Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jews Teaching Inmates About the Holohoax Now

Alexandria jail inmates learn about Holocaust
By: Freeman Klopott
Examiner Staff Writer
February 24, 2010

More than 55 inmates at the Alexandria jail took part in a discussion about the Holocaust with U.S. Holocaust Museum consultant Robert Buckley.

Buckley told the inmates that the Holocaust is a reminder that everyone "can learn from the past and start over."

The presentation was part of an ongoing monthly program designed to encourage inmates to broaden their education and get a fresh start when they're released, Alexandria Sheriff's Office spokesman Harry Covert said in a statement.

Buckley urged the inmates to visit the Holocaust museum when they get out, the statement said. At the museum, Buckley told the inmates "you can learn just how Hitler used newspapers and radio of that day to take power and keep it."

One inmate reportedly asked Buckley the meaning of the Nazi salute, "Heil Hitler." Buckley informed the inmate that "Heil means savior." He added, "Germans who didn't salute and use the phrase, could be killed or imprisoned and thousands suffered." Next month, the jail will host the Janna Audey Band. Covert said it will be the first time a rock band, or any other type of band, has appeared in the jail.

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