Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Black Plague Affecting Our Society

The Plague

Date: 2009-07-18, 6:43AM

The plague is spreading and there is now way to stop it. It spread through Wood lawn and Randlestown years ago and now its in Perry Hall. It took over Mayfield and Gardenville and Overlea and its working its way out Belair Rd. The killing of the store owner Thursday night is further proof of it. Go to Whitemarsh mall at night and see whos there causing all the problems. And the liberals can't understand why we don't want to live near them. Are you kidding me? All the new violence at the inner harbour? Guess who is causing that? The media won't come out and say it but we all know. They don't value human life and have no moral values and don't try to tell me its because they don't have a father figure. Lots of people grow up that way and don't do the things that these people do. As long as people like Dixon are put in charge of our cities it will never stop. She is one of them, stealing gift cards from the needy, how much more proof do we need to show that she has no morals. She is a thief and a liar but she will be re-elected by the same people that are trashing the neighborhoods and stealing and killing. I wish they could put a fence up around Baltimore and make them all move back into the filthy crime infested city they have created. But that's wishful thinking and it will never happen. So what do we do? The only solution is to keep moving futher and further out. You will never change these people no matter how much money you throw at the problem. They are brought up that way from generation to generation and it only gets worse as time goes on. God help this country in the future, the liberals have won and political correctness ahas overcome common sense. I'll see everybody in forest hills, thats my next move. It should be at least 25 more years before they fuck that up.

The Plague - (perry hall)

Date: 2009-07-18, 7:18AM

Forrest Hills is a good bet. My mother had a townhouse there till 7 yrs ago. Nice place, clean, quiet and no jigs. 25 yrs is a good bet, too far out for the jigs. NO BUS LINE!! I live in Balto County in a neighborhood that is surrounded by water on 3 sides with one road in and out. A nice place but the jigs aren's far away. Good luck on your move.

Re: The Plague

Date: 2009-07-18, 7:24AM

I agree this plague is persistent and more than likely will get worse before it gets better. Although I believe edumacation could help alleviate the plague, that is unlikely to happen. There is only one known cure for this plague and Americans have been using it for years with some success. The cure: moving boxes. Keep ‘em handy.

The Plague

Date: 2009-07-18, 9:40AM

I have to agree with the original poster here. This area continues to deteriorate because of all the blacks that are coming up out of the city and bringing their criminal element with them. I fear that the Skateland incident and the shooting at the liquor store in the Putty Hill shopping center is only the beginning. In my complex, which less than a year ago was a quiet place, we've had the cops here on three separate occasions just in this week alone. And guess who's at the center of it all in each of those scenarios? You guessed it....Blacks. I visited the vigil outside of the liquor store last night and found myself enraged at what I see happening around us. Like the original poster talked about "wishful thinking", I too have wishful thoughts of buslines out here being eliminated. Unfortunately that wouldn't solve the problem entirely, but it would be a step in the right direction. I like the "catch and release program" ideas even better, making them sleep in the bed that they made. Baltimore City has become a cesspool. With a corrupt administration acting as their leaders, it's only going to get progressively worse there as well. Now that cesspool is leaking out to us. What can we do? It's a shame our neighborhoods will be abandoned to allow them to invade and turn it into ghettos.

Re: The Plague / Where's Al & Jesse?

Date: 2009-07-18, 10:33AM

Where is the outrage from the black leaders over the shooting death of the Korean liquor store owner? Let a black man stub his toe somewhere in a white neighborhood and ‘ole Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson will be in front of the cameras in a Charm City heartbeat. WTF is wrong with these animals? Lack of education, lack of proper parental upbringing, lack of everything? When will it stop? You can’t just keep shifting non black neighborhoods. They’re the fucking scourge of the planet. I get tired of blacks blaming whitey for everything. Take responsibility for your actions and maybe things will change. You ever wonder why the majority of the prison population is comprised of blacks? Don’t blame whitey for it. Could it possibly be that blacks commit the majority of crimes and THAT is the reason they make up the majority of the prison population? Hell yes.

Re>>>The Plague (Bus Lines)

Date: 2009-07-18, 10:39AM

Like I had said many times on here, once the niglets move it, all turns to shit. First its the bus lines that bring em in, so if you can move to an area where there is not bus lines to bring the niglets in. The Plague (Bus Lines) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I pointed out a while ago about the bus lines that have express service from Security Square Mall to White Marsh Mall. There were no response because the only issues were that some kids rode it and it doesn't matter. I understand the need for bus service to get people around, back and forth to work and so forth. But now it an issue with transporting wrong elements into the area that once were nice. I have noticed that there is no bus service off of Joppa Rd between Harford Rd and Loch Raven Blvd. There are a lot of nice places to eat and not much trouble in that area. Could the bus service be to blame? To point out where it was nice before: Hunt Valley Mall- before light rail Towson Mall- before bus ran every 15 minutes White Marsh Mall- before express service Arundel Mills Mall- before the illegals took it over I can not ever discuss Eastpoint, they always had trash.

