Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cowardly Traitor Maryland Legislators Avoid Taxpayers with Virtual Town Halls,0,300080.story

re town hall meetings

Date: 2009-08-08, 8:34PM

Not just people angry at healthcare, they're angry at everything the gov't has done over the last few yrs (no it's not about obama, it started way before him) They are angry at the arrogant attitude of gov't (it goes something like this "we do what we want, no matter what you all say, what ya gonna do about it , HUH?) The town hall meetings and tea parties are starting to show what we will do , VOTE THE SCUMBAGS OUT!!!! The only difference between repubs and dems is that the repubs are not as efficient. They are all corrupt, greedy, arrogant. They make 4 times as much as the average American and WON"T PAY THEIR FUCKING TAXES, AND DON"T GO TO JAIL LIKE WE WOULD!!! Then they get a job as HEAD OF THE TREASURY!!! WTF!!!!! By the way, for every person you see at one of these meetings, there are a good 1500 or more who are just as angry, but they didn't show, because they were working their second job, or making dinner for the family, or fulfilling some other obligation, or they're just not the kind to show up in public. The only money that should be shared around is political contributions, take them all and share them out equally among those who want to run for office, and make media allow equal amounts of air time for all candidates, not just the ones who pay them.

Town Meeting

Date: 2009-08-10, 7:32AM

So, Ben Cardin is having a Town Meeting at Towson State. But you have to be on his mailing list to ask a question!!!!!! What part of DEMOCRACY does the DEMOCRAT Party NOT understand???????

Comedy Central

Date: 2009-08-10, 9:18PM

Pinochio aka Ben Cardin had the funniest town hall meeting Jon Stewart would be proud to have hosted this show!,0,258765.story,0,7651933.story

Re: Mob Mentality at "Town Hall Meeting" (Sun.)

Date: 2009-08-11, 12:50PM

YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! And now - for a chance to express their opinion about imperial government, scores of Americans stood for several hours in 100- degree heat yesterday, at the Town Hall meeting in Towson. Yes, WE DO have the disturbing facts. The Not-Health-Not-Care advocates (of the bill) are UNCOMFORTABLE with the FACTS!! SAVE YOUR HEALTH CARE! TELL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!! WE VOTE AGAINST IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT!!!! Alarmed Maryland Citizen,0,1474199.story,0,3129923.story,0,7067759.story

re Despite the overwhelming opposition

Date: 2009-08-13, 9:58AM

Cardin, Sarbanes, Mikulski, Cummings, Ruppersberger and the other MD representatives, with the exception of Bartlett are arrogant and out of touch politicians who do not hear the people of Maryland. They are more interested in maintaining their status within the party and advancing their own careers. Cardin and Sarbanes are the most arrogant of the lot. They don't give a damn about us. Do you remember back in 1993 when NAFTA passed? Cardin was being interviewed by Carol Costello on Channel 11. It was raining as I recall and they were standing under an umbrella, Cardin giggling with glee that NAFTA had passed. Since NAFTA has passed America has lost millions of jobs in manufacturing and we find ourselves where we are today. Now Cardin refuses to listen to the people and will vote against the people he works for. All of them will. They know that MD is a welfare state and that the minorities will consistently reelect them so they can collect their entitlements and reparations. I've received many letters and emails from Sarbane and Cardin, hardly any response from Mikulski. Cardin and Sarbanes spout off the usual bullshit. Cardin and Sarbanes are useless. Cardin is a moron and John Sarbanes is as useless as his whiny old man. When Cardin stated yesterday that he thought the Obama adminsitration has already started to restore trust in health care, I thought to myself Jesus is this guy stupid. He just doesn't get it. Cardin has nothing but contempt for the people he represents and he is lying to us. Cardin needs to go.

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  1. Whites are now doing what Rockwell once did. The politicians are cowards when whites get together.