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John Taylor Bowles' National Socialist Economic Plan to Save America

A National Socialist Economic Plan To Save America!

National Socialism will end the corrupt gambling games taking place on Wall Street where many years of rigged "bears and bulls" has put 80 percent of Americas wealth in the hands of 2 percent of the population. White working people and retirees have been repeatly drawn into the market, relieved of their money, and then forced back out by stock prices that somehow fall at exactly the wrong times.

National Socialism demands that all money stolen from White Americans to be returned to White Americans and here is how:

SHARE THE WEALTH - confiscation and distribute non-productive wealth from greedy Wall Street, bank interest and similar plunder to productive and hard-working White Americans.

DISTRIBUTE EXCESS PROFITS - Institute a mandatory national program of profit-sharing as a real benefit, tax-free to all working income earners.

ABOLISH ARTIFICIAL DEBT - Repudiate that part of the national debt owed to international speculators, moneylenders, and other parasites.

ABOLISH INTEREST SLAVERY - Institute a national program of interest-free loans to families, workers and businesses for the continued growth of the economy.

ABOLISH CENTRAL BANKING - Allow American productivity to determine the value of the dollar.

PROMOTE FARM PROSPERITY - Prohibit land speculation by high finance. Limit food distributors profits to 5% of gross revenues to insure low prices to the consumer, high prosperity to the farmer.

ELIMINATE MIDDLEMEN - Make it a long-term objective to encourage cooperatives and other producer-to-consumer marketing methods to drive out the rapacious middlemen and wholesalers who have been causing high prices.

The American Nazi Party is the only political organization with the guts to oppose this lunacy of ever-increasing stealing from the White middle-class.

COMMENT: Why join the American Nazi Party?:

1.) The ANP has long-time National Socialist veterans and election tacticians.

2.) The ANP practices quality control regarding membership (unlike the NSM & Aryan Nations).

3.) The ANP publishes a monthly magazine to its supporters.

4.) The ANP has speakers that travel the country, for example, on May 10th an ANP representative will be speaking to four Ohio high school classes in person.

5.) The ANP has sound and practical goals to achieve.

6.) The leaders in the ANP are genuine and not fist-puppets (a Punch and Judy show)like some other pro-White organizations.

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When False Flags Don’t Fly

When False Flags Don’t Fly

James Corbett The Corbett Report

April 20, 2010

When False Flags Don't Fly:

Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble and identify himself as the hero. It is at moments like this that the public-still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfolded before them-can be led into the most ruthless despotism: despotism that now bears the mantle of "security."

Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman. They only ever benefit those in positions of power.

This is why Nero fiddled while Rome burned: it gave him a chance to throw the Christians to the lions and rebuild the capital of the Roman Empire in his own image.

This is why Hearst and the warmongers of the emerging American Empire were delighted by the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor: it gave them the excuse they needed in order to rouse the public into supporting the Spanish-American War.

This is why Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 during the Six Day War, strafing and torpedoing it relentlessly for hours in a vain attempt to send it to the bottom: the Israelis believed that the loss of the Liberty could be blamed on Egypt and draw the Americans into war.

This is why there are hundreds of documented examples of governments staging attacks in order to blame them on their political enemies. In every civilization, in every culture, in every historical period, authoritarians have known that spectacular acts of violence help to further consolidate their own power and control. And sadly, throughout history there have been all too many willing to allow attacks to occur, to pretend that attacks have occurred or even to attack their own population in order to further their political agenda.

To think that such staged provocations and false flag attacks no longer occur would be as unrealistic as believing that human nature itself has changed, that powerful people no longer seek to increase their power, that influence is never used for deceit or manipulation, that lies are no longer told to satisfy greed or slake the thirst for control. It is to believe that our society is immuned from those things that we have seen in every other society in every other era. In short, it is a dangerous delusion.

The people are once again learning the power of this delusion. They are learning the extent to which they have been lied to. They are once again studying their history.

The Russians are learning how the FSB was caught planting bombs in Moscow in the 1990s during a terror scare that swept Putin into power and stirred the public into supporting the Second Chechen War. They are learning how their autocratic ex-President came to power campaigning on the graves of those his old FSB cronies had killed.

The Israelis are learning how Mossad has been caught time and again posing as the very Muslim terrorists they claim to be opposing. They are learning how Israel uses the specter of terror to further extend their blank cheque drawn on American funds to expand their police state at home and maintain their hardline stance, the world's sixth-largest nuclear superpower supposedly threatened by the possibility that one of their neighbours may one day obtain a single nuclear weapon.

The British are learning how their SAS officers were caught dressing up as Arabs in Iraq, driving around with trucks full of munitions, shooting at police to stir up ethnic tensions and insure that permanent bases could be built in the region. They are learning how Haroon Aswat, the supposed mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings, was working for British Intelligence.. They are learning how British military intelligence took part in IRA bombings.

The Indians are learning how the Mumbai attack was helped by an U.S. Agent who is cooperating with investigators so that he won't face questioning by foreign authorities.

The Canadians are learning how their own provincial police dressed up as protestors in 2007 and threatened violence against other police in order to force a crackdown on peaceful protests.

And the Americans are learning that there were multiple bombs found, dismantled and taken out of the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995. They are learning that Timothy McVeigh had written a letter to his sister in which he claimed to be in the Special Forces for the U.S. Army. They are learning the bombing was being directed by FBI informants, just as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was. They are learning about 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin and Operation Northwoods and their own Army Counterinsurgency Manuals that teach officers how to commit false flag attacks to blame on their enemies.In short, the people are learning the truth.

And now we see the same build-up to a false flag event taking place that we saw in 1995. At that time the U.S. had a corporate media desperate to fling mud at anyone concerned by the actions of their government, and it had a government that was desperately unpopular in the face of growing dissatisfaction. Today we see the exact same factors at play.If anything, the situation today is worse than it was in the run-up to the Oklahoma City Bombing, with media consolidation meaning that groups of concerned citizens like the Oath Keepers are being attacked by the controlled minions on both the left and the right. And now it is not just the militia that is being demonized by the establishment: it is veterans and gun owners, third party supporters and libertarians, anti-war protestors and human rights campaigners, people who are upset with the government giving trillions to the banks that have engineered our current financial crisis in the first place. In short, everyone is now a potential terrorist, according to the governmental and media agencies that deign to limit our range of acceptable opinion and control dissent.

Even the word 'terrorist' means something more than it did back in 1995, after the false flag anthrax attack allowed the passage of the Patriot Act, after the boogey of Al-CIAda gave the NSA the opportunity to announce that they were collecting everyone's emails and everyone's telephone calls, after the former Homeland Security Secretary came out and admitted that the Bush administration had made up terror threats in order to scare the people into supporting the government, now we know what the real definition of terrorism is. It is governments scaring their own populations into line.

But there is something else that's different now from what it was in 1995. The people are learning something else about terrorism: they are not terrorists for speaking out against their government. They are not terrorists for wanting the government to stop selling their children into servitude to pay bankers their bonuses. They are not terrorists for pointing out that the FBI and the CIA and Mossad and MI6 are behind every major terrorist event.

The people are not terrorists because they do not want to see more death. They do not want more destruction, the spilling of the blood of their fellow citizens is not in their interests. Death and destruction only ever serves the governmental and financial and industrial interests who always grow in power and wealth in the wake of every tragedy. Time and again, the people pay with their lives, and the governments and the banks and the war machine only grows and prospers.

The people do not want terrorism because it does not benefit them. It only benefits the existing power structure.

And this time, if there is another staged event to blame on the government's enemy of the day, the people will know who to blame.

It's all been a hoax and it's all been an illusion, the world's always been in the clutches of the Devil and his JEW kids game with the illusion there is law and the hope of the return of a saviour and still their word of accountability in the illusion is ignored.

What all the stage players have failed to comprehend, "their" Annointed One, The Controller, The Illuminated One, The Devil along with his many other names was always accountable for his actions from "Day One" and this is why he laid out this evil game that we see today to make everyone else just as accountable as he is and especially the Dark One's who were attracted later to the game, which was changed to include them. ( Israel, U.S and including the Jesuits and the Vatican belong to this Dark group )

David Duke Video: Civil Rights for White People!

This video shows how White people have lost their rights in the United States.” Affirmative Action” and “Diversity Programs” are nothing more than nice sounding monikers for racial discrimination.

It also shows how Slavery is used to justify discrimination against White people when the historical fact is that less than 1 percent of White people ever had slaves. There is actually more likelihood of an African American having direct ancestors who owned Black slaves than a White person having a direct ancestor who owned slaves.

Whites have no reason for any collective guilt!

I show how racial discrimination programs against better-qualified Whites represent the REAL RACISM going on in America, and this pernicious racism is against European Americans.

I will have a series of videos about the race issue now, but I would like to take some time and do one on Goldman Sachs!

There’s only so many hours in the day!

Best to All!

David Duke

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John Taylor Bowles: Why Americans Should Appreciate Hitler

Why Americans Should Appreciate Adolf Hitler! by John Taylor Bowles

It seems we owe Hitler for many of our "labor" comforts we enjoy today. i.e. a 40 hour week, overtime, holiday pay and so on. Never learned this in school, did you?

The substantial tariffs imposed on the sale of German goods abroad had sharply curtailed the nation's ability to export her products. Under obligation to pay gigantic sums to their conquerors, the Germans had paid out billions upon billions. Then, bled dry, they were forced to seek recourse to enormous loans from abroad, from the United States in particular.

This indebtedness had completed their destruction and, in 1929, precipitated Germany into a terrifying financial crisis.

Yet the Reich wasn't a factory of 100 or 200 workers, but a nation of 65 million citizens crushed under the imposed burdens of the Treaty of Versailles, by industrial stagnation, by frightful unemployment, and by a gut-wrenching misery shared by the entire people.

To accomplish his great goal, he (Hitler) would need to reestablish the equilibrium of the social classes within the context of a regenerated community, free his nation from foreign hegemony, and restructure its geographic unity.

In the eyes of the capitalists, money was the sole active element in the flourishing of a country's economy. To Hitler's way of thinking, that conception was radically wrong: capital, on the contrary, was only an instrument. Work was the essential element: man's endeavor, man's honor, blood, muscles and soul.

Hitler wanted not just to put an end to the class struggle, but to reestablish the priority of the human being, in justice and respect, as the principal factor in production.

"The people," Hitler declared, "were not put here on earth for the sake of the economy, and the economy doesn't exist for the sake of capital. On the contrary, capital is meant to serve the economy, and the economy in turn to serve the people."

Stresemann, even as he was dying, was the only Weimar leader who had seriously attempted to pry away the foreign talons from the flesh of the German people. No politician had ever spoken of the rights of workers with such faith and such force, or had laid out in such clear terms the social plan he pledged to carry out on behalf of the common people.

