Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Judaic Swindling

More Judaic Swindling

by Ian Mosley

The Madoff case seems to have started a kind of snowball effect of Judaic deceit. Recently the media and law enforcement have uncovered all kinds of kosher skulduggery, wherein the Jews are ripping each other off, as opposed to their usual practice of only swindling Gentiles.

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports: “The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is investigating accusations that a popular kabbalist in Beersheva [Israel] has defrauded American Jews by reportedly taking hundreds of thousands of dollars for promises that he would use kabbalah to help people who wanted blessings, amulets or promises to cure the terminally ill.”

Kabbalah appears to be the trendy side of Judaism, which has recruited many Hollywood stars and celebrities, apparently competing with Scientology. In exchange for massive donations, celebrities like Britney Spears would get a red string to tie around their wrist to show that they’ve joined this cult.

Ha’aretz goes on: “The complaints relate to visits by Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira to Borough Park, New York, and Englewood, New Jersey… ‘This man is hurting people,’ Borough Park businessman Menachem Ellowich, 53, told the New York Post. Ellowich said he sent Elazar Abuhatzeira a check for $100,000 in exchange for a guarantee that his barren daughter would be able to conceive a child. She never did. ‘He ruined my life,’ Ellowich told the paper. ‘He ruined my finances by making these promises.’ ”

Kabbalah sounds more and more like voodoo. I wonder if any Jews were buying curses on their business rivals or ex-wives.

The article continues “The DA’s office confirmed to Haaretz that the investigation is underway, but would not provide details and refused to say how many victims were involved. The Post said there were dozens of complaints from ultra-Orthodox Americans. The Abuhatzeira family refused to comment on the allegations. This isn’t the first time Abuhatzeira’s integrity has been questioned. A 1997 Haaretz investigation linked several incidents of corruption to the rabbi. ‘Elazar Abuhatzeira is a charlatan, con man and impostor who takes advantage of people’s innocence, exploits them and brings to the verge of poverty,’ said Yossi Bar-Moha, who investigated the rabbi at the time and now heads the Tel Aviv Journalists Association.”

It’s both amusing and edifying every time some example like this comes out demonstrating that the Jews are first and foremost swindling conmen as their genes compel them to be. They insist that their wretched little bandit state, built on the bones of the original inhabitants, is a “Light Unto The Nations” while they slaughter the mostly defenseless Palestinians by the thousands. The Jews shamelessly manipulate the world media and our own governments, and yet they still find time to run scams on their own people. I hope to live long enough to see their arrogance humbled and all of their bloody and horrific power brought down into the dust. They think their hold on power and influence over Gentile governments will last forever, but the Jews always go too far. Whether it’s warmongering neocons or epic swindlers like Bernie Madoff, eventually the host population will wake up to the Jews and wish to expel these evil parasites.

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