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Begin With Lone Wolves

Begin With Lone Wolves
by Tom Metzger

All struggles start with lone wolves who eventually meld into a concerted effort when they gain enough power and financing. In the beginning is when such an endeavor is most vulnerable. Stalin operated as a train robber until he gained enough power to do otherwise. Hitler started with himself and seven others. Both succeeded in forming an organization due to the terrible economic conditions and anti government feelings in the public. It took both Stalin and Hitler many years to advance to a real organization with power. I only use these two as an example because of tactics. Tactics are tactics no matter who and why they are employed.

I think many of the thoughts I express may be found in "THE PRINCE BY MACHAVELLI". Membership organizations believe in a people pyramid and is constructed with lots of people at the base and one mastermind at the top. On paper this sounds good, even though most groups are in reality oligarchies, rule by the few. However, in prerevolutionary times that mode is exactly what plays into the hands of the enemy. Such operations are easily maneuvered so as to make sure they never cause any major problems for the Iron Heel.

If any one person arises within the group to say the Emperor has no clothes, he or she is easily neutralized in a variety of ways by the internal cliques with the organization. Such groups or organizations serve many uses for the Iron Heel.
One: Everyone is catalogued and photographed. A file is created by several entities with everything about the member enclosed. If at some distant time in the future this person is pushed over the edge and takes direct action, the job of rounding him or her up is made far easier for lazy agents.
Two: It gives the Iron Heel and their whore corporate press the excuse to say, "See! We allow these people to eat meet and retreat as long as they take no overt or covert action to limit or transfer our power. Lest you think this is only used on the right wing or racist groups think again. These tactics are used on any suspected threat from any source to the elitists. Do you think that the Iron Heel sees a difference between the World trade center operation by a small cell or the acts of Timothy Mcveigh? Do you really think they really give a shit about the "American People"? They care about maintaining control, power and money or profits. If the American People serve that interest ok. If not screw them. They are being replaced anyway. At least the white ones.

A good example on the right was the John Birch Society that operated since the late 50's. Before the John Birch Society there were hundreds of smaller right wing groups around the country. These cell style groups were highly effective. When the John Birch Society came along under the leadership of candy maker Robert Welch, most of these small groups and many lone wolves were convinced to join the JBS and become a mighty bulwark against Communism. The JBS had no long term effect. The Communists just went broke pure and simple. The capitalists decided they had served their purpose and fired them. The JBS became a cult while I was a member and a local leader. The party line was that anyone fighting for the White Race was a neutralizer and helping the communists because our only real problem was Communism not race. Thousands were diverted from the Racial struggle into the Anti-Communist crusade. Men like San Bowers, one time leader of the White Knights of Mississippi was labeled a communist sympathizer because when he went to college in the 30's he attended a communist meeting at least once. Big deal ! I have attended hundreds of assorted meetings by many groups simply to see what they were all about.

If you get a chance pick up a copy of the old pamphlet by the JBS called THE NEUTRALIZERS. So much for one big organization. Our case is very different. As of yet the economy is far better than most countries even at its worst even though we are now the richest third world nation. Unfortunately, most people equate a healthy society to a robust economy no matter what dangers the future holds for their short view. We do not have widespread unrest or widespread economic problems yet. That could change very quickly, as the massive layoffs show. Your enemy realizes that if or when an economic down turn comes, leaders will rise to take direct action. Usually the elitist start a war to get the publics mind off the problem, so watch for sudden interventionist hot spots designed to pump up the faltering economy. Governments always find it easy to find money to support imperialist aims. Guess how Roosevelt escaped the depression? Starting a WAR! Very simple. The problem is you are still paying on the debts of that WAR.

Millions of bones are in the ground not knowing all WAR's are a racket. It is in best interests of the Iron Heel to disrupt and spy on any organizations that might contribute direct action leaders at some time in the future. An example was Robert Mathews, who escaped National Alliance and created a rudimentary prototype resistance hot war. Several others escaped Aryan Nations to assist in that project. Some even spun off from the KKK and Posse Comitatus. Most present leaders of organizations shrug their problem's off by saying that "they operate totally within the law".

As we have seen, the last few people who took direct action and were caught or killed were present or past members of organizations. To my knowledge a pure model lone wolf has not been brought to the ground. You may bring up Joseph Paul Franklin, which would only prove my point. Joseph was the prototype Hunter and did extremely well for a long time considering his amateur status. To me James Earl Ray was a shining example of a successful lone wolf if you are speaking of violence. Pick up the book MIND OF AN ASSASSIN by George Mc Millan Publisher LITTLE BROWN AND CO.

Since most people have a psychological block to believing one man or woman can do great things, they sell a man like James Earl Ray short. Many in the right wing are embarrassed to admit one man could accomplish such a feat. Many excuse it by saying there must have been an elaborate conspiracy including many people. The very best or most successful conspiracy may be found in the multiple personalities of a single but determined individual.