Hitler regarded labor as the true source of national wealth.

Hitler's tremendous social achievement in putting Germany's six million unemployed back to work is seldom acknowledged today. Although it was much more than a transitory achievement, "democratic" historians routinely dismiss it in just a few lines. Since 1945, not a single objective scholarly study has been devoted to this highly significant, indeed unprecedented, historical phenomenon.

Similarly neglected is the body of sweeping reforms that dramatically changed the condition of the worker in Germany. Factories were transformed from gloomy caverns to spacious and healthy work centers, with natural lighting, surrounded by gardens and playing fields. Hundreds of thousands of attractive houses were built for working class families. A policy of several weeks of paid vacation was introduced, along with week and holiday trips by land and sea. A wide-ranging program of physical and cultural education for young workers was established, with the world's best system of technical training. The Third Reich's social security and workers' health insurance system was the world's most modern and complete.

This remarkable record of social achievement is routinely hushed up today because it is embarrasses those who uphold the orthodox view of the Third Reich. Otherwise, readers might begin to think that perhaps Hitler was the greatest social builder of the twentieth century.

Because Hitler's program of social reform was a crucially important - indeed, essential -- part of his life work, a realization of this fact might induce people to view Hitler with new eyes. Not surprisingly, therefore, all this is passed over in silence. Most historians insist on treating Hitler and the Third Reich simplistically, as part of a Manichaean morality play of good versus evil.

Nevertheless, restoring work and bread to millions of unemployed who had been living in misery for years; restructuring industrial life; conceiving and establishing an organization for the effective defense and betterment of the nation's millions of wage earners; creating a new bureaucracy and judicial system that guaranteed the civic rights of each member of the national community, while simultaneously holding each person to his or her responsibilities as a German citizen: this organic body of reforms was part of a single, comprehensive plan, which Hitler had conceived and worked out years earlier.

Generous loans, amortizable in ten years, were granted to newly married couples so they could buy their own homes. At the birth of each child, a fourth of the debt was cancelled. Four children, at the normal rate of a new arrival every two and a half years, sufficed to cancel the entire loan debt.

Equally effective social measures were taken in behalf of farmers, who had the lowest incomes. In 1933 alone 17,611 new farm houses were built, each of them surrounded by a parcel of land one thousand square meters in size. Within three years, Hitler would build 91,000 such farmhouses. The rental for such dwellings could not legally exceed a modest share of the farmer's income. This unprecedented endowment of land and housing was only one feature of a revolution that soon dramatically improved the living standards of the Reich's rural population.

Under Hitler, every factory employee had the legal right to paid vacation. Previously, paid vacations had not normally exceed four or five days, and nearly half of the younger workers had no vacation time at all. If anything, Hitler favored younger workers; the youngest workers received more generous vacations. This was humane and made sense: a young person has more need of rest and fresh air to develop his maturing strength and vigor. Thus, they enjoyed a full 18 days of paid vacation per year

Hitler introduced the standard forty-hour work week in Europe. As for overtime work, it was now compensated, as nowhere else in the continent at the time, at an increased pay rate. And with the eight-hour work day now the norm, overtime work became more readily available.

In another innovation, work breaks were made longer: two hours each day, allowing greater opportunity for workers to relax, and to make use of the playing fields that large industries were now required to provide.

Whereas a worker's right to job security had been virtually non-existent, now an employee could no longer be dismissed at the sole discretion of the employer. Hitler saw to it that workers' rights were spelled out and enforced. Henceforth, an employer had to give four weeks notice before firing an employee, who then had up to two months to appeal the dismissal. Dismissals could also be annulled by the "Courts of Social Honor" (Ehrengerichte).

By the end of 1933, the first effects of Hitler's revolution in the workplace were being felt. Germany had already come a long way from the time when grimy bathrooms and squalid courtyards were the sole sanitary and recreational facilities available to workers.

Factories and shops, large and small, were altered or transformed to conform to the strictest standards of cleanliness and hygiene: interiors, so often dark and stifling, were opened up to light; playing fields were constructed; rest areas where workers could unbend during break, were set aside; employee cafeterias and respectable locker rooms were opened. The larger industrial establishments, in addition to providing the normally required conventional sports facilities, were obliged to put in swimming pools!

All performed the same work, all were subject to the same discipline; they enjoyed the same pleasures and benefited from the same physical and moral development. At the same construction sites and in the same barracks, Germans became conscious of what they had in common, grew to understand one another, and discarded their old prejudices of class and caste.

After a hitch in the National Labor Service, a young worker knew that the rich man's son was not a pampered monster, while the young lad of wealthy family knew that the worker's son had no less honor than a nobleman or an heir to riches; they had lived and worked together as comrades. Social hatred was vanishing, and a socially united people was being born.

To enable the German public to express its opinion on the occasion of important events of social, national, or international significance, Hitler provided the people a new means of approving or rejecting his own actions as Chancellor: the plebiscite.

The articles of the "Plebiscite Law" were brief and clear:

The Reich government may ask the people whether or not it approves of a measure planned by or taken by the government. This may also apply to a law. A measure submitted to plebiscite will be considered as established when it receives a simple majority of the votes. This will apply as well to a law modifying the Constitution. If the people approves the measure in question, it will be applied in conformity with article III of the Law for Overcoming the Distress of the People and the Reich. The Reich Interior Ministry is authorized to take all legal and administrative measures necessary to carry out this law. - Berlin, July 14, 1933.

The ballot was secret, and the voter was not constrained. No one could have prevented a German from voting no if he wished.

And, in fact, a certain number did vote no in every plebiscite. Millions of others could just as easily have done the same. However, the percentage of "No" votes remained remarkably low - usually under ten percent. In the Saar region, where the plebiscite of January 1935 was supervised from start to finish by the Allies, the result was the same as in the rest of the Reich: more than 90 percent voted "Yes" to unification with Hitler's Germany!

Hitler had no fear of such secret ballot plebiscites because the German people invariably supported him.

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Sword Brethren Radio: The Holohoax - Six Million Lies

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Bible Prophecy in the Middle East - Rev. Ted Pike

Israel: Founded On Terror By Rev. Ted Pike

Israel: Founded On Terror By Rev. Ted Pike

Zionist-dominated mainstream media vividly portrays Israel as a tiny embattled nation seeking peace in a sea of Arab hostility. 1 Arabs, we are told, commit acts of terror while Israel only resorts to violence out of self-protection. The facts of history paint a very different picture.

Far from deploring terror, Israel has sanctioned terror to seize and expand its territory since its beginnings. In 1944, Zionist leaders in Israel faced two alternatives. They could continue to allow the British and Arabs to occupy Palestine , who would continue to pressure Israel to concede a Palestinian state. Or they could drive both British and Arabs out. Israelis chose the latter.

Members of the Zionist ruling elite and their clandestine terrorist enforcers–the Jewish Agency, Hagana, Irgun and the Stern Gang–began to exert every possible terrorist means to dominate Palestine . Their strategy was simple: the more respectable Zionist establishment would take the “high road” and officially disavow terrorism. Meanwhile, Zionist terrorists would commit any crime needed to disrupt British occupation and to panic Arabs into flight. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, available in most university libraries, documents from British records more than five hundred violent or terrorist incidents against Palestinians and the British occupation between 1939 and 1948. These included bombings, booby traps and landmines, kidnappings and torture of prisoners, bank robberies, murders of Arabs, and assassinations of police and British officials. 2

Chief terrorists were David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and later, Ariel Sharon. Begin headed Irgun, and Shamir led the Stern Gang. They cooperated intimately with the highest political body of the Zionist establishment, the Jewish Agency, and the popular Zionist resistance army, Hagana. Ben-Gurion headed Hagana and later the Jewish Agency. 3

After 1944–when Ben-Gurion formally rejected the British plan for partition of Palestine into Jewish/Arab states–most Israelis, particularly the young, favored expulsion of British and Arabs.

Here is the short list of Zionist atrocities from 1944 to the present:
• Assassination of Lord Moyne on November 6, 1944 . Under orders from Yitzhak Shamir, terrorists of the Stern Gang shot Lord Moyne, British resident minister. Purpose: To drive the British from Palestine .

• The King David massacre, July 22, 1946 . Begin’s Irgun terrorists, with encouragement from Ben-Gurion’s Hagana, blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem , murdering 92. Purpose: Destroy British records that proved the highest members of the Zionist government backed anti-British terrorism. 4

• British sergeants hanged, July 12, 1947 . Begin, Shamir, and Haganah authorized kidnapping and hanging of two British sergeants, booby trapping their bodies and mining the area. During this time, Shamir sent many letters and package bombs to British officials. 1947 also included multiple cases of kidnappings (including brutal floggings of British soldiers) by Jewish terrorists.

• The Semiramis Hotel massacre, January 5, 1948 . Jewish Agency leader David Ben-Gurion and Haganah leaders blew up the Seramis Hotel in Jerusalem , killing 20 and wounding 17. Purpose: Terrorize Arabs into fleeing Israel . 5

• Deir Yassin massacre, April 9, 1948 . Begin’s Irgun soldiers killed 250 sleeping Arab villagers at Deir Yassin, a suburb of Jerusalem . “25 pregnant women were bayoneted in their abdomens while still alive. 52 children were maimed under the eyes of their mothers and then were slain and their heads cut off.” 6 “…Menachem Begin, the leader of the Irgun gang, himself admitted on December 28, 1950 in a press interview in New York, that the Deir Yassin incident had been carried out in accordance with an agreement between the Irgun and the Jewish Agency and Haganah.” 7

Begin was always proud of what he had done, considering Deir Yassin a legitimate military target. Irgun trucks drove throughout Judea , announcing by loudspeaker to hundreds of thousands of Arabs that unless they fled Israel they would meet the same fate. Deir Yassin and subsequent terrorist acts precipitated flight of more than 800,000 Arabs from Palestine . In town after town Zionist soldiers drove
Palestinians out, usually killing any person who delayed or attempted to take any possessions with them. Arab towns were bulldozed, replaced with Jewish communities. 8
Begin comments on the level of Palestinian terror generated by Irgun’s massacre at Deir Yassin. “Out of evil, however, good came. This Arab propaganda spread a legend of terror amongst Arabs and Arab troops, who were seized with panic at the mention of Irgun soldiers. The legend was worth a dozen battalions to the forces of Israel .” 9 Israel exiled these unfortunates to concentration camps in Lebanon , the West Bank , and Gaza , refusing to allow them repossession of their land and property or adequate compensation. 10 This is the seminal cause of international Arab terrorism and the Mid-East conflict that rages today.

• Assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, September 17, 1948 . This killing by the Stern Gang was on orders of Shamir. Purpose: To sabotage UN efforts to create a Palestinian state.

• Massacre at Dawayma, October 29, 1948 . Israeli soldiers killed between 80 and 100 men, women, and children in Dawayma, a suburb of Haifa . Purpose: Intensify terror generated by Deir Yassin and compel the remaining Palestinians to leave Israel. 11

• Massacre at Kibya, October 14, 1953 . In an atrocity condoned by the highest levels of the Israeli government and military, Ariel Sharon led 700 crack paratroopers to attack the Jordanian town of Kibya . They slaughtered 75 innocent men, women, and children primarily by locking families in their homes and blowing them up. 12 Purpose: Collective punishment to avenge the alleged killing of a single Jewish family.

• Massacre of Kafr Kassim, October 29, 1956 . 51 men, women, and children were murdered by Israeli troops as they returned to their villages in the evening after work. 13 more were severely wounded by the gunfire. Purpose: Terrorize Palestinians into not siding with Egypt in case of war. 13

• Massacre of USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 . Israel ’s jet fighters and torpedo boats repeatedly attempted to sink US intelligence monitoring vessel USS Liberty during the 1967 Israel/Egypt war. They killed 34 and wounded 171 American sailors. Purpose: Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan ordered the attack ostensibly to protect Israel ’s intelligence communications, even though the war was virtually over. 14

• Libyan airliner massacre, February 21, 1973 . Straying over Israeli-controlled Sinai air space, a Libyan 727 commercial airliner was intercepted by Israeli fighters and, despite the clearest identification, shot down, killing 106. Purpose: Flexing Zionist power against Libya . 15

• Massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Beirut , Lebanon , September 23, 1982 . Gen. Ariel Sharon and Yitshak Shamir, in cooperation with “Christian” Phalangist forces sealed all exits and provided aerial flares, illuminating the slaughter of up to 2,750 men, women, and children, according to a body count by the committee of the Red Cross. Purpose: collective punishment of Palestinians. 16

What About Arab Terrorism?

It was inevitable that Zionism’s threatened and actual expulsion of Arabs from land the Arabs occupied from the seventh century should incur hostility – even terrorism. Jews of Hebron were massacred by Arabs in 1929. The Arab revolt in Palestine beginning in 1936 resulted in acts of violence against many Jews, followed by anti-Jewish mistreatment during the 1948 war. Suicide bombings and rocket attacks continue against Israel in recent years.

Who is most at fault? Consider this: If someone, claiming divine right to occupy your house and land, drives you from them, condemning you and your children to a distant, arid concentration camp for generations, would you resort to violence?
There is only one word that describes the one who displaced you. Aggressor. The Palestinians, fanatical and terrorist as many have become, are nevertheless defenders of ancient rights and territories that have been horrifically violated. They are victims hitting back.

Becoming “Civilized” Terrorists?

During the past 40 years, Israel’s continuing atrocities are justified as “collective punishment” of the Palestinian people. Israel’s attack on Lebanon in 1982, described by Israel as such punishment, killed over 19,000 innocent men, women and children. Under Sharon’s invasion of the West Bank under Sharon in 2002, whole villages were attacked with Hellfire missiles from Apache helicopters, with occupied homes shelled by tanks or bulldozed over. 4,185 Palestinian men were seized, beaten, jailed. The number of dead is still uncertain since Sharon would not allow western observers to document the aftermath. 17 Israel’s present policies in the West Bank and Gaza, routinely killing large numbers of innocent men, women and children, remain full of atrocities.

I have also written about one of the greatest atrocities Israel still indulges in: the systematic and fiendish torture of many thousands of Palestinian prisoners, incarcerated, most without trial, in Israeli prisons. 18

After leaders of the Third Reich committed atrocities against the Jews during World War II, they were tried, hanged and buried, both physically and under the contempt of humanity. The opposite happened to the bloody and arrogant terrorists of Israel. Ben-Gurion, Begin, Shamir, and Sharon were all elected to leadership of the nation. This reflected the anti-Palestinian, terrorism-friendly mentality of many Israeli voters. 19 The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem documents, from United Nations records, more than 650 attacks by Jewish settlers and the Israeli military against Arabs between 1948 and 1998. 20

Shamefully, evangelical Christians have given uninterrupted support to Israel’s terrorist leaders. Evangelicals believe God brought to birth the state of Israel by divine assistance at every stage. Actually, statehood (i.e. expulsion of the British and Arabs) was made possible by massacre – starting at Deir Yassin. Yet there has never been an atrocity in Israel searing enough to alienate Christian idealism, or even prompt criticism from major evangelical leaders. Dr. Jerry Falwell said Begin was a “man of God.” George Bush described Sharon as a “man of peace.”

What kind of a god would establish a nation on terror? A god who is as evil as the devil.

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11. Zionist soldiers admitted, “They killed some eighty to one hundred Arabs, women and children. The children were killed by smashing their skulls with clubs…In the village there remained Arab men and women who were put in the houses without food. Then the sappers came to blow up the houses.” Quoted in David Gilmour, “Dispossessed: The Ordeal of the Palestinians”. (London: Sphere Books, 1980), pp. 68-69.
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13. The Israeli daily Kol Haam published on its front page the full story of the Kafr Kassim massacre. It said: “…the men of the Israeli Frontier Guard killed 47 Arab citizens in Kafr Kassim. The killing was carried out in cold blood and for no reason.” Kol Haam’s story is published in its entirety in The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, pg. 278.
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19. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, hatred and racism toward Palestinians is still intense. “Study: Israeli Jews Becoming Increasingly Racist Toward Arabs.” 19 March 2008 .
20. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, pp. 413-433.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.Let the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians: how ADL took away free speech in Canada and wants to steal it now in the U.S. Congress. Watch Rev. Ted Pike’s Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians at Purchase this gripping documentary to show at church. Order online at for $24.90, DVD or VHS, by calling 503-853-3688, or at the address below.TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this topic. Call (503) 631-3808.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

Must Watch Video: Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing FBI inside job, New World Order, Government False Flag Operations, JFK, RFK, etc...

Must Watch Video: Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing FBI inside job, New World Order, Government False Flag Operations, JFK, RFK, etc...



Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia

Colonel Bo Gritz at
I am James Gordon Gritz, aka Bo Gritz, Jim Garr, Jimmy Wilks, Patrice Clark, Jerome Curtis; my agent code names include: Bear, SwampFox, WildCat, JamesBond, ...
For More info on OKC Bombing:

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Here are all 13 videos in a easy to click-on format.

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt1/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt2/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt3/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt4/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt5/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt6/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt7/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt8/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt9/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt10/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt11/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt12/13

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pt13/13

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YOUTUBE: Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia

Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia — APFN, Sat Apr 10 16:43
Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz: Oklahoma Bombing, Militia & New World Order Pts 1-13

Colonel Bo Gritz at I am James Gordon Gritz, aka Bo Gritz, Jim Garr, Jimmy Wilks, Patrice Clark, Jerome Curtis; my agent code names include: Bear, SwampFox, WildCat, JamesBond, ... h
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Being White in Public – Kevin MacDonald

Being White in Public – Kevin MacDonald
April 2, 2010

A3P member distributes literature in California

A3P has been launched with high hopes in the future. The time is certainly right. There is excellent evidence that White people are very angry at the political system, especially middle class and working class Whites. These White people see the country being taken away from them politically and culturally.

A good example is the recent Health Care Bill where only 20% of Whites think it will help them, while overwhelming majorities of non-Whites believe it will help them. Polls indicate that most middle class and working class Whites believe (correctly) that the country is ruled by an elite of very wealthy people who created the financial disaster and are now benefiting from the government’s bailouts. Middle and working class White people are increasingly alienated and angry because wealth is going to non-White minorities at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

These Whites see themselves standing in line for medical care with Blacks, Latinos, legal and illegal immigrants, and everyone else. And they realize that in general the taxes of people like themselves are being used to support services for people quite a bit unlike themselves — people who pay proportionately far less of the tax burden and are part of the coalition of minorities that is the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Indeed, White anger at the current system is getting to be obvious to everyone. Physical threats and vandalism directed against lawmakers in the wake of the Health Bill’s passage have drawn the attention of the media and the political class. White rage has been a theme ever since Obama became president, but the temperature continues to rise. The Tea Party protestors are widely known as almost entirely White, and just recently the White militia movement has been in the news, especially in the liberal media where it is being heralded as a yet another sign that the people who are opposed to the system are uneducated, violent Whites.

The long term goal of A3P is to be seen as a viable alternative as the current system continues to collapse and as White voters become ever more alienated from the two major parties. Whites are already voting on the basis of their identity as Whites, not along the traditional social class lines. Around 60% of Whites are voting Republican and at least 90% of the Republican vote comes from Whites. Working class Whites are voting Republican.

Unfortunately, there is very little hope that the Republican Party will advance White interests in any tangible way. The Republican Party has long ceased to be even remotely conservative. Its foreign policy wing is dominated by neocons whose main allegiance is to Israel. Business interests, many supporting high levels of non-White immigration, have long ago knuckled under to the multi-cultural zeitgeist and actively subvert White interests in their hiring and promotion policies.

It’s obvious we need a third party to represent White interests. The major problem is to overcome the stigma attached to anyone who explicitly advocates White interests. The mainstream media portrays Whites with a sense of racial identity as unintelligent, psychiatrically impaired, and morally bankrupt — at the same time that they encourage Blacks, Jews, and Latinos to have a strong sense of their own identity. This is a completely unnatural state of affairs — the result of a prolonged assault on the legitimacy of White identity by politically and ethnically motivated elites that have dominated public discourse on issues of race and ethnicity since before World War II and especially since the 1960s.

The A3P rejects labels such as “White supremacist” or “racist” that are routinely bestowed on assertions of white identity and interests as a means of muzzling their expression. Non-Western peoples throughout the world continue to seek political power, and they attempt to control their borders, establish their own cultures and defend their perceived interests. Having a sense of racial and ethnic identity should be seen as absolutely normal.

But it won’t be easy. The cultural elites who dominate the United States will strenuously resist any change in the status quo. And the reality is that the vast majority of Whites have internalized the view that there is something deeply immoral about White people having a White identity and White interests. The hardest thing in the world for the vast majority of Whites would be to come out as openly and proudly White. Think to yourself how hard it would be to talk about it with your neighbors or the people you work with.

Because I have a very publicly visible job as a professor working in a bastion of the anti-White culture, I have had to put up with a lot of hostility, harassment, and ostracism. However, what you find out is that the more you do it, the easier it gets. This is the case especially if you can make intelligent replies in the teeth of their hostility. The argument for Whites having ethnic interests is a no-brainer: Everyone has ethnic interests. Why should Whites be the only people who have a moral imperative to give up political and cultural control?

