Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hate Crimes - Why So Lopsided

Many here question why blacks are not convicted of a hate crime. The answer is pretty obvious. Blacks routinely target whites. It is business as usual, it's how they roll. The government knows that if they put every black man who commited a hate crime the prison system would simply be overloaded. As for who would win a race war--let's just say the man dressed in black always dies in the end. A white guy at fifty paces taps 2 bullets (one in the head and on in the heart). When a black guy shoots at fifty paces it'll be in the arm, the ass, the leg, or into some innocent child down the street. The word 'hate crime' is used against whites because it is very rare that a white guy will bother to snuff a black. In general we try to ignore the black man because his contribution to society is zilch. So we would tend to agree that if a white guy kills a black it was because he was so tired of hearing the black whine that he must of hated the guy. Blacks can be so fucking annoying that they are easy to hate. Whites are simply a meal ticket for the blacks.

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  1. This is why I have the NSALP as my homepage.