Our internal critics are quick to say "WHERE'S THE BEEF"? If lone wolfism is so effective, why do we not hear of major set backs to our oppressors? That's simple! White Americans are out of practice for the most part. Only various mobs or organized crime are proficient in such practices but for profit and discipline only. North America has not been invaded since 1812 unless you figure the North's invasion of the sovereign South, but that was a long long time ago.

Most people who talk about the American Revolution have no idea how brutal it was. Not only in overt military action in the field but the covert terrorism carried on by the "Sons Of Liberty" directed toward those who wished to remain loyal to the King. Most Americans only hear the sanitized version.

By the time the Civil War rolled around terrorism was in high gear. Most know how rough the North treated the South, but don't know how much damage lone wolf Southern saboteurs were wreaking in large northern cities. After their operations were complete, most escaped into Canada and then sailed back to the south for more orders. Or simply disappeared into the big city populations of the north ala Mao Zedong. All kinds of clever new little surprises that went boom in the night were used including what is called Greek fire. There are several sources for the spy and saboteur side of the Civil War. It makes interesting reading.

No matter what the ideology many modern lone wolves most likely have been involved with, in most successful cases their ideology is kept secret, some even taking it to the grave. Most will be involved in intelligence gathering becoming eyes and ears. Considering the methods of unconventional warfare and a lone wolf style of operation, there can be hundreds operating at any given time, not even knowing each other. Also, do not forget the need for hundreds of lone wolves working quietly in all the institutions including political parties, military, police, government offices, financial centers etc. I remember back in the sixties, the minutemen had sent out a semi lone wolf cell to gain information on a Jew Supreme court justice here in California.The Jews name was Stanley Mosk, a far left judge. The Minutemen thought he was an actual communist agent and from his actions could very well have been. As the minuteman cell was spying on Mosk and those who he met with, the minutemen's car was stopped and U.S. army intelligence officers ran them off saying that they were interfering with the U.S. Armies own investigation of Mosk. That's a sample of dual operations not known by either side in the field. As time goes on we will see a lot of that among our friends and that good. Many racist meetings are infiltrated by several agencies that in many cases may not know each other. Some have been known to try and set up each other.

Many lone wolves have little or no experience and start slow and small. These operations may arouse little suspicion and since the press love show and tell stories go largely unnoticed with little pattern involved. Whenever the press calls me they want to know about rallies, concerts, meetings and demonstrations, all of which have virtually no effect on the bigger problem. They are the tip of the iceberg that we might as well not interfere with since they draw a lot of fire away from real covert plans.

Let's face it most people want a show and be entertained and you won't convince most of them to quit it. In that case, it might as well serve our purpose. One example is that the Bastard Sons And Daughters of J. Edgar say that there are perhaps a hundred serial killers or more crisscrossing the country at any one time. Almost none are caught or at least not quickly. Ted Kazinsky the unibomber operated for years tying down huge numbers of Iron Heel agents and bleeding the system of tens of millions similar to Eric Rudolph. Kazinsky changed his mode of operation and he was caught.

Aryans are a social loving race. Most love to have meetings and get togethers of all kinds. It's our nature. Unfortunately, to get larger crowds most leaders lean toward the mass recruitment idea. Recruit, recruit, and go out there and recruit some more. Recruiting becomes the main issue and very little else gets done accept passing information back and forth between people already in the know. I see it also on the internet when some people send out massive amounts of horror stories about non whites killing and raping whites and other information just as useless. They clog up the means of communications with useless reactionary gibberish and defeatist information.

As I have said before, less than ten percent of any membership organization do 90% of the work. The rest are actually security risks unless they are financial supporters. I say dump the rest for efficiencies sake and your own security. Remember the Klan in the twenties numbered in the millions, but it only took a few years to wipe it out. The same with the America First Committee before WW2. They had very large numbers and attracted huge crowds but when the WAR CRIMINAL Roosevelt made his move 90% disappeared overnight. Having a hall full of people means nothing in the power business. Having a few good men and women of like mind is what get things done. Black leadership did not gain big time by following the silly front man Martin Luther King. That was just baby food for the gullible whites. Liberals are funny because they actually believe the people like Gandhi and King's so called non violence made the big change.The truth is that both were used for a specific purpose and then allowed to be terminated.

American blacks made their biggest strides when they burned Newark, N.J, Detroit, Watts and most of all Washington, DC. U.S. Army Airborne and National Guard units were nearly completely deployed. If another couple of big cities had been torched, we would have had a full scale bloody insurrection. Considering the Blacks in the military, that would have started fragging when they were ordered to clean up black ghetto's. It was touch and go for a while. So when the membership groups bug you and ask what Lone Wolves have done recently, simply say just keep watching the news and reading the newspapers, especially between the lines. Give it time. Everything is moving along very well if you know what to look for and how to interpret it. Read the signs. Watch the market. Watch the world food and water supply along with many other clues. Your time is coming. You will know when it arrives. Keep Smiling. THIS IS WAR!

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