And since many of the professors who have been harassing me are Jewish, I constantly stressed the point that the American Jewish community is deeply committed to its own ethnostate in Israel. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to want an ethnostate for my people? And if the Jewish community is going to pose as a moral beacon of ethnic tolerance to the rest of humanity, why is Israel engaged in ethnic cleansing and seizing land from the Palestinians?

So it gets easier with time, especially if you are confident in what you are saying. And we in the A3P have every right to be confident and proud of what we are saying.

It seems to me that a short-range, inexpensive goal should be to organize as many people as possible in public displays of our ideas. Recently two A3P people manning a booth in San Juan Capistrano were harassed by a Latino gang. Vastly outnumbered, they had to withdraw.

I notice that the first principles of the Anti-Racist Action Network are:

We go where they go: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we’re there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!

We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us: This doesn’t mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

These are the sort of people who successfully disrupted the American Renaissance conference in February of this year.

From their point of view, this is very good strategy. White racial consciousness has been banned from the mainstream media. The ARA’s tactics are meant to ensure that White racial consciousness has no public face at all by intimidating the legitimate expression of White racial consciousness in public. Quite obviously, they do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

We have to stand up to that. One reason I was attracted to A3P is that the young men who are the backbone of the party are willing to go into the public with their banners, their pamphlets and their good arguments. They are willing to be a public presence.

We can certainly expect that the path ahead will not be easy. We can expect that our opponents will cease at nothing to stop us. But with greater numbers, it will be very difficult to shut down public demonstrations by the A3P, and eventually the media will be forced to cover these events if only because a large scale confrontation of this type is newsworthy.

Being White in Public

Kevin MacDonald

March 30, 2010


By Rev. Ted Pike
15 Apr 10

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League says alleged racial slurs by Tea Party protestors against Congress members last month are "hate speech" and not protected by the First Amendment. According to ADL, Tea Party protestors "crossed the line" with racial slurs against black Congressmen. Such slurs, ADL head Abe Foxman contends, "are not constitutionally protected, and require a strong legal response."

Foxman says, "Four months ago, ADL documented an undercurrent of rage sweeping across the United States. Unfortunately, that rage is spreading, like a rash, creeping steadily from the fringes of our society into the mainstream. Our leaders should demand criminal prosecution for those who cross the line."

Really? Such slurs are socially repugnant—and often unconstitutionally prosecuted under ADL-inspired state and local hate crime statutes. But racial, "homophobic," and "anti-Semitic" slurs are protected by the First Amendment. Threat of imminent violence against a Congressman is illegal. But tolerance of slurs as well as profane, obscene, and blasphemous speech is a necessary side effect of America's unique efforts to protect speech as much as possible. The government can’t prosecute people for hurting others' feelings!

Several months ago, Democratic leadership responded to Rep. Wilson’s public accusation that President Obama was a "liar" by severely limiting Congressional members’ freedom to criticize the President. If Republican and Democrat leadership take Foxman's advice and go a step further, they will criminalize perhaps offensive, yet constitutionally protected, speech by Tea Party members as well.

How would this draconian speech ban be enforced? By ADL’s readymade federal hate crimes law!

The hate crimes law criminalizes not just violent hate crimes but also general bias crimes against persons or property. ADL considers public slurs against protected groups a hate crime in the dozens of hate crime bureaucracies it has created worldwide. If Congress follows its recommendations, the US Justice Department could initiate test indictments for statements that are racially or sexually derisive. In appeals courts, liberal judges would likely uphold the federal interest, outlawing the bias and words that ostensibly lead to crimes of prejudice. The hate law would thus morph into a full-blown speech crimes law. With such precedent the government could also criminalize much "seditious," "violence-inciting," and "terrorist" hate speech at Tea Party protests and online.

The hate law is also meant to "prevent" hate crimes. This suggests a federal mandate to discourage the biased thoughts and words which the government views as causing hate crimes. The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act is also meant to prosecute hate crimes “and for other purposes”—known only to its framer, ADL.

The ADL just produced a 20-page report, "Violent Voices: Anti-Government Extremism Takes on New Intensity." The report gives examples of "hate speech" now proliferating on the internet and suggests these words will lead to violence. ADL says, "We are deeply concerned about the current trend and about the fact that a significant minority is coming to believe that methods of peaceful protest have failed and the time has come where violence may be necessary or justified. If this trend continues, the Hutaree arrests may come to be seen not as the culmination, but rather as the first step in a necessary and significant national law enforcement operation. "

Our Right to "Threaten" Government

Freedom of speech and conscience should mean that if Americans believe a member of Congress truly betrayed our nation and Constitution they have the right to say so. In the early 1950s, Americans demanded the execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Today, they have the same right to the opinion that, following due process, execution of a treasonous public official is justified. A government guilty of treason also deserves a violent end. This last, desperate option is upheld by the Constitution, and millions now believe revolution may be publicly advocated.

Contrary to ADL's depiction of such verbal sentiment as unlawful, this view springs primarily from patriotic conviction, not "hate." Although countless Americans may now hold this opinion, it does not mean they intend to imminently execute traitors. It is not in the same category as sending an email to one's Congressman, threatening to kill him at his next town hall meeting. Yet if ADL is successful in making slurs indictable, soon all who "threaten" government officials through “uncivil” speech could be viewed as hate criminals. Several years ago, a Canadian angrily emailed his Member of Parliament for permitting excessive immigration. The MP filed hate crimes charges under ADL’s Canadian hate laws, and the charges were upheld.

Since the number of Americans now uttering "seditious" sentiments is so large, ADL is clearly beginning to condition the public to believe that sweeping legislative action and prosecution may be necessary to preserve order.

Jewish Left Infiltrating Tea Party

The vulnerability of Tea Party members to such prosecution is heightened by the efforts of the organized Jewish left to infiltrate Tea Party meetings with "agent provocateurs." These activists want to bring the Tea Party into disrepute through manufactured abuses. In its article, "Foes of Tea Party Movement to Infiltrate Rallies," Yahoo News says,

"Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic, and moronic. Jason Levin, creator of said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15 th--tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes…Levin says they want to exaggerate the group's least appealing qualities, further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the public's opinion of them."

This could well include yelling racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic slurs.

What will keep these Jewish provocateurs, shouting slurs, from themselves being indicted under possible hate law enforcement? Simple. Attorney-General Eric Holder made perfectly clear last spring in the hate bill's Senate Judiciary hearing that Jews are protected from indictment under the hate law. Meanwhile, indicted whites, Christians, and conservatives face at least triple penalties. If a Jewish provocateur did shout the "N" word and were arrested, it is unlikely a local governing body would prosecute him as a hate criminal. But if a white Christian Tea party member did so, he could face possible years of imprisonment under ADL’s state and federal hate laws. (See, NPN video 'Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill' at

Time for Wisdom, Not Violence

If the militia, Tea Party, and far right activists can retain self-control for the next six months, both US Senate and House can be restructured at midterms in November. This could revive hopes and confidence in legislative reform via public input and ballot, not bullet! But if right wing bigotry and violence erupt, it will delight the circling wolves of liberals and Jewish media, who will go in for the kill. Already, Jewish-dominated NBC is preparing a primetime special against the “Christian” Hutaree and militia. As master myth makers, Jewish media will create new mythologies surrounding the right in America. They will rival those already enshrined in history books against Nazism and Sen. Joseph McCarthy. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish)

If the right cannot control itself, it may end all hopes of national restoration. In 1989 the Chinese people rose in patriotic wrath and idealism, marching on Beijing to "throw the bums out." But they were repulsed by tanks and machine guns in Tiananmen Square. Today, all hopes of freedom in China are extinguished. The Chinese now content themselves with materialism. Anyone who militates against the government is considered worse than a madman. If the present populist revolt fails, America will probably plunge into the same fatalistic hopelessness.

Is there hope? Yes, if the Right doesn’t destroy itself.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015


By Rev. Ted Pike
29 Mar 10

In the mystical book of Revelation, the apostle John sees a scarlet woman called “ Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.” She is drunk on the blood of Christians and rides a many-horned and -headed beast. John was told this woman symbolized a city that would one day rule and corrupt the world. Who is this woman? Does she exist today?

The answer lies thousands of years in history, in a story of redemption, love and betrayal – recounted in Ezekiel 16. This stern yet tender allegory tells how God rescued Israel from death as a rejected infant and chose her for His spiritual bride – not because of her goodness but out of His compassion. From the furnace of Egyptian bondage, the tiny Hebrew nation burst forth. She plagued Pharaoh, crossed the divided sea and finally lived under Moses’ leadership in the desert of Sinai. There God entered the covenant of spiritual marriage with His bride. But that happiness was so brief!

[Israel] you trusted in your beauty and played the harlot because of your fame and poured out your harlotry on every passer-by who might be willing… (Ezekiel 16:15).

From Moses through the prophets, Israel is repeatedly characterized as an imperious whore. In more than 80 instances, she is specifically denounced as a harlot or lewd woman. Isaiah and the other pre-exilic prophets aimed their wrath at Jerusalem: “How the faithful city has become a harlot!" (Isaiah 1:21) Isaiah denounced apostate Jews as “sons of a sorceress, offspring of an adulterer and a prostitute” (Isaiah 57:3).

Did Israel’s evil ways end in the dusty annals of the Old Testament? No. Israel rejected Jesus Christ, her Messiah. She has never yet repented. This compels an inevitable conclusion: Israel of today and tomorrow is the same symbolic woman once chosen as God’s unique bride but ultimately divorced and cast away because of her spiritual adultery.Israel is that “Mother of Harlots” John saw on the beast of Revelation 17 and 18.

Israel was the first to marry God (Christ) and be spiritually one with Him. Thus the position she enjoyed as a spiritual bride was unique to her. Likewise, only apostate Israel can be the “mother” of spiritual whoredom. When she was chosen as Christ’s bride, other nations were disobedient like a child to its parent. Only Israel was made capable of a wife’s infidelity. As a result, when she became a spiritual whore, she was indelibly marked, “Mother of Harlots.” Jeremiah said, “You had a harlot's forehead, you refused to be ashamed.” (Jer. 3:3) Other apostate systems may be spiritual harlots but only Israel is “mother” of that scarlet sorority. And without repentance, neither time nor wanderings can remove that epithet from her. When Israel shouted, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” her resurrected spouse banished her. The Jewish people were condemned to wander like a woman divorced for adultery, perpetually looking for that substitute husband (anti-Christ) who would take the place of the One she killed.

The Great City

What has happened to that rejected unfaithful wife today?

