Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter from a U.S. Military Vet

US Veterans are getting Fucked

Date: 2009-07-29, 10:52AM

I am a retiring Veteran of over 22 dedicated, honorable years. I have lived in Several US States, have had to move my houseld 12 times and have been to like 20 foreign countries, been away from my relatives for 20 years, have seen and done things most people cannot imagine and probably would not want to. I am retiring and applying for benefits with the VA and so far it has been an administrative nightmare. It seems like the VA wants to "not" help Vets! If you need help one must seek assistance from a third party such as an attorney or the VFW. The VA tries its best not to help! Veterans have served and sacricficed by deploying over seas and being away in harm's way and what do we get for it???? Nothing but bullshit from people who have never even left their mother's house. Litterally snotty, rude boys and girls who are supposed to be helping those who served so that they can have their cushy governments jobs that I fought how fucked up this that! I have given most of adult life to my country with hope that there would be something to left to enjoy later in life now, here I am and I get treated like dog shit!!!!!!!!!! Look and all of the money being given to corrupt politicians and banks and GM. Look at how many politicians who do not even pay his or her taxes. Now look at the military person who serves, deploys, fights, follows the rules, does not use drugs, does not cheat innocent people out of their money and still pays taxes and when it is time for him to enjoy life a little he gets nothing..not really even a thank you. All the while Obama's Unick Napolitano refers to Vets as Right Wing Terrorists......who the fuck is she???? Her fat, bull ,dyke ass has never left her sofa and she has the audacity to call those who fight for this country's freedom Terrorists.....WTF Over! Who stands up and speaks for the Veteran???No one. We serve with honor while dishonorable politicians run off with the money, girls and the drugs. We are left licking our own wounds. That is a dangerous situation!

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