Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Racism towards Whites in the Baltimore City Fire Department

Racism towards Whites in the Fire Department

Date: 2009-08-25, 9:10AM

I know exactly why nobody knows about this. The Fire Chief, on the news said they are looking to give the job of fire fighter to blacks and latinos. Nothing said about the best qualified. SO basically they believe you can dumb down a fire. Don`t believe me, here it is.

"We're looking for the diversity and Afro-Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, all the ethnicities that make up the rich culture of Baltimore. We're also looking for young, healthy, athletically fit men and women to fill positions within the Baltimore City Fire Department," said Chief Kevin Cartwright." Perhaps the reason Baltimore City is the way that it is is due to dumbing everything down beginning with the schools and government. This sounds like a good class action law suit for all of the qualified white applicants that are going to be disqualified in place of the less qualified Latino or African American. Reverse Racism at its best.

RE:Racism towards Whites in the Fire Department

Date: 2009-08-25, 9:55AM

6`2`` tall, 215lbs, bench presses max of 360. Educated, Never in Trouble, Does not "party", Spends his off time with family. Aced the CPAT spent 6 months preparing for written and physical test. Would be second generation Fire Fighter. ( White male ) 5`2``tall 360lbs. bench presses max of 45 lbs. Not educated, history of "problems", Has 4 kids which lives with grand mom, can not bend over to tie her own shoes. Can barely walk 1/4 mile. After 4 attempts, still could not pass the CPAT . Taking the test to have something to do( Black female) 5`7`` tall 150lbs, bench presses max of 150 lbs. Known gang affiliation, GED, Unable to follow written instruction, shows up late to 3 out of 4 test times and just makes the passable CPAT time. Taking the test because Baltimore City is looking for Latinos. ( Latin Male ) Who do you really want rescuing you from a fire? Your answer will speak volumes about how your mind really works.

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