Revelation 17 confronts us with the specter of a city “which reigns over the kings of the earth.” It has physical power—more wealth and importance than any other city—but also spiritual power, embodying the full potentiality of human degeneracy. “What city is like this great city?” the merchants of the earth will wail. This city is so commercially important that when she falls, world trade also comes crashing down. The title “the great city” is exclusive. There will doubtless be other powerful cities in the end time but John witnesses “the great city,” an unequaled center of trade, political power, culture and human bondage.

And to whom does that term refer? In Revelation, “the great city” (hey polis megaley in Greek) is used to clearly refer to Jerusalem, capitol of the Jewish people! When the two witnesses are killed, their dead bodies lie in the streets of “the great city (hey polis megaley). "... Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11:8). This unmistakably implies that powerful, corrupt Babylon and the great city “ Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified,” are the same city… Jerusalem.

The apostle Peter, bishop of Jerusalem, also calls Jerusalem “ Babylon.” He sends greetings from the church in Jerusalem saying, “She who is in Babylon…sends you greetings” (1 Peter 5:13). Peter never visited Babylon. He is clearly identifying the moral cesspool of antiquity, Babylon, with the city where Christ was killed.

There are other reasons to believe “ Babylon the Great” means the Jewish city. When she is destroyed, Revelation describes the fall of this city as different from that of “Gentile” (ethnos) cities. “And the great city was divided into three parts and the cities of the nations (Gentiles) fell…” (Revelation 16:19) A city which is not Gentile must, of course, be Jewish.

Also, Rev. 18:24 says that the great city is guilty for having shed the blood of the Hebrew prophets and righteous from the beginning of history. Jesus said the same concerning the rulers of Jerusalem, the Pharisees: "that upon you may fall the guilt of all the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah the son of Berechiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar" (Matt. 23:35).

Yet even from earliest post-apostolic times, Christians have misread Revelation’s prophecy. They thought Babylon the Great meant Rome, which has traditionally been described as sitting on seven hills. Yet the city of Rome encompasses many more than seven hills. This is not true of Jerusalem. Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D. points out:

the City of Jerusalem as it existed in the time of Christ Jesus was also reckoned to be a 'City of Seven Hills.' This fact was well recognized in Jewish circles. In the Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer, an 8th century A.D. midrashic [Talmudic] narrative (Section 10), the writer mentioned without commentary (showing that the understanding was well known and required no defense) that, "Jerusalem is situated on seven hills." ("The Seven Hills of Jerusalem”

Armenian Christians, living for centuries in Palestine, taught their schoolchildren that the seven hills are: Mt. of Olives, Mt. Scopus, Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah (the Temple mount), Golgotha, Hill of Moses, and Mt. Herzl.

Scripture also describes only one city as center of world rule in the last days, and that is Jerusalem. Paul states clearly that the anti-Christ will declare his one-world authority from the temple at Jerusalem, where he proclaims he is God. (2 Thess. 2:4) When the two witnesses resist him, they do not battle a papal anti-Christ but “the wicked profane prince of Israel” in Jerusalem. (Ezek. 21:25) These scriptures point to Jerusalem as the epicenter of one-world rebellion against God; Jerusalem and Babylon are one!

Modern Judaism is Babylonian

There is more depth to the metaphor. Judaism literally is Babylonian, more than nearly any other religion or culture. Most of its religious laws and traditions, including the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah), come from nearly 1,600 years Jews spent on the fertile plains of Shinar. Few religions have a deeper tradition of occult. Revelation describes Babylon the Great deceiving the world through her “sorceries” and the Jewish encyclopedias tell us it was Judaism which carried Babylon’s black arts, demonology and astrology to the West.

This is as true today as ever. Jewish supremacism today is not only erecting a political, financial, commercial world empire but spewing filth on the nations through their movie and TV media. (link to Jews in media article) They spearhead freedom-destroying, pro-homosexual hate crimes laws worldwide and abet all forms of left-wing and anti-Christ radicalism through their “civil liberties” fronts such as ADL, ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And just as “Babylon the Great” will deceive the world, so Jewish leaders today present a whitewashed façade to Christians and the world – an illusion of goodness that has never been more convincing or scrupulously maintained. The Jewish lobby deceived Christians into unquestioning support of Israel’s ambitions and atrocities in the Mideast; this is awesome evidence of the manipulative influence Jewry will enjoy as we draw even closer to the end. When Christ warned that the delusions of the end time would be so irresistible that “even the very elect” could be deceived, He was speaking of our day!

In our day we witness the continuing and monstrous complications of that great divorce of Christ from his chosen bride millennia ago. We are not simply approaching the foothills of anti-Christ. We are in them. Through intrigue and deception, the control and commercialism of “ Babylon the Great” has come surround us. Yet we have not perceived it. We have, in fact, assisted it.

Babylon is now.

How should Christians respond to the fact that Israel and Babylon are one? Jesus tells us the answer. "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues, for her sins have piled up as high as heaven…" (Rev. 18:4-5)

(Adapted from Israel: Our Duty Our Dilemma by Rev. Ted Pike, 345 pages, illustrated, available for $24.90 post-paid from NPN, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015)


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

Traitor Bill White Sentenced to 30 Months Including Time Served

Bill White is not our favorite person in the world, but you can't help but pity the fool. Besides being mentally ill and unstable, Bill White was just plain stupid to think the Feds would not take him down! To continue to push the envelope as Bill White did is idiotic! Besides pissing off the Feds, the jews, the blacks, and other minorities, he made sport of attacking pro-white activists with lies and slander. He basically painted himself into a corner he could not escape. He dug his own grave and then tried to blame everyone else for his problems. This definitely smacks of anti-socialism. In other words, Bill never learned to play nice with others, he always had to be the top dog! Well, now he has been silenced for some time. Not allowed to own firearms for life, not allowed to use the internet, sad, sad, sad!

Low Jewish Casualties in 911 Attack at WTC

Low Jewish Casualties in 911 Attack at WTC

by James Buchanan

Immediately after the 911 attacks, stories began to circulate that Jews in the World Trade Center received e-mail or pager warnings not to go to work that day. The rumors seemed to appear almost spontaneously within hours of the attack. The Jews and apologists for the Jews have insisted that no such warnings ever went out and that “evil anti-Semites” made up those stories. (This would have been unbelievably fast work by the anti-Semites even if we accept the Jewish assertion that anti-Semites make things up.) There are just two little problems: One article reports that “Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen…” and Jewish casualties are seriously under-represented. Jews have always been heavily involved in trade and there are literally millions of Jews in New York city and its suburbs. The fact that the Jewish casualties amount to only 152 strongly suggests something is fishy.

A list of 2,419 people killed in the towers (including rescue personnel), has only 152 obviously Jewish names. There are a few dozen additional possible Jewish names. A few dozen of the seemingly “obvious Jewish names” could turn out to be Gentile women married to Jews. A few other seemingly “obvious Jewish names” may be the sons of Gentile mothers married to Jewish fathers who were raised as Christians. The total number of Jews killed in the World Trade Center is unlikely to be much above 152.

There were surprisingly few people killed with the most obvious Jewish names. There were only 2 named Cohen, 1 named Meyer (which could also be a German name), 2 named Levy, 1 named Lazar and 1 named Goldberg. The total number of names beginning with “Gold” was 5 and the total number beginning with “Silver” was 2. I didn’t see ANY Israeli-style first names such as “Yehudi” or “Moshe”. This is tremendously suspicious.

By the way, there were 10 people on the death list named “Kelly” (either Kelly or Kelley) and 10 named “Murphy”. Seems like the Irish didn’t get the warning.

Assuming the Israelis did try to send out a warning, it’s unlikely that all Jews would get it or that all Jews would take it seriously. A few Jews are likely to go to work and die —even if they did get a warning. The Jews have always been a tight-knit community. If Sol Goldberg was warned about an attack on 9/11 and his friends Izzy Silverberg and Benny Lazar also got warnings and they talked about this, that might be enough to convince Sol that he should call in sick that day. Sol might also call around to warn other Jewish friends.

After the OKC bombing, rumors appeared that FBI and BATF agents and federal judges were told not to come to work the day of that bombing. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack didn’t catch onto that little story and never raised a fuss over it. This lack of any serious public response showed that ordinary Americans are still very trusting of government and too lazy or apathetic to look into the stories for themselves. This fact may have emboldened the Israelis to secretly warn Jews in the World Trade Center. Any stories that leaked out could be dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and they would find plenty of cooperative Gentiles, who would attack anyone who tried to get to the truth.

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Here it is for you to read with your own two eyes. JEWS want to destroy the 'Tea Party' movement. Why? Because Communism is JEWISH, and the 'Tea Party Movement' is anti-JEWISH Comminism.. and desire their Liberty, Freedom, Jobs, and the stopping of the U.S. Treasury by the same ilk of JEWS. Communism is JEWISH and always has been. Period!! Throw all JEWS out of the 'Tea Party Movement'.

Dr. James P. Wicktrom

Well here it is, a Jew started the “Crash the Tea Party” too, so says this article by yet another Jew.

The whole movement in both directions is a gaggle of Jews being fed the White man’s and woman's debt money from all directions.

By VALERIE BAUMAN | Monday, April 12, 2010

Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.
Jason Levin (JEW), creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15 _ tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

"Every time we have someone on camera saying that Barack Obama isn't an American citizen, we want someone sitting next to him saying, 'That's right, he's an alien from outer space!'" Levin said.

Tea party members said the backlash comes from ignorance.

"They can't actually debate our message and that's their problem," said Bob MacGuffie, a Connecticut organizer for Right Principles, a tea party group that also has members in New York and New Jersey.

The tea party movement generally unites on the fiscally conservative principles of small government, lower taxes and less spending. Beyond that the ideology of the people involved tends to vary dramatically.

Levin says they want to exaggerate the group's least appealing qualities, further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the public's opinion of them.

"Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not," Levin said. "Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely." The site manifesto says they want to dismantle the Tea Party by nonviolent means. "We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies," the site said.

Another tea party organizer said the attempt to destroy the movement was evidence its message is resonating.

"We've been ignored, we've been ridiculed. Well, now they're coming after us," said Judy Pepenella, a co-coordinator for the New York State Tea Party. "Gandhi's quote is one we understand: 'First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.'"

Retribution is less than 1 year away!

Retribution is less than 1 year away!

Take a look at this and just remember elections in November 2010.
1. U..S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.
2. They voted to NOT give you a S.S. Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011.
3. Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years
4. You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.
5. Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.
6. Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get $10,000
7. Do you feel SCREWED?
8. Will they have your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc., decrease?
9. NO WAY.
Congress received a raise and has better health and retirement benefits than you or I.
Why should they care about you?
You never did anything about it in the past.
You obviously are too stupid or don't care.
Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie, Barnie, et al, care about you?
Send the message to these individuals --- “YOU'RE FIRED!”
In 2010 you will have a chance to get rid of the sitting Congress: up to 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House!
Make sure you're still mad in November 2010 and remind their replacements not to screw-up.
It is ok to forward this to your sphere of influence if you are finally tired of the abuse. Maybe it's time for Amendment 28 to the Constitution..
28th Amendment will be as follows:
"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ."
Let's get this passed around, folks - these people in Washington have brought this upon themselves! It's time for retribution. Let's take back America ..



