Monday, August 3, 2009

Life in Baltimore aka Planet of the Apes

Questions about living in Baltimore

Date: 2009-07-30, 3:05PM

OK, So I'm moving to Baltimore from Dallas. I would like to live in the city. Are there any nice safe places where I can take a walk at 2:00am with no worries about getting robbed? If there are any nice areas, which ones should I look into and which neighborhoods should I avoid? How is the Little Italy area? I'll be traveling to MD next month for a few days to meet the new company and just try to get an idea of what to expect as far as living in the city for a 28 year old white guy. Thanks

re Questions about living in Baltimore (Dallas, Texas)

Date: 2009-07-30, 3:32PM

Well, I'd say no place in Baltimore at 2am is safe. Even IF you're lucky enough to find a nice, quiet, safe neighborhood, the booneys will be out at night in your nice neighborhood to rob you of ANYTHING, yes, you may get shot for just five bucks. I'd stay in Texas, or ask for a HUGE pay increase to come here, also a VERY LARGE life insurance policy if you are married, have chldren or both. You should be terrified, after all this SHITTY is known as bulletmore, murderland, (not just for funnies either) lets not get started with our lovely local politicians , We'll leave that for another rant you'll need plenty of time for that one! Good Luck oh' and bring a gun, promise you'll need it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Questions about living in Baltimore

Date: 2009-07-30, 4:03PM

Dude, don't move to Balmer. The closest, safest place to walk here at 2 AM is probably in Dallas. Seriously, Balmer is the shits and going downhill fast. There are serious problems here with crime and drugs. Baltimore has one of the highest per capita murder rates, use of heroin, STD rates, god the list goes on. Tell you what, if you're stupid enough to move here, I'm going to shoot you myself, just because you moved from a good city to a shit hole.

re: Questions about living in Baltimore

Date: 2009-07-30, 8:11PM

You could ask this guy about moving to Baltimore except a pack of natives beat him to death.

I was born in Fells Point and have lived in various sections of my hometown as well as Seattle, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro over the course of 43 years. It's become a real shithole for those of us that care or once cared, the productive members of this city's community. Looking forward to escaping very soon. Good luck.

re: Questions about living in Baltimore

Date: 2009-07-30, 8:11PM

If you're smart, you'll stay in Dallas. You don't want to move to this shithole. If you do, come packing guns if you plan to move anywhere near the inner city. On the west side, avoid at all cost the Rt. 40, Security Blvd. Liberty Rd and Reisterstown Rd. areas. Stay away from any of the downtown areas including East Baltimore. Don't go near the Bel Air Rd corridor. Stay above Northern Parkway (except for Rolland Park) on the north. Don't move to anywhere in Northwest, West or Southwest Baltimore in Baltimore City. Stay away from Brooklyn on the south. Don't walk anywhere within a 15 mile radius of downtown without a gun at 2 AM. Better yet, as i said before, stay in Dallas.

coming from Dallas?

Date: 2009-07-30, 10:36PM

You will probably survive it, except for the 2am crap. If you don't go traipsing around at 2am you'll probably be ok. If you do go out, you WILL run into the "Nocturnals". Best to be armed. But carry at least a 20 dollar bill if you don't carry a gun. They might not kill you if they get something for their "trouble", and at least you'll only be out 20. That'll score em 2 crack dimes. Oh and don't wear your bling at night either. They are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It's not a bad idea to carry a few cigarettes and lighters too. They come up to you and ask for those or a light right before they stab, shoot, or beat you. Being prepared might buy you a few seconds...........

Baltimore living

Date: 2009-07-30, 11:20PM

I couldn't agree more - Dallas is way safer than Baltimore. But to answer the second posting. Zack Sowers had a big nose and dated a gook = chopped fried suey. Such a shame. You know we gave them a black president - the ultimate icon and yet they still act like animals. I'm moving to Tanzania btw. Much brighter gentler class of ape. Friendly too !

