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Rabbi Weiss: "It is our tradition to believe in the Holocaust"

Rabbi Weiss: "It is our tradition to believe in the Holocaust."

Hi Judy and others who may be interested,

Well, I watched some of it (the movie trailer for "Zeitgeist" which can be seen by clicking the link below) and I perceive it as a subtle probably Jewish attempt to once again deconstruct Christianity--- whereas Christians (and others, such as Muslims, and even anti-Zionist Jews) are not allowed to deconstruct the whole Jewish Zionist trip with the number 6 for instance--- such as why the Jews used the Talmudic number 6 as in their initial claim that 6 million Jews died in WWI and when that didn't stick, then they tried it again in WWII — that number 6 million of Jews killed during WWII that they INSIST upon and it's punishable by law if questioned in public in many countries— insisted upon apparently because it is in accordance with some Talmudic or Torah-based prophecy of some kind. Then the Zionists also adopted the six-pointed star of David, even though it is an ancient symbol not associated with Jews or Hebrews, but again, it's that obsession with the figure 6.

Anyway, I find it quite tedious and unfair how Christian-adopted traditions and beliefs (so what if some of them are probably based or intertwined on some ancient pagan traditions and beliefs, etc.) are constantly scrutinized, degraded, deconstructed and openly publicly questioned (largely by Jewish Zionists, and aggressively, persistently, in-your-face about it) whereas there is simply no balance allowed. Non-Jews, and even the handful of doubting Jews, are simply not allowed to openly question, openly research or deconstruct the Zionist and Jewish "traditions" especially with regards to the Holocaust story, as put forth by Jews. They demand that you believe even though they have nothing but "eye-witness" accounts which conflict one another, and no forensic evidence, no documentaries or official records from that time to back up everything they demand that everyone believes. Even if they did, it's just not fair that people are put in jail or fined for saying they don't believe.

I had a discussion about the Holocaust with Rabbi Weiss at the No Wars For Israel conference last weekend. It turns out that he believes in the 6 million figure and that gas chambers were used to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. I said that is fine if he wants to believe it, and I used to just accept it, but I no longer just "believe" in certain aspects of the official version. I want proof, more than just conflicting eye-witness reports from people with a political ax to grind. I would like to see the subject open to further research without any sort of intimidation, because since I began questioning everything from the official 911 story to the official statement about Israel (it's not a democracy, etc., and how it's been founded on a campaign of ethnic cleansing and apartheid,etc.), I have become aware of the scholarly work by various Holocaust Revisionists, including Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole, the German Ernst Zundel, and many others. I've read the books, watched the DVDs, etc., and now I am not convinced of the official Jewish story of the Holocaust, and in fact believe that is likely to be exaggerated, and it's certainly politically used as war-time propaganda in order to continue to bilk billions of dollars from people (who were unrelated to what happened during WWII) in Europe for so-called reparations, and to justify bilking billions from the taxpayers in the US for the racist, apartheid, theocratic terrorist, Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

At any rate, Rabbi Kirshenbaum, who was with Rabbi Weiss, interjected into our conversation, that "It is our tradition to believe in the Holocaust." And I said that is fine with me. And it is the Christian tradition to believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior, was born of a Virgin named Mary, and he was crucified on the cross (by the Romans at the urging of the Jewish leaders at the time who feared His power), and he arose again from the dead after three days. That is OUR tradition. Now many of us may believe that the most important thing was the Word of Jesus, His lessons which He taught us. We don't inflict it upon others that they must believe it too. There's certainly no law that requires others to believe our traditions. Many of us may or may not wish to de-mystify the traditional beliefs proclaimed in the Bible and by the priests and ministers in the Christian churches around the world. But of course Jewish writers, activists, film-makers, and pundits have always, from the beginning of Christianity and to this very day, constantly, in varying degrees, continue to critique and attempt to debunk, deconstruct, disrespect and obliterate the traditions of Christianity and do so with impunity, in just about every movie out of Hollywood, and sometimes with great malicious glee as in the Borat movie or as in the case of comedian Sarah Silverman, who are just two out of hundreds, thousands of Jewish critics and scoffers with regards to Christianity. They get awards for their "work". Non-Jews who do the same to Jewish "traditions" get called "anti-Semitic" and get themselves blacklisted.

So this is unfair. It's often done so subtly, as in the case of this movie "Zeitgeist", just for one example, that Christians are not even aware that their traditions are being deconstructed, and often they are unaware of just who is doing it (largely Jewish Hollywood and the Jewish –dominated American newspapers, etc.), that there is a hidden agenda by another group. That Christianity is really under attack by non-believers, most of them Jewish , as in Hollywood. It really seems like an open conspiracy, whether it's conscious or not, it exists. It need to be addressed. There needs to be balance. And there should not be any censoring when it comes to deconstructing Jewish traditions and beliefs if there is no such censoring of Christian and Muslim traditions and beliefs. Or maybe we can all be respectful towards one another's traditions, agreeing to disagree, politely.

As the Golden Rule states: "Do unto other as you would like them to do unto you." Believe it or not, in our local Gannett-owned newspaper which has a Jewish publisher and a Jewish editor, they printed in an editorial the Golden Rule as "Do unto others as they would do unto you." Written like a true Zionist...

Anyway, this is my response to watching the trailer below for "Zeitgeist".



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