Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ghetto Blacks

Why do you feel the need to: 1. Be overly loud like everyone should be aware of your arrival and your business, and then cop an attitude when people look at you, making a comment like "what the f*** are you lookin at?" Wouldnt you look at someone if they were acting like a fool, and in fact, dont you look at your own kind when they do? 2. Walk in the middle of the street, or in the street period, when there are sidewalks for that very purpose? 3. Give drivers the stare down when they honk at you or come close to hitting you because you are walking in the street instead of on the sidewalk? 4. Expect drivers to stop and wait for you to finish doing whatever it is you feel the need to do in the middle of the street before they can continue driving? 5. Not walk in the crosswalks when crossing the streets? 6. Not stop for others when they are in the crosswalk and you are driving? 7. Feel that you are entitled to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want, with no boundaries? 8. Beat the crap out of each other, and every other race as well? 9. Kill your own people, and every other race as well? Clearly its an issue if its been coined with the term black on black crime. 10. Destroy the property of others, and disrespecting anything that is not your own? The questions can go on and on and on, and really I dont expect and answer, I am just showing some examples of daily actions which justify the opinions others have of you. You want things to "change" and you want to be equal, yet you continue to act like animals with no regard to anyone, sometimes even yourself. There is an old saying and you might have heard it, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you treat others with disrespect, then you will in turn be disrespected. If you act like uncivilized animals, then you will be treated as such. The funny and ironic part about all of this is that you have the power and the ability to bring about the "change" and equality you so desperately desire, yet you CHOSE not to use it. If you would start to act like you respect yourselves and others, people would start to take notice. If you hold yourself accountable for your actions, and hold your people accountable for theirs, you could move forward. Change comes from within. Until you make that change, nothing around you will change, including opinions held of you. As your boy M.J. put it, you need to start "looking at the man in the mirror." No one feels sorry for you and no one thinks you deserve special treatment. Honestly, if you would stay within your ghetto and kill and act a fool there without venturing out into the normal world with the rest of us, people wouldnt even bother talking about you. Sadly, that isnt the case though, and we all have to not only be burdened with you because of the taxes we pay in order for you to live, but now the violence and ghetto-ness is starting to spill out everywhere at alarming rates. People cant even go to the inner harbor anymore. Is this what you want? Is this how you want the world to be? If so, please do stay in your ghetto and never wander out, because the rest of us dont what you out here in the real world. Stay there, kill each other, do whatever it is that makes you happy. When you can start to take responsibility for your actions and choose to lead a respectable life, we will be more than willing to accept you with open arms, but until then, keep within the confines of your ghetto.

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