Sunday, February 21, 2010

Israel to Erect Red Army Memorial?

Israel to Erect Red Army Memorial?

Are the Jewish extremists opposed to mass murder against all people, or only against Jews?

Israel to erect memorial praising the Red Army which raped, tortured, murdered and enslaved half of Europe!

By David Duke

The prime minister of Israel, war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu recently told Vladimir Putin that Israel would erect a memorial to the red army of the Second World War. The Bolshevik Army during the war committed horrendous war crimes against not only the people of Germany but against hundreds of millions of people in Eastern Europe. At least 8,000,000 women and girls were raped, two million of them Germans, millions were murdered, millions more send to the sickness, murder and death in the Gulags.

This move by Netanyahu gives us a real sense of the true nature of Israel and the Jewish extremists that run the country and have the power over the press and politics of many Western nations. Don’t worry, there will not be a peep of protest out of Washington, in fact, Presidents of the United States have themselves honored the Red Army, the same Red Army that enslaved Eastern Europe for half of a century and murdered millions of innocents.

Of course Israel also does not recognize the Armenian Holocaust either. “There shalt not be any holocausts before Thee”

Netanyahu was in Moscow to press Russia to help Israel pass “crippling sanctions against Iran” for daring to make it possible for Iran to enrich their uranium into fuel for their many Nuclear Power Reactors.

Ironically, as Netanyahu calls for crippling sanctions against Iran for making atomic fuel that it says could be used for atomic weapons, Israel sits on over 200 atomic weapons, as well as an arsenal thousands of biological and chemical weapons. The Telegraph in Britain even reported that Israel was working on biological weapons that would target populations by their DNA!

While Iran has allowed inspections Israel will not allow any inspections.

Israel is a nation that has stolen the land of Palestine, ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, terrorized them, murdered them, tortured them. Recently Israel killed hundreds of women and children in Gaza and wounded thousands more, used illegal, horrendous white phosphorous weapons. The other day, Israel illegally hijacked British passports and then murdered a Palestinian leader in another nation. And, Western leaders are calling for sanctions against Israel….. NO, not a chance! They are calling for them against Iran, a nation that hasn’t started a war or invaded another nation in over a hundred years!

For God’s sake, when will people wake up to how the media and politics of America and Europe are almost completely controlled by the Zionists? For my part I will continue to stand up and point out the big, hairy, nasty Gorilla in the room!

–David Duke

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