In My Belt

Date: 2009-07-31, 2:47AM

The solution to dangerous Baltimore living? A Gun , a big one , a loud one , a lethal one that no one absolutely no one will ever see, hear or talk about until the time comes to use it and it comes out of your belt. GOT IT?? GOOD!

Baltimore - a "Teaching Moment"

Date: 2009-07-31, 9:33AM

Baltimore demonstrates what America will be like in 20 years... ot two more generations of porch monkeys

RE:coming from Dallas? (Stoned)

Date: 2009-07-31, 11:05AM

Or just pretend that you have what they are asking for...cigs, cash, whatever....I had four of those night monkeys approach me last year while walking down Baltimore Street. You can trust your sixth sense when it comes to bad things and I knew it was going to go down. I had been reading a sign in a restaurant but began to walk away so they came up from the rear and the one on the right pushed me in front of the other three who each pushed in sucession till I was in that little alley off of the intersection of, well, nevermind.....I was scared but stayed cool though and as # four got in front of me I shot him right in the center of his chest. His monkey eyes got so wide I could see his veins on the whites of his eyes as he slid down in front of me. The others were gone before he hit the ground and i casually walked the three feet back onto the sidewalk and pretended to look around to see where the noise came from. I walked straight for the parking lot where my car was and walked past a cop 2 or 3 blocks from "the scene". I admit I was scared shitless that he would smell the powder from my piece and stayed as far as I could from him on the sidewalk. That was over a year ago and I made it a point not to watch the news for a couple of weeks so I wouldn't hear anything aobut it...I don't know if he lived or not and honestly, I don't care. I still go downtown and I still carry a weapon (different one)....and I'll shoot another one if they try to mug me. I would have shot every one of those night monkeys if they hadn't been so scared because I know that like the guy in NY, I would have gotten off.

re: the other side of the story

Date: 2009-08-01, 7:21AM

you are right on the mark sir. thank you for sharing your experiences with us. the media has warped the minds of a lot of white people to think it's best for their children to be in a multicultural atmosphere regardless of the consequences. as if being a "racist" is worse than being a thug or degenerate. personally i find that the most racist whites that i have met are the ones that grew up around urban blacks and know how they act. now we have hindsight and can see the truths in all the things that the segregationists from the south back in the 50's and 60's said would happen. my community has one black community, it's where all the low class whites go for crack cocaine, it's also where none of the pizza companies will deliver to. it's called "freetown" but i wonder how free the residents feel. it a crime ridden place that brings down the property value of everything around it. we have fought hard to keep bus lines out and to prevent section 8 housing. in my lifetime i have watched the city of baltimore extend into brooklyn and into glen burnie bringing crime and social degeneracy. we'll keep fighting to save our communities. all the best to you at your new school.

Stealing from a child

Date: 2009-08-03, 8:28AM

My 11 y/o daughter and I were walking back to our car yesterday from the stadium after watching the Orioles get creamed by Boston. There had been an all-black event at the convention center that must have let out a little while before we got there. As we passed in front of the convention center I saw a boy, may 12 or 13 carrying a plastic bin on top of his head. I had guessed that he had been part of the event that they had held at the center since he was dressed like the other black people coming out of the building. I'd had the feeling that it was a church oriented event from the way that people were dressed and the small prayer groups that were formed on the sidewalk. As the boy walked, something fell off of, or out of his plastic bin. He set it on the ground and as he bent over to pickup whatever fell; I saw what I thought was a wad of cash fall out of his pocket. I watched as he picked up the thing that had fallen out of his bin but he didn't notice the money he had dropped and began to walk away. I asked my daughter if indeed she could tell if it was money on the ground and she couldn't tell for sure. Then I saw a black lady on the far side of where the boy was; nearer the building tell her 4 or 5 year old daughter to "go git dat money". Not on my watch…the race was on! I beat the little kid to what turned out to be at least 40 or 50 dollars and I hollered out to the boy, telling him that he had dropped it. I gave it back to him and he was VERY, VERY appreciative. What really bother me was that it had been obvious that he had worked for that money, the plastic bin probably carried books or something that he had been selling at the event....yet that lady was going to steal his money. She on purposely waited till he was walking off before she told her child to go "git it" yet she was dressed like she had attended the same event. What a hypocritical piece of crap……pretend to love the lord and then try to steal money from a child. Here’s the odd part…..the little boy was black, the lady that tried to steal his money was black, I saw it and gave back his money to him and I’m white…..and it’s no wonder that I don’t like most blacks....worse, that lady was teaching her own child that it was ok to steal because someone dropped, it's not ok when you watch someone drop have a moral obligation to return it....and that's the difference....

