Friday, April 30, 2010

John Taylor Bowles' National Socialist Economic Plan to Save America

A National Socialist Economic Plan To Save America!

National Socialism will end the corrupt gambling games taking place on Wall Street where many years of rigged "bears and bulls" has put 80 percent of Americas wealth in the hands of 2 percent of the population. White working people and retirees have been repeatly drawn into the market, relieved of their money, and then forced back out by stock prices that somehow fall at exactly the wrong times.

National Socialism demands that all money stolen from White Americans to be returned to White Americans and here is how:

SHARE THE WEALTH - confiscation and distribute non-productive wealth from greedy Wall Street, bank interest and similar plunder to productive and hard-working White Americans.

DISTRIBUTE EXCESS PROFITS - Institute a mandatory national program of profit-sharing as a real benefit, tax-free to all working income earners.

ABOLISH ARTIFICIAL DEBT - Repudiate that part of the national debt owed to international speculators, moneylenders, and other parasites.

ABOLISH INTEREST SLAVERY - Institute a national program of interest-free loans to families, workers and businesses for the continued growth of the economy.

ABOLISH CENTRAL BANKING - Allow American productivity to determine the value of the dollar.

PROMOTE FARM PROSPERITY - Prohibit land speculation by high finance. Limit food distributors profits to 5% of gross revenues to insure low prices to the consumer, high prosperity to the farmer.

ELIMINATE MIDDLEMEN - Make it a long-term objective to encourage cooperatives and other producer-to-consumer marketing methods to drive out the rapacious middlemen and wholesalers who have been causing high prices.

The American Nazi Party is the only political organization with the guts to oppose this lunacy of ever-increasing stealing from the White middle-class.

COMMENT: Why join the American Nazi Party?:

1.) The ANP has long-time National Socialist veterans and election tacticians.

2.) The ANP practices quality control regarding membership (unlike the NSM & Aryan Nations).

3.) The ANP publishes a monthly magazine to its supporters.

4.) The ANP has speakers that travel the country, for example, on May 10th an ANP representative will be speaking to four Ohio high school classes in person.

5.) The ANP has sound and practical goals to achieve.

6.) The leaders in the ANP are genuine and not fist-puppets (a Punch and Judy show)like some other pro-White organizations.

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