Big shock: Business don't want to be downtown

Date: 2009-07-18, 8:37PM

Even business downtown realize Baltimore is going downhill fast.

re: The Plague

Date: 2009-07-18, 9:16PM

With regard to the shooting at the putty hill shopping center liquor store I would almost bet the responsible people are residents of an apartment complex just a few blocks behind the shopping center. The whole complex has been infested with roving bands of resident riff raff who have been tearing the the shit out of the place and trashing it for several months. I hope when the cops catch these murdering assholes it is part of the group I am thinking of. I'd be happy to be rid of them.

OMG....HE has a GUN

Date: 2009-07-19, 3:57AM

A guy pulled a gun out at the gas station and tried to robb a couple of young guys in a blk car. WTF is going on in MD

RE:OMG....HE has a GUN (druid hill and w. north ave)

Date: 2009-07-19, 10:28PM

You must have beeen living under a rock for the last 20 or 30 years or you're not from Md. That's an everyday occurance especially in the city! I'm surprised the gunman didn't shot the guys in the car. Now that's news!

rant: pikesville library

Date: 2009-07-21, 12:44AM

Did I grow up in some sort of fantasy land, where manners were some sort of mythical creature? Or did I grow up in the "ye olde days" where I am just totally out of touch with reality? (I was born in the 80's). I went to the Pikesville Library today, around 2 or so. First off, it was like they were giving away free cars or something, the parking lot was full, and there was bumper to bumper traffic of these vultures circling around looking for a spot. So after I find a parking spot a block away, I go in, and it sounds about as loud as a busy supermarket at the check out desk with all these savage nig children and socially awkward jew kiddies making a giant ruckus. I was surprised, and hoped I could find a quiet spot in the back. (I had to go to the VERY back, near the magazines) Of course, over the course of the next couple hours, I observed people having conversations in loud tones, cell phones going off and then PEOPLE ANSWERING them and talking loudly! One jig even switched on their speaker phone! The jews were equally inconsiderate, mostly with these 3 infant children each crying all day, dragging them around the whole library. Are these people in baltimore so uncivilized that noone understands that libraries are for quiet reading, studying, etc? God, if Pikesville is this crappy, Baltimore area has no hope. Please someone, raze this whole area and just leave it be.

White people are fed up...period!!!

Date: 2009-07-21, 2:11AM

Plain and simple...white people are fed up with excuses. Excuses for bad behavior, excuses for putting up with blacks' bullshit (murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault, drug dealing, etc.) Excuses from government officials, excuses...excuses...excuses! ACT LIKE A HUMAN BEING OR BE TREATED LIKE AN ANIMAL! Attitude? Oh yeah! I have one! Tired of the horseshit!!!That's the way MOST whites feel in Baltimore City. PERIOD!!! You know damn well I'm right!

re: Excuses

Date: 2009-07-21, 7:37AM

In my opinion blacks will continue to make excuses for the poor behavior that is rampant in their community. Consider Whoopi Goldberg's excuse for Michael Vicks actions as "cultural" for nigs to torture and kill dogs. Gotcha, ok, all is forgiven then. Go ahead, get reinstated in the NFL so you can make that million dollar paycheck that you so richly deserve. Again I ask...where is the accountability? In that situation, do not even tell me that he has paid his dues. Michael Vick most certainly has not. He got a suspended sentence, and is now free to do as he pleases (which will more than likely involve some kind of criminal activity). We are not talking about someone who merely just killed these animals. No, we are talking about someone who participated in the brutal torture of those dogs. Yet, many in the black community are very quick to jump to his defense and say that he is a man who has payed his debt to society. NOT EVEN CLOSE... I feel for that 10% or so (I think it's MUCH less however) of the blacks who are hard working and decent people. However if there is ANY hope for them, it's time for their leaders to stop whining about racism and start taking members of their community to task for participating in behaviors that contribute to peoples attitudes about them.

Excuses, excuses... (had enough)

Date: 2009-07-21, 8:23AM


RE: White people are fed up.

Date: 2009-07-21, 10:01AM

Lets not forget the Mexicans that are here illegally. They are doing the same shit. Except they shouldn't even be here.

white guilt

Date: 2009-07-21, 10:57AM EDT

OK, not everybody with African decent is a asshole and surly not everybody with European decent are polite. But what gets me , is the majority of whites in America have this white guilt. Where they think its sociability acceptable for other race to have discontent towards white people , Almost apologetic for there unruly behavior . . With all this politically correct behavior, white people must follow, to be sure not to upset people of other race, is itself racist toward whites. Any time a person of European decent makes a comment about another racial community other then there own, they are quick to be label a racist, Why is that's ????? Why is it if a white person says; " i have black friends" there are label a racist ? IS it because they use the word black to describe there friends ? Why is it, that only white people can be label racist, and not other race ? The New black panther party, marches on the street on Philly, chanting "kill whitey", and its acceptable. If a white organization was to do the same and chant "kill blacky" ,A riot would engage... Its not right for one race to have special privileges over another, That is racist. If your a minority in this country , your entitle to all types privileges and government handouts., Why ? The government census in this country is racist, who cares how many blacks there are verses whites or latinos. Should it really matter ? Why is it that minority groups can have schools, organization, museums, television station, cater to there particulate race, That is racists. And I'll tell you,,,,,,,,, It's about White guilt.


