Sunday, April 18, 2010

Traitor Bill White Sentenced to 30 Months Including Time Served

Bill White is not our favorite person in the world, but you can't help but pity the fool. Besides being mentally ill and unstable, Bill White was just plain stupid to think the Feds would not take him down! To continue to push the envelope as Bill White did is idiotic! Besides pissing off the Feds, the jews, the blacks, and other minorities, he made sport of attacking pro-white activists with lies and slander. He basically painted himself into a corner he could not escape. He dug his own grave and then tried to blame everyone else for his problems. This definitely smacks of anti-socialism. In other words, Bill never learned to play nice with others, he always had to be the top dog! Well, now he has been silenced for some time. Not allowed to own firearms for life, not allowed to use the internet, sad, sad, sad!

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