Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Forbidden Thoughts Radio 7-21-2009

New Forbidden Thoughts Radio 7-21-2009:

Introducing Joel Tucker from NSALP Ohio:Jim Ramm talks to a fascinating NSALP Leader from the MIdwest. Joel grew up in a mostly white town, but the few niggers started to persecute him.The attacks seasoned him into a hardcore National Socialist. Joel found the skinhead movement while he was quite young: only 10 years old. Together with our solid NS Ohio crew, they vow to educatethe white public, as they work together to take this country back. Next week part 2!Joel shares his firsthand knowledge concerning the lunacy of Satanism. Now a Christian rejecting devil worship, Joel was a