A special Army unit is already being prepared to come back to the United States just before the next November, 2010, elections. Everything is being planned against 'We The People' under the guise of ... "helping the masses in case of a crisis." If you believe that one, I am sure that I can find some wonderful swampland in Louisiana to sell to you so you can build on it immediately.

There is an 'awakening storm' coming across the United States against the massive corruption in all levels of government by 'We The People' who are sick and tired of being screwed every which way. There are over 70 MILLION ARMED 'WE THE PEOPLE' who are sick and tired of being lied too and robbed by the JEW banksters and political gangsters in office of both the Republican and Communist Democratic parties. Now you understand as to "why" so many politicians are not running for public office again. It doesn't matter... when 'We The People' take back our Republic... all traitors will be gathered up and charges will be brought against them for TREASON, THEFT, and in many cases as regarding unlawful wars .... MURDER!! Stay focused, because it's just starting to get hot in the kitchen. Obama is a Communist from the bottom of his feet to the top of his burr head. He always has been and always will be.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Leonard Pitts: "Christian Terrorism"

The Hutaree militia, perpetrators of 'Christian terrorism'

A few words about Christian terrorism.

And I suppose the first words should be about "those" words: "Christian terrorism." The term will seem jarring to those who've grown comfortable regarding terrorism as something exclusive to Islam.

That this is a self-deluding fallacy should have long since been apparent to anyone who's been paying attention. From Eric Rudolph's bombing of the Atlanta Olympics, a gay nightclub and two abortion clinics to the so-called Phineas Priests who bombed banks, a newspaper and a Planned Parenthood Office in Spokane, from Matt Hale soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago to Scott Roeder's assassination of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, from brothers Matthew and Tyler Williams murdering a gay couple near Redding, Calif., to Timothy McVeigh destroying a federal building and 168 lives in Oklahoma City, we have seen no shortage of "Christians" who believe Jesus requires — or at least allows — them to commit murder.

If federal officials are correct, we now have one more name to add to the dishonor roll. That name would be Hutaree, a self-styled Christian militia in Michigan, nine members of which have been arrested and accused of plotting to kill police officers in hopes of sparking an anti-government uprising.

Many of us would doubtless resist referring to plots like this as Christian terrorism, feeling it unfair to tar the great body of Christendom with the actions of its fringe radicals. And here, we will pause for Muslim readers to clear their throats loudly.

While they do, let the rest of us note that there is a larger moral to this story and it has less to do with terminologies than similarities.

We are conditioned to think of terror wrought by Islamic fundamentalists as something strange and alien and other. It is the violence of men with long beards who jabber in weird languages and kill for mysterious reasons while worshipping God in ways that seem outlandish to Middle-American sensibilities. And whatever quirk of nature or deficiency of humanity it is that allows them to do what they do, is, we think, unique. There is, we are pleased to believe, a hard, immutable line between us and Them.

Then you consider Hutaree and its alleged plan to kill in the name of God, and the idea of some innate, saving difference between us and those bearded others in other places begins to feel like a fiction we conjured to help us sleep at night.

"Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive," it says on Hutaree's Web site. And you wonder: Who is this Jesus they worship and in what Bible is he found? Why does he bear so little resemblance to the Jesus others find in their Bibles, the one who said that if someone hits you on your right cheek, offer him your left, the one who said if someone forces you to go one mile with him, go two, the one who said love your enemies.

Why does their Jesus need the help of men in camo fatigues with guns and bombs? In this, he is much like the Allah for whom certain Muslims blow up marketplaces and crowded buses. Muslim and American terrorists, it seems, both apparently serve a puny and impotent God who can't do anything without their help.

Sometimes, I think the only thing that keeps us from becoming, say, Afghanistan, is a strong central government and a diverse population with a robust tradition of free speech. The idea that there is something more is a conceit that blows apart like confetti every time there is, as there is now, a sense of cultural dislocation and economic uncertainty. That combination unfailingly moves people out to the fringes where they seek out scapegoats and embrace that feeble God. And watching, you can't help but realize the troubling truth about that line between "us" and "Them."

It's thinner than you think.

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.'s column appears regularly on editorial pages of The Times. His e-mail address is:



by Glenn Miller

Cowardice has been the White man's prime survival strategy for at least the last 4 decades, and it afflicts us all, to one degree or another. Cowardice, you see, makes our lives easier and safer. It's politically correct, the national status quo, what's expected, and is demanded by popular culture.

It is impossible for any White man to be a real man in this Jew created and ruled society, which forbids White men to unite and stick together. White men can only pretend to be men, and even then, fool no one but themselves. Alone, we have no choice, but to be cowards. Only when we come together into White organizations and are under strong leaders can we begin to regain our manhood.

White cowardice is like the proverbial elephant in the kitchen no one speaks about. But it's there and everybody knows it, and it get's bigger and stinks more every day.

The blacks, hispanics, and asians stick together. But Whites do not. And all the races know it. These facts are deeply ingrained into our minds. It's the American culture now, the American perception, and an undeniable fact of American life. Each White man is like a small island surrounded by a violent sea of colored humanity.

Every time we leave our homes and go out into public life, we all know damn well that if we get into a fight with a black or hispanic (for whatever reason(s) ), other black's or hispanic's will jump in, especially if we get the best of our opponent. And, we also know that other White men will not jump in, no matter how brutally we are beaten. It's a no-win situation for us. And so, since we know this fact of public life beforehand, we automatically act and speak cowardly in order to defuse the confrontation so as to avoid the fight we know we'll lose. Sometimes, we try to "laugh it off" - humor our colored antagonists into non violence. White children see and naturally emulate this and similar cowardly behavior.

The typical White schoolboy, so accustomed to black and hispanic machoism and White cowardice, is delighted when his older sister dates a black or hispanic. It makes school life safer and easier. He'll be treated with more respect. His White peers will even envy his good fortune... Racial insanities continue and increase with each dwindling White generation.

White women have learned well thru experience and by societal norms that White men will not, and should not, protect them. After all, women have been liberated. They're equal. White men have been liberated from the historical duty to defend White women. ZOG's laws and jews-media's "political correctness" say's so. Defending White woman will be seen as racist. Let the cops defend them. So what if tens of thousands of them are raped and hundreds of thousands are assaulted yearly by black men. Neither the media, politicians, nor society makes a fuss about it. Why should I stick my neck out. Hell, I might be attacked myself if I get involved or even discuss the problem in public. Besides, I can always come up with an excuse. Play it safe. Don't get involved. Go with the smart money. Let somebody else "do it."

Part 2

Woman have always chosen cowardice and slavery over war and violence for the obvious reason they're the weaker sex. And they have responded to White male cowardice in the only way they could. They kiss up to every male but White ones. And kissing up is politically correct, perfectly acceptable to all. The jews-media (especially TV sitcoms) teaches White women how to interact "properly" with colored men, in all situations. To interact differently is not in the White woman's self interests. Not politically correct. Not good for her survival strategy. Mustn't take the chance of being seen as racist.

My cousin, a Greyhound bus driver for 35 years, confided: "Glenn, guess what? When I retire next September I'm gonna put a rebel flag in front of my house. I'm not kidding, Glenn. I'm really gonna do it. I couldn't do nothing or say nothing all these years cause I'd have been fired." (I tried unsuccessfully, for over 30 years to convince him to join or support the White movement).

My son Jess returned to South Sioux city, Nebraska to visit his best friend. They'd been racist pals when we resided there years earlier. Jess' friend now displays a bumper sticker on his auto: "ERACISM." When Jess asked why, he said shamefacedly, " It makes life easier."

When I tried to strike up conversations about racial problems with hundreds of truck drivers I drove team with or spoke with at truck stops (1991-2002), most quickly informed me: " But I am part Indian." Being "part-Indian", you see, removes the need to be interested in the racial problems affecting White people. It's an escape. Most of the others simply tried to change the subject. Few were willing to engage in serious conversation, and many became agitated, even irate, because I always persisted. I can count on one hand the number willing to ride with me a second trip.

We've all heard the cowardly alibi: " I get along with blacks just fine. Long as they don't bother me, I ain't gonna bother them." When you answer that alibi with: But niggers rape tens of thousands of White women and violently assault over a million and a half White people each year," (or a similar answer), you get silence and that blank spotlighted deer look, followed by loss of eye contact and usually a quick exit. You've made him admit his cowardice and he despises you for it. But I do this anyhow. At least it forces him to change his alibi.

The acknowledgement of White cowardice has driven literally tens of millions of White Americans to try to escape it by undergoing a voluntary human metamorphosis and becoming "part-Indian." 95% would become proven liars by a simple DNA test, but their children grow up believing the lie. Abandoning the White race means not having to fight for it or defend it in any way. A female newspaper reporter I know visited a Springfield, Missouri 4th grade classroom and asked the 30, or so, students which of them were "pure White?" Only 4 students raised their hands. Springfield is 94% White and of the best racial stock in the entire country.

Part 3

Do you remember the famous O. J. Simpson "Bronco" ride on Los Angeles freeways? The world watched that "parade" on live TV. Simpson was then wanted for the brutal neck-slashing murder of his White wife, Nicole. The world watched thousands of White men (and White women) wave and
cheer that nigger as he drove past, and gave him the thumbs up and shouted, "Go O J go," even though they knew in their honest minds he was guilty and was even then fleeing the law. Some even jumped up and down in jubilation, like at a football game.

So why did all those thousands of White men cheer O. J. Simpson? I'll tell you. They did so out of fear. Cheering was simply another demonstration of White survival strategy. Besides, the black spectators were cheering. Can't go against the blacks. It makes them angry. Must avoid confrontation at all cost. If we cheer, instead of boo, then we won't be taking a public stand detrimental to our good health, safety, and self interests. It makes life easier...

That incredible mass cowardice televised world wide has never, to this day, ever been discussed, much less explained by any journalist, either TV or press, including Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, or any other so called "no-spin" reporter or politician.

Bill Clinton proclaimed to thousands of White Oregon college students: "I'll be glad when Whites are the minority", and was given loud cheers and applause. Not one boo. Not one protest. The President of the United
States publicly acknowledged the ongoing genocide against the White race and said it was good! And the popular-cultured, cowardly White mob agreed, enthusiastically. The slave mentality displayed by those White students is precisely the same as that displayed by the citizens of Oceania in George Orwell's "1984". (the book & movie.)

