Sunday, May 9, 2010

American Nazi Party National Meeting a Success!

ANP SA Political Advisor John Taylor Bowles reported on VNN Forum:

On May 1st, the American Nazi Party held its second National Conference, here in Detroit. Luckily, this years Conference fell on White Worker Day - a date very appropriate per our White Worker agenda.

The event started at 10AM, and continued to 10PM, a very full day indeed!

After the Party faithful were finally assembled, the Conference opened with a welcoming address by Chairman Suhayda, followed by all rising and singing the Party Battle Song - a truly moving experience in and of itself.

Next, SA Leader Paul Kozak gave his report flanked by Party Security men, holding the sacred SA Standard that ANP has from the days of Commander Rockwell. Comrade Kozak was firm in his conviction that it is necessary to keep the Security Arm open ONLY to those who are FIT and ABLE to serve in a security capacity. Unlike other organizations that seem to seek to put "ANYBODY" ( even WOMEN, like the so-called "nsm" ) into "uniforms, to bolster "numbers" - the ANP SA, should and must be VIABLE as a realistic PHYSICAL FORCE to DEFEND the Party's interests. Women, and "out of condition" males, obviously don't fit that bill.

Next, came SA Political Advisor John Taylor Bowles - who gave an exciting review of activities in the Party's Southeast Region - as well as future planned events. One of the most interesting talks that he gave, centered around "former friends" in the racial movement who are now approaching him about following his steps into entering the ranks of the ANP - since they too have "finally seen the light", per their current associations.

ANP Media, was the next topic addressed by Party Comrade Axl Hess. Comrade Hess not
only explained the past and current issues facing Party outreach to the White masses, but went into depth with several NEW programs that were overwhelmingly accepted with enthusiasm by ANP rank & file. IF the membership GET INVOLVED in pushing these new programs, they could prove a very positive way of outreach - but, INVOLVEMENT is the KEY.

Following Comrade Hess, SA Leader Kozak held an Oath and Swearing-in of new SA personnel.

Next, came a social break for refreshments, which when finished, the assembled once sang the Battle Song written by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

After this came a buffet dinner provided by our loyal women Comrades - chicken&gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, potato&macaroni salad, pickles/olives and strawberry&blueberry desert. A BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful meal!

After dinner came a "round table" discussion where a number of new and important projects were discussed and finalized upon. The best was that in October - the ANP will utilize the 400 seat Hall in S.C. - for the FIRST INDOOR, PUBLIC NS WHITE PEOPLES RALLY since the old pre-war Bund days!

Since we will have almost a half-year to work on making this a success, this could possibly be THE "rocket" that will set ANP moving FORWARD, far beyond any other outfit in existence!

DISRUPTION - NO WORRIES ABOUT CANCELLATIONS - SAFE PARKING RIGHT NEXT TO OUR OWN BUILDING - IN A VIRTUALLY ALL-WHITE AREA ( unlike, let us say "L.A." ). This is NOT a "media event", staged like a carnival for maximum "publicity" ala "nsm style" activities. NO! Instead, we are seeking to publicize and attract WHITE PEOPLE - who will come to a SAFE environment, to HEAR our NS MESSAGE without the noisy hoopla of hundreds of marxists drowning-out 99.9% of what we say.

NO OTHER WHITE NATIONALIST ORGANIZATION CAN DO THIS - BUT, the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY! Having a HALL and the ability of USING IT - has great advantages, over HAVING to HOLLER on the street corner!

And this coming event is only the START to the COMING - of MANY NEW - tactics decided upon by the ANP leadership this weekend. We have worked hard to build and get to where we are presently in strength and ability to ACT. Now, we HAVE reached that stage - where ANP can begin to operate as a SINCERE and SERIOUS political organization - NOT - simply some "protest group" like all the "others".

In the coming months, some people will be "SHOCKED" by certain steps taken by the ANP, others might be "MISUNDERSTOOD" by those who's minds are stuck in a rut of the PAST and the SAME OLD/SAME OLD - but, those who have LONGED for a realistic CHANGE in STRATEGIES & TACTICS in the racial-movement, will be enthused and hopefully come on board. There IS room, for EVERYONE and ANYONE who is SINCERE and WILLING to WORK in ANP ranks - as long as they are willing to GET OUT of "PHASE ONE" - and MOVE INTO "PHASE TWO".

Finally, Chairman Suhayda gave closing remarks, and the Conference ended with attendee's picking up outreach materials from the free stacks available, and heading home - all filled will renewed FAITH and FANATICISM to DO "WHATEVER IT TAKES", to BUILD NATIONAL SOCIALISM here in America!

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