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Maryland Jew, Steven Richard Schatz, Sodomizes Cat, Jew Judge Neil Axel Gives him Light Sentence

Maryland Jew, Steven Richard Schatz, Sodomizes Cat, Jew Judge Neil Axel Gives him Light Sentence

Hey, if you're a Jew, you're special, right? Sadly, but expectedly, a photo of either Schatz or Judge Axel is unavailable - Google works real hard with the Jewish community too keep Jews out of Google when it comes criminal acts and/or Jewish judges letting fellow Jewish criminals off the hook.

Cat beaten, sodomized

Ellicott City, MD (US)

Case Updates: 5 update(s) available

Howard County Court documents show charges against a man (warrant issued on Nov 10, 2004) for one felony count of Animal Mutilation, 2 misdemeanor counts of Animal Cruelty, and one misdemeanor count of Perverted Practice. In part, the Statement of Charges reads as follows:

Upon examination, the cat "Clyde" was observed to have…severe hemorrhages in eyes, hemorrhages of tongue, fractured and displaced teeth, was unable to stand or walk, vomited blood, was incontinent, severe liver trauma, flaccid rectal muscles and splayed rear legs consistent with an object being forced into the rectum or with sexual assault, 7 broken ribs, some freshly broken and others in stages of healing. (The Veterinarian) also advised that all of Clyde's nails were broken and split. She advised that there was blue and yellow fleece fibers trapped in the broken and split nails. These items were collected as evidence.

"Based on the information obtained during the investigation it was determined that the cat "Clyde" was the victim of intentionally inflicted physical abuse that ultimately resulted in his death. It was also determined that the suspect, Steven Schatz, willfully and intentionally inflicted the injury upon the animal.

This determination was based on the injuries that were observed and documented by the Veterinarian as well as evidence collected. The injuries show that the animal had been systematically abused over a period of time.

The exam also showed that the animal had been sodomized during the abuse causing internal injuries. It is suspected that Schatz would wrap Clyde up the yellow and blue fleece shirt to protect himself from Clyde's claws. Once the animal was secured Schatz would inflict abuse upon the animal by hitting him and sodomizing him. The tape recording of the abuse obtained by (his girlfriend) provided audio recorded evidence of the animal's abuse with the voice of the suspect Steven Schatz and the screams of the animal being abused. This voice was identified and confirmed by Schatz to be his voice."

Schatz has prior arrests for Possession, Possesion with Intent to Distribute, and writing bad checks.

Prosecutor Lisa Vallario
Assistant State's Attorney
3451 Court House
Drive Ellicott City, MD 21043
Attn: State's Attorney's Office Fax # 410-313-3144

Case Updates

Steven Richard Schatz has been released early from jail. He was sentenced on May 27 and was released at 2:05 AM August 7. If you wish to contact Judge Neil Edward Axel, send a polite letter to:

The Honorable Judge Axel
3451 Court House Dr.
Ellicott City, Md., 21043
Update posted on Aug 7, 2005 - 3:06AM

Steven Richard Schatz was sentenced by Judge Axel to 90 days in jail and 3 years probation - a period in which he is not to have a pet or live in a home that has a pet - and to pay $1,889 in veterinary bills to the owner of the cat, which was euthanized because of its injuries. Many animal groups are outraged at such a light sentence.

Prosecutor Lisa Vallario said she received more than 500 letters and a petition asking that Schatz receive the maximum penalty for mutilating an animal, a felony that carries up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Vallario asked that he be given 18 months in jail.

Source: Baltimore Sun - May 27, 2005
Update posted on May 27, 2005 - 9:17AM

Posted by PC Apostate III at 10:00 PM
Anonymous said...
Glad to see you back!

January 24, 2009 9:20 AM
Anonymous said...
How sick this bastard is, HANG HIM and the corrupt judge who likely does the same, but to goy boys.

January 24, 2009 11:15 AM
The Rab. said...
I've donned the Rabbinical mantle that shields my thoughts from G_d above, and rationalised that this cat is the animalistic equivalent of a beast in human form that we might call "Goyim". And further, if this cat is less than three years of age, then no crime has been committed. It is like a poke in the eye with a stick. It will heal. In fact, the cat must be put to death for leading one of G_d's Chosen people astray, but Cat's can't speak of us so perhaps the cat may live. I've not manufactured a dictat on that one yet.
However, The Chosen has committed a crime consistent with the fact that he has visited our people with Gentile ill repute as evinced by the fact that the case is publicly known amongst the lessers.