Even active U.S. presidents are forced by Jew power to be cowards. I refer to the highly publicized taped conversation between Richard Nixon and Billy Graham. The audio tape of that 1972 conversation was kept secret for 30 years, then released in 2002 and reported by TV and the press world wide.

Graham to Nixon; "Unless the Jewish stranglehold on the media is broken, this country is going down the drain."

Nixon whispers in reply; "Oh yes. I agree. But we must never let anyone know we know."

There is a world of insight into jew power over both the government and the media in just those two short sentences. Use common sense. The commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on earth and the most prominent protestant in the world both agree that (1) The Jews control the media, and are using that control to drag America "down the drain", and (2) The U.S. president can not even inform the U.S. congress or the American people. In other words, the Jews are destroying our country but the president of the U.S. and so-called leader of the free world was too terrified of the Jews to even talk about it in public. If this doesn't make your blood boil, than nothing ever will.

Since the president of the U.S. was too terrified of the Jews to tell the truth about them, surely you don't expect senators, congressmen, legislators, generals, or gentiles working for the Jewish-media to. They are all forced to be cowards for fear of the Jews. Simple as that!

Part 4
Therefore, never feel the least bit uncomfortable calling the U.S. government by it's proper name: The Zionist Occupation Government, or ZOG for short. It's the only true name that fits. The 1972 " Jewish stranglehold on the media" has now 31 years later, become a death grip on both the media and government.

And so now you know why America is flooded with tens-of-millions of colored aliens with tens-of-millions more on the way; why millions of American jobs are moved to foreign countries; why the government legalized the abortion murders of over 30 million White gentile infants; why fagots have been legalized; why White gentile Americans have become 2nd class citizens and discriminated against; why Christian prayers and the Christian bible were kicked out of public schools; why the government and media work together to exterminate the White race; why we fight and finance Jew wars to protect Israel and world Jewery; why our government is turning us over to a one world government; and all the other insanities that are destroying our freedoms, liberties, national sovereignty, and our very Race! You also now know why there is virtually no White resistance to these insanities.

The U.S. government is our enemy because it is controlled by Jews. Never forget it.

Jew control of the government forces us to fight and finance Jew wars against Israel's enemies in the middle east, while Jew control of the media convinces us we're fighting our own enemies and that Israel is doing us a favor by supporting us in these wars, and not the other way around. Behold again, the power of the Jews-media, the masters of the Big Lie. Jewish "Chutzpah" knows no limits.

Muslims murdered 2,800 Americans on 9-11 for one reason and one reason only:" ZOG's one-sided support for Israel." Even before 9-11, ZOG had already murdered millions of Muslims. Hell, ZOG murdered over 500,000 Iraqi children alone by withholding foods & medicines through a decades-long sanction. ZOG killed over 200,000 Iraqis in the first few days of the Persian Gulf war in 1991, and countless hundreds of thousands more Arabs and Muslims since then in wars and bombings in Iraq, and Afghanistan. ZOG murdered millions of them, but they only murdered 2,800 of us. Which part of this simple math don't you understand? What the hell did you expect them to do, sit around like the cowards we are, and wait for ZOG to murder millions more without doing a little murdering of their own?

ZOG is making Israel's enemies America's enemies! Simple as that. Just as the Jew's did prior to and during WW2, a Jew-created blood bath that killed over 40 million White gentiles, and a blood bath we are required by the government and the Jews-media to glorify and celebrate even now. Now only are we not allowed to learn from history, we are not even allowed to know true history. True history is anti-semitic, racist, therefore politically incorrect, and not to be taught or discussed in public.

Part 5

Oh, how "Whitey-Joe-Sixpack loves to hate Muslims. Muslims are the only colored people on earth the media and society allows Whitey to hate. In Whitey's programmed twisted mind, killing those colored Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan is kind of like killing negroes and hispanics. Feels kinda good. The hating and killing of Muslims relieves a little bit of Whitey's feelings of shame and guilt for not standing up to negroes and hispanics here. "See? See? We White men are fighting back against the coloreds". Hot diggity dog. Boy we really "shocked and awed" them, didn't we? Just goes to show that our government really is ruled by White men. Heh, heh, heh. How about those bunker busters? That'll teach them not to mess with us. Heh, heh, heh. I'm gonna put an American flag on my bumper. That'll show'um I support my government. Nuke them sons o' bitches.

Whitey squatted in front of his TV, watched ZOG's bombs dropping on Iraq and Afghanistan's women, children, and babies and felt like a big brave American man, while squealing with delight. Just like his daddy squealed when watching news-reels of ZOG's bombs dropping on a thousand German towns and cities during WW2. Whitey loves his Jew masters.

Today Whitey cheers the destruction of the only governments and countries in the world with the guts to oppose the Jews and tell the truth about them. Whitey cheers for ZOG while ZOG commits genocide against Whitey's species and drags Whitey's country "down the drain." The world has never before witnessed such pitiful, gullible, misguided fools.

Muslims and Arabs hate ZOG and the one world government so much they commit suicide attacks against them. Muslim / Arab victory over Israel and the Jews means liberation for us White men. It'll get the Jews off our backs, weaken them, and loosen their deadly grip on us. Praise the Arabs and the Muslims. They are the enemies of our Jew enemies, therefore our friends. They are fighting back courageously and practically disarmed, against the most powerful, most dangerous, and the most deadly enemy the White man has ever had. Where, dear God, are the White men willing to voluntarily and intentionally give up their own lives of country and people, as Muslims do almost every day.

No where is White cowardice more blatantly proven than in America's jails and prisons. Outnumbered and locked in cages with blacks and hispanics, Whitey's survival strategy kicks in and demands he kiss up. Taught by experience and good eyesight that White men seldom stick together in mutual self defense, he surely does not expect to be greeted by strong White inmates willing to defend him. He knows the racial situation even before he gets there and, therefore, resigns himself to cowardice in order to get along and survive. And he soon discovers that White guards will not lend protection either. He feels all alone while black & hispanic inmates, who surround him, are highly united by Race, organized, and militantly aggressive.

I quote from a 10 February 01 Springfield MO. News-Leader article written by a black journalist Betty Baye of the Louisville KY. Courier-Journal: She writes: " One estimate is that more than 240,000 male prisoners are raped each year. Prison administrators sometimes facilitate rapes. In exchange for satisfying inmates' pent-up racial hatred and sexual energies, administrators buy peace for their institutions and protection for their own staffers. Also of concern is the rapid spread of HIV and AIDS that are the results of prison sex. Non-violent inmates may be sentenced to death by forced, violent rapes."

(Translation) Since prisons & jails have been racially integrated for over 40 years, this means that literally millions of White men & boys have been raped by niggers, therein. Simple math, logic, common since and the above revelation proves it. Virtually all prison interracial rapes are black-on-White. Black and hispanic unity and militancy insures it. Un-united, therefore, defenseless, the White inmate is easy prey. White prison guards and staff not only seldom intervene in prison rapes, but many help to "facilitate" the rapes, as Betty Baye reported. White inmates are terrified to report their own abuse for fear of being labeled a snitch, a fear well known by all inmates and guards who look the other way in their own self interests and safety and in the interests of their bosses. Mustn't be seen as a racist especially by those strong and united African Americans while they satisfy their "pent-up racial hatreds and sexual energies." It's just not good for my safety or career. Besides, nobody makes a big deal about it. It's the status quo and has been going on for years. It's acceptable. It helps keep the peace. The media nor the politicians seem to care a damn. Why should I stick my neck out by making waves. Best to be like everybody else and pretend I don't know it's happening.

Part 6

Most younger White inmates offer no resistance at all and soon become some niggers "ho" for protection from the others. (Best to be raped by one, than by many.) The "ho's" or "bitches" begin to act, walk, and dress feminine and are frequently rented out or sold. To maintain sanity and to prevent at least a small semblance of self respect, the "ho's" pretend they like it all just fine. Occupied with their own safety and survival, stronger White inmates seldom, if ever, intervene. All White inmates, regardless of age or size, are referred to as "White boys", even by each other. These young White men and boys serving years as "ho's" are, no doubt, raped by dozens and forced to perform oral sex hundreds of times. How many leave prison with AIDS or HIV? Since 10% of all inmates are infected, than the black rate must be double that, at the very least!

There are millions of these formerly abused White inmates in society now. Since release from prison, few ever told a living soul because (1) Shame & humiliation, (2) It seems to prove their cowardice, (3) They have been taught society doesn't care, and (4) The system wouldn't do anything about it even if they had reported it.

The sick reality and extent of all this stresses the mind and causes "Double-think" among us White cowards. "Double-think" is what we do when super depressing thoughts enter our minds. We think them in, then quickly think them out again. Whereas, our forefathers would have stormed the prisons and hanged every nigger in them, we refuse to permit the outrages to stay in our heads for more than a few seconds. Behold, the power of the Jews-media over our minds, therefore over our actions or the lack thereof.

Part 7

50-60 years ago thru out the South, the sight of a black man with a
White woman together in public caused a violent reaction from White men. Today, it barely raises an eyebrow, even in the deep south. Back then, violent White reactions were expected. It was the status quo, the popular culture. White men were forced by society to act like men Militant White racism was the national perception by blacks & Whites alike. And it insured an extremely low level of racial violence compared to today's.

That national perception has been reversed. It is now the exact opposite. blacks and hispanics are now perceived to be the strong racists, defending race, manhood, and honor.

So what caused society and perceptions to change so dramatically?

Jew-wise activists know the answer to that question. Limited space here doesn't allow for a complete explanation. But in a word, it was the Jews-media, especially television. The media, and only the media is capable of changing national perceptions, cultures, and societal status quos. Though ZOG did it's part also. Have you forgotten, for example, armed federal troops with bayonets thru out the South forcing little White girls to go to school with negroes?

Beginning in the 1960's, The Jews-media created the pacifist hippie culture for White youth, and a militant culture for the blacks. The White population was divided and the black population was brought together. While blacks were rioting, looting, raping, assaulting and burning, White youth were either tuning into drugs and wearing flowers in their hair, or demonstrating against White racism and the Vietnam war, or both. The Jews-media gave our youth the Beatles, the Monkeys, the Beach Boys and hundreds of other cowardly, wimpy "make love not war" celebrities to emulate. Consequently, the more militant blacks became,
the more Whites kissed up to them. A cowardly and outrageous planned and orchestrated phenomena that has continued, even increased to this very day! The very undeniable fact that Jews dominate the American media, and have increasingly for the entire 20th century, makes them the architects of White cowardice and black militancy, as well as all other social and political changes in our society. The Jews-media controls minds, therefore actions (or) the lack of actions. The Jews-media incited, inflamed, then sicked the negroes on us while effectively holding our hands behind our backs, and both at the same time.