bowley's quarter's/ middle river

Date: 2009-08-03, 8:40AM

I live in this sh+t hole, but i'm single and white... I lived in a very white suburbian area before... Ive never seen someone get shot till a few weeks ago... It happened right right accross the street.... It was all over drugs too.... Guess what gender did it...........enough said stay away! Go to Harford CO. Ill be in Bel Air soon enough!!!!!!!

Why the f&ck

Date: 2009-08-09, 6:39AM

Did I move? looks like a nice area then a month after I move they rent the house next to mine to some section 8 trash. Now I have to live next to some crack whore with 6 kids by who knows how many daddy's

To the blacks in my complex

Date: 2009-08-19, 10:27PM

So I've lived in this complex for the last 4 years. In the three previous years the complex was a safe, quite place to live. It's location was great, and I loved the amenities it offered. Alas, this was not to last. In the last year, I've noticed your increased presence in our community. Prior to your arrival, I've never seen the police here. Ever. Now however, just in the last three months alone I've seen them here no less than 4 times. Each time they have been here, they have been summoned here to deal with you and your drama. Fights, drunk and disorderly conduct, theft and vandalism has been rampant in this complex since your arrival. Also, I have personally had to address your unruly children, who are left unattended to loiter, make noise and vandalize buildings that they don't even reside in. In my building, there is not one person who has a child. Yet, your children are in here, talking loudly, leaving their trash and vandalizing the building. It's my sincere hope that your lifestyle leads you to the inevitable conclusion of you being ejected from the property. I however, am not patient enough to wait for that day. It's only a matter of time before more of your ilk comes a calling, and the gunfire starts flying.

re: To the blacks in my complex

Date: 2009-08-20, 9:28AM

I live in an apartment complex in Parkville. I've lived here for nine years. In the last two we have been overrun with niggers. Seems they magically appear right before the school year begins and then all disappear after the end of the school year. I think many of the kids reside in the city and come out here to attend the county schools. There have been roving groups of 40 kids at times. All hours of the night. They setup a basketball hoop in the parking lot and were out there constantly all hours of the day and night. Of those 40 there are 10-15 who tear up anything and everything. They've been slashing tires. breaking windshields for months. They throw trash in the streets, vandalize other residents cars. One niglet (who has threatened my life) is about 20, vandalized my car. I saw him the first time but he got away. He returned the second time one evening and was about to key my hood. I saw him from my window. I warned him to stay away from my vehicle or I would shoot him dead where he stood. He got mouthy for about five minutes insisting he was going to mess with my vehicle. I gave him a final warning to move away form my car or I will kill you where you stand. he finally took me seriously and went home. About an hour later he came back and stood across the street yelling and calling me bitch. I called the cops and ran out of the house after him. He disappeared. A few weeks later he and his family were evicted. There is still another one who is involved in the vandalism. He often walks by and stares at me. I don't and i won't back down. I warned him to watch himself and to stay away from my car. I told him I'd kill him or anyone who messed with it. So far he and his group have backed down and a number of these kids have disappeared. Cops were in an out of the place three and four times a night to the same address for months.a One niglet girl had a bunch of inner city trash out here trying to bang her and finally they moved out so a big part of the problem seems to be gone for now. I am waiting for them to start showing up as the school year is approaching. The inner city gang of older ones has all but disappeared, only one or two remain, but I will defend my property I they return. I don't give a damn. I never used to feel this way, but I am sick of niggers. They have a need to destroy anything they come in contact with and have the attitude that what is your is theirs or if they can't have it you shouldn't either.

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