is responsible? Quite simply, the Jews. The Jews, through their control of the Federal Reserve and in an effort to curb inflation and save their entire parasitical system from collapsing have rapidly deflated the American economy through a policy of tight money. Industries that can’t raise the cash to expand or maintain themselves, due to criminally high interest rates, simply cutback.

White workers are the hardest hit and affected by unemployment; with the preferential hiring going to non-Whites and illegal immigrants.


National Socialism will end the corrupt gambling games taking place on the stock and commodities exchanges where over many years of rigged "bulls and bears", rises and falls, insiders have been able to boil down the people's wealth to the point where an estimated 2 percent of the population controls 80 percent of the stock and bonds. White working people, as small investors have repeatedly been drawn into rising markets, relieved of their money, and then forced back out again by stock prices that somehow fell at exactly the wrong time.

National Socialism demands that all this money stolen from them in a cruel farce be expropriated from the international banks behind the scenes of the exchanges and returned to working White people as a national trust fund.


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