While filling up America with tens of millions of foreign colored aliens, ZOG passes "hate crime" and "ethnic intimidation" laws to suppress our resistance, while the Jews-media screams to us daily that race-mixing is wonderful, and that those who disagree are haters, racists, and bigots. Plenty of extra room in America has been created by the abortion deaths of 30 million White infants since 1973, and by the Jews-media's creation of White popular culture (Sex, drugs, & rock'n roll), incondusive to White procreation sufficient to maintain our population number. We buy almost twice as many caskets as cradles! Think about that for a minute. Twice as many caskets as cradles. The White race is dying out and only the blind, or retarded fail to see it. The Jews are committing international and methodical genocide against the White race! Every national politician knows it but are to cowardly to speak publicly of it. And White gentile journalists are the biggest cowardly lemmings of all, especially those who own or run small town newspapers. None, for fear of the Jews, dares to speak or write of Jewish genocide against their own White race and children's. They care more for their own safety, pocket books, and immediate self interests, than for their own child's future, an undeniable fact even they admit when you pin them down with simple statistics and facts.

Part 8

We know the worlds colored population increases by 90 million yearly. We also know the worlds White population decreases, my own estimate is by 20 million, making an added yearly gap of about 110 million. The Jews-media never reports the extent of our decrease, you'll note. Jew TV commentator Ben Wattenburg, and others, say that the world's growing population will level off at 9 billion, up from over just 6 billion today. Since we are decreasing, that means that 100% of the increase is colored. Whites are now out numbered 12 to 1 by coloreds worldwide. And we're dropping rapidly thanks to Jewish domination over us. (Can you not see what life will be like for us and our children inside a one world "democratic" government?)

Our death is not only rapid but accelerating and for the following reasons: (1) Jewish hatred and vengeance, (2) To make the world safe for international Jewish criminals, and (3) To usher in the one world government global slave plantation police state, ruled by Jews and managed by their highly paid gentile puppets of all colors.

This so-called democratic system has demanded White cowardice ever since the so-called democratic government forced racial integration upon us against the will of the democratic White majority. White cowardice is in the best interest of the society because it prevents widespread disorder and lawlessness. It's good for business. Black violence and lawlessness is tenable. Black plus White violence and lawlessness is not, and if allowed would result in societal chaos, economic collapse and consequent race wars. Therefore, attempts to unite and organize Whites, even in self defense, have been vigorously suppressed, by all governmental means necessary, including the FBI's now famous COINTELPRO.

The demands for White cowardice are everywhere; in public schools, colleges, the military, work places, in the streets, public places..., but not as of yet in our homes. School teachers, for example, almost always take the side of a black or hispanic student when a racial confrontation has taken place, as do Principals. It's in there self interest. It's the easiest and only acceptable way to maintain order. White officers & NCO's in the military react to racial conflicts in the very same cowardly way. It makes their job easier and is good for their careers. To be fair and impartial will bring suspicions of racism, a career threatening prospect. Besides, Whites seldom complain. Blacks and hispanics almost always do. Best to take the judiciary route of least resistance .

The system's 40-year enforcement of White cowardice has caused this illness to become acceptable status quo everywhere! It's what's expected. It's good for America and for business. My God, just think of
the alternative if Whites actually stood up and fought back for equality and equal justice, or even to defend each other. There'd be hell to pay, so thought by system leaders. And they are right. White men must be held down for reasons of national security and to keep the system intact and running smoothly. and of course, to keep the present cable of Jews and their gentile Whores in power!

The system not only demands White cowardice, but vigorously enforces White cowardice, and has for so long, that it has taken for granted by all ethnic groups everywhere. The whole country has gotten used to White cowardice, and most people, especially White woman, like it just fine. It keeps the peace and allows for prosperity, foreign investments, and the illusion of tenable law and order.

White cowardice has not (as of yet anyway) been addressed by the Jews-media. You can bet your butt it will be when the big Jews deem it advantageous to their agenda. But for now, best not to make it a public issue. Mustn't cause Whitey to think for himself or to take a good look at himself. Some White men might be so nauseated by what they see and by having their noses rubbed into it on TV, they'll be shamed into actions detrimental to the Jews (like joining a White Rights organization, for example. Or actions far more radical.)

Part 9
SOLUTIONS: I remember the sight of camouflage-uniformed White Patriot Party members marching through towns and cities, carrying Rebel flags, and shouting "WHITE POWER!" and "WHITE VICTORY!" at the tops of their lungs as "Dixie" and "War songs of the Third Reich" blared from loud speakers. Backed up by hundreds of these brave men, Steve Miller, Cecil Cox, Charlie Reck, Gorden Ipock, myself and many others, even atop the steps of the State Capital in Raleigh, screamed White truths right into the faces of Jews, negroes, and communists, who did not dare interfere with us. There were no cowards in our ranks during those gatherings, only united, determined, fed up White men acting and speaking as White men should! A hundred times we came together in public marches, rallies, and demonstrations, and not one black, brown, or Jew hand was ever placed on even one of us during those six years.

White courage is infectious. It can spread rapidly. It inspires, shows resistance, and gives hope! The WPP doubled in number our final 7 months from 2,500 to over 5,000. That momentum of growth would have continued, but for a few mistakes I made, as leader- mistakes that can be avoided by others now and in the future.

Our forefathers were absolutely right to be racists and to discriminate in favor of themselves. That racism and discrimination insured racial security, prosperity, and racial survival and procreation. ZOG and the Jews-media tricked us and shamed us out of our racism shame that has weakened us and divided us as a people, therefore cowards, unwilling to resist Jewish enslavement and genocide.

We have gone from the very top of the pecking order to the bottom thanks to culture changes and Jews-media propaganda these past 40, or more, years, which methodically and conspiratorially put us on the bottom while the Jews carry out their campaigns of genocide against us, and enslave gentile humanity inside a "One World Jew Government!" The Jews, negroes, hispanics, and asians love our cowardice. They simply adore it. Our cowardice keeps us down and them up. They all know that racial unity means racial security, a fact of human nature we ourselves know as well, but are too cowardly to demonstrate.

It is wrong, counter-productive, and defeatist to make judgment on our people based on observations of White people you see around you now. Drugged, diseased, guilt-ridden, perverted, obese, cowardly, vulgar, dumbed down, decadent, materialistic, apathetic and selfish. Our people are this way because the Jews made us this way, therefore our people should be pitied, not despised. Despise the Jew viruses, not those whom the viruses sicken and destroy. Our people are the way they are now because the Jews made us this way and is the cause of so much misery and unhappiness among us. You must come to understand this irrefutable fact of White life and culture.

Do not judge the White man by what the White man has become, but rather what the White man has been in the past, and by what we, therefore, know the White man can become in the future. What we can become is cemented in our genes. We know we can become just as our forefathers knew what they were. We are different from them only in our confused, twisted, programmed brains, made that way by the Jews.

Yes, we know what we are, every last red-necked, thin-lipped, big-brained one of us. Just as the men of our race who conquered 3 million square miles of American wilderness, the men of our race who fought on the plains of Bull Run, at Stalingrad, at the Alamo, in the American Revolution, and in the freezing snows of southern Russia, knew what they were. The thousands of years of our glorious history proves what we can be, once again.

Remember, we are not alone in our struggle against the Zionist Jew Supremacists. Never since WW2 have the Jews been as vulnerable to exposure as they are now. Finally, the world is awakening, especially the worlds 1.3 billion Muslims and Arabs. We are not alone.

And so, come together now with your friends and kin folks and practice racial unity. Hold meetings and invite others. Join an organization together, or start your own. distribute literature to inspire and educate others. Families will join families. Kin will join kin. Communities will join communities. Then counties, towns, cities and states, until we are free from the parasitic, satanist zionist Jews who rule over us and lead us towards racial oblivion, drowned forever in a sea of color!


Those who refuse to heed this Call- of-the-Blood admit they accept permanent cowardice and doom their own genes to extinction, mixed and destroyed forever, inside future generations of mud-colored, kinky headed, mongrel beings, raceless and leaderless creatures, forever unable and unwilling to resist permanent communist-bolshevik enslavement to the Jews! Mirror images of that gentile future can be seen now in the ghettos and garbage piles of Calcutta and Mexico City, even inside the dungeons of America's negro / hispanic infested prisons, and in the true history of the Jew-run gulags of Siberia. Those torments and insanities are your prosperity's future unless we come together and throw off the chains of Jew rule and oppression.

CONCLUSIONS: It is only a half-truth, and therefore, a half-lie to say: "Yes, I'm a coward and ashamed of it." But, it is 100% truth to say: "Yes, I'm a coward because this Jew government and Jew society forces me to be a coward."

The White race out numbers all other races combined in the U.S. And, the other races are, by no means, united. We are 70% of the U.S. population. We have freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to seek redress of our grievances, and the freedom to bear arms to defend ourselves and these rights. What the hell more do we need except the guts to exercise these freedoms? There are no reasons other than our own cowardice, and false perceptions why we can not come together in our millions into White Rights Organizations.

There is nothing the Jews and coloreds fear more than for White men to admit cowardice for the purpose of joining together to change ourselves. Alone, we'll remain defenseless cowards. United, we can begin to throw off the chains of cowardice, and restore our manhood, honor, dignity, and the respect of our women and children.

If it is our self imposed fate to remain irreversible cowards, then our Race does not deserve to live, much less survive. In her divine wisdom, Mother Nature demands that cowardly species become extinct. Even rats and virus bugs fight to defend their space, and for their right to procreate what they are. But as we are now, the sooner we die out, the better off this world will be, an undeniable fact of nature, proven through out the natural order imposed on this planet - the natural order that as always weeded out, thru extinction, cowardly species one day or another to benefit the fittest.

Again, do not despise or even look down on the masses of our people. The Jews-media, Jew culture, Jew political correctness, and this Jew government has led our people, like gullible cows with rings in their noses, into filth, decadence, cowardice and the selfish indulgences of satisfying only their bellies, pocketbooks, and genitals. It is the Zionist Jewish supremacists who pumped these germs and poisons into them! To blame White people is to blame the victims. Instead, despise the disease spreaders, not those whom the diseases sicken. Despise the Jew parasites! Not the bodies, minds, and souls that these Jew parasites attach themselves to and suck the life's blood from their unsuspecting victims, draining their sap, strength and very will to resist.

And so, let us come together. Reality proves we have no other honorable choice. One day we can be free again. We can be men again. Then our sons and daughters and our future generations will be able to scream triumphantly from their hearts: This God is my God. This people are my people. This land is my land. And these we will defend!!! "One God, One Race, One Nation."

Great God Almighty, let it be so.