Date: 2009-07-21, 4:43PM

I have travels all over the united states, and been to some of the most notorious black communitys in this country. I can say, The black in this city are ruthless. For the crime rate to be so high when the city is so damn small. WTF is wrong you people.

Re: About Some Whites

Date: 2009-07-21, 8:16PM

I'm a 45 year old WM who does not like niggers. Black people, they're okay, fuck the niggers though. Your reference to whites using the terms nigger and niglet being low class, tells me you are clueless how deep the hatred runs. Think about it nigger, it’s not lower class whites supporting your lazy asses; it’s people like me. Salary - $207,000 a year IQ – 164 Edumacation (intentional) Engineer Taxes paid last year - $60,000 (Fed, State, and local) That’s my fucking contribution, nigger Get a grip on reality. The fucking niggers in Baltimore are different and whitey is getting tired. Oh, and I’m sure even the poorest, most uneducated white trailer trash piece of shit knows they are better off than any black, just based on the color of their skin. It must hurt to be you. Nigger.

Survey: North American Blacks

Date: 2009-07-22, 12:12PM

i am taking a little survey (at the bottom for those who just cant wait), but first an explanation: to make things clear I am neither black nor white but have experienced what can best be described as reverse discrimination exhibited by blacks and have NEVER been discriminated against by whites!!! In fact i have enjoyed the company of white women almost exclusively. But i digress.... I am rather sick and tired of hearing blacks and black sympathizers, complain about how they got the raw end with slavery (and such). the truth is that ALOT of other peoples endured slavery (the Jews for one), inequality (native Americans for example), murder/genocide/the rape of their women, etc... so why do blacks act all high and mighty (uppity is the term of preference) like they are owed something for their troubles? the Jews took their lumps and carried on. the native Americans took theirs and sucked it up. south and central American natives were not spared by the Spaniards. the list of British crimes would be far too long to describe here. this is a good time too mention that one of the largest cultures too practice slavery is of course AFRICAN culture. it was normal practice to take the captured survivors of tribal battles as slaves (which during the slave trade were promptly sold to whites for export). Black Hispanics, black islanders, black Europeans (yes their are black Europeans) not only act in accordance with acceptable socially responsible behavior (in general), they also recognize that there is a fundamental difference between them and the blacks of North America. Just talk to any black islander and they will tell you the same " we are very, very different.... we came in planes and they came in chains!!". It seems true for a VAST majority of north American blacks (certainly not all of them but that percentage is so small as to be negligible). one interesting bit of data (from the census bureau) is that only 14% of the US population is black. However 50% of ALL crime is committed by this 14%. interesting! then of course we have the Al Sharpton types demanding reparations!! I say that there is no greater reparation than repatriation! which brings us to the survey: Part 1 : is it just me or do North American Blacks embrace a culture of anti-intellectualism? Part 2 :if asked to contribute $100.00 (non refundable) for a repatriation (the ultimate reparation) program that would insure that each and every black non contributing member of our society is repatriated and banned from reentry into the united states for life, would you contribute? what if it was $1000.00? Say what you want about the Hispanics "taking our jobs". I for one don't mind hard workers, and with their grasp of the English language just about equal to the blacks, i would say the Hispanics are a considerable upgrade to the plague we are currently suffering. I do want to hear responses (favorable or not) so please don't hold back.


Date: 2009-07-22, 12:26PM

African- amercian ? What part of Africa ? Somali ? your not African, you were born in America , thats makes you a American. . Stop with the self righteous signified labling. there's no more slavery, you have equal rights, you get all types of minority benefits, from welfare , education, business grants,etc. Everything has to be "Black,- owned,church,school,tv station" . Its 2009 you have a black president, Dont you people think its time to move on. So stop using your race as a crutch to get through life.

Attention all Nigros - Get the fuck out!

Date: 2009-07-26, 10:41PM

Here it is plain and simple.... the answer to America's problems. I propose we give all those of the inferior race (Blacks) their 40 acres and a mule but with 1 catch... give it to them in Africa so they can be with their spear chucking relatives. I bet not a one takes the offer and do you know why? They would have to work to survive... I would not be here to pay taxes to support them and their whores who cannot keep their legs closed and breed like rabbits... They would get no welfare and no government assistance and worst of all, they would have to work! Nigs have fucked up this country - just visit any city and you can see what they have done and I say ship them back with Kunta Kinta

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  1. We need the Maryland Skinheads to start patroling Baltimore city. They have their own training camps and have the real capability of taking our streets back.