May his name be accursed for ever for THIS.

I shall now return to my normal mindless Rabbinical activities that must necessarily be performed in private, despite the fact my eyesight is in gradual and seemingly unarrestable decline.

Public activity of this nature is protected by "HateLaws" and for this we are eternally grateful to the Boiz from the Brith.

January 24, 2009 11:08 PM
Anonymous said...
The pattern is the same. From animals to human beings.
They strip you of your ability to defend yourself, and then, go in for the kill.

What happened to this poor animal by this sick man is pretty much what they are doing to us.

Jews have reached the point now, seven years after they attacked and blew up the Twin Towers, where they have simply let themselves go.
They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

Hide what?

Their psychopathic behavior.
They are literally getting crazier.
As events close in around us their pathologies, their immaturities, their self-absorption, their deception and lack of remorese; it's just oozing from every pore and getting easier to identify.

But, connected to their will to hurt and lack of conscience, is our corresponding lack of will to defend ourselves, or even know how, or, in many cases, that we even should, and our inability to fight back.

But never mind them and their patterns; we need to focus on ours. One that I notice is our inability to do much until we have hit bottom.
Obviously, as Individuals, some have a heightened awareness and respond faster. But as a group, we seem to be pretty slow. But it is happening. I have sent emails to friends along these lines that would have received and frosty, or even hostile reply before. But not now.

I'm willing to take that as a good sign.

Curt, I'm very glad you are back. Hope all is well with the move and new job.

Dr. Zeus

January 25, 2009 7:59 PM
curt maynard said...
Thanks all, it's great to be back

January 25, 2009 8:20 PM
Anonymous said...
This has got to be one of the most depraved, repulsive, inhuman crimes I've ever encountered. As someone who worked in animal rights/protection for much of my adult life, that is saying much.

That a fellow brethren sat in judgement of this unspeakable crime and true to form meted out a slap on the wrist for this despicable, prolonged torture/rape of a helpless animal reminds us that our judiciary is completely corrupted by these Jews infesting our courtrooms and littering our land.

Two questions I have is 1) how this man came into possession of this poor cat since it clearly belonged to someone else, and 2) what woman could be a GIRLFRIEND to this pathetic, twisted MONSTER whilst tape-recording this heinous abuse? To her everlasting credit, this egregious violation of decent human behavior saw the light of day. Only to be thwarted by this himself criminal judge.

Were I the owner, I would patiently wait to catch this cretin late at night, wear a ski mask, sneak up on him catching him completely unaware, and beat him close to death with a baseball bat. I have a friend who exacted vengeance in just such a manner when a drunkard invaded his apartment in the wee hours of the morning while he slept. He got him several weeks later by observing his habits. The guy never knew who/what hit him.

The same should be done to the judge. A message needs to be sent loud and clear that these outrages will no longer be tolerated by our JEWdiciary.

Great posts Rab. and Dr. Zeus!


January 26, 2009 6:14 PM
Anonymous said...
O.K., my fellow Americans, how much longer will we tolerate the eternal evil sicko jew terrorist rodent scum in our land?

Aren`t we supposed the be "free" and "brave" and "christian" or something like that?

What`s wrong with us? Why are we so cowardly when it comes to the god damn murdering jews filth?

January 28, 2009 5:00 PM
YouNeighborhoodRabbi said...
Vat? Chew idiots do nwot approve of dis activity? You Goy do not understand Hebrew tradition and law. Vee are entitled to this type of plezure, becuase da cat is prettier than our fat bloated Jew vives!


Rabbi Hertzbeggar

February 2, 2009 12:48 AM
Cleveland here said...
You have to realise first and foremost that joos are not human.

Then it makes it easier to understand them. Really think about it. Do they possess human actions? Human emotions? Any form of human decency?

I don't see it.

Muh Money

February 12, 2010 3:33 PM
brianakira said...
Doesn't he have the right to practice his religion!?

February 13, 2010 4:28 PM


  1. Tell me where to meet any of you scum and I'll hand your head to you. Of course, like the snivelling poster of January 25, 2009 8:20 PM suggests ("sneak up on him catching him completely unaware") you're too damned chickenshit to have an open fight. You pathetic slobs prefer to sneak around and attack from shadows. Come out and fight this Jew one on one. I'll send you all to an early grave.

    Which one of you slope-heads are up to a fair fight?

  2. We really need to gas 6million kikes to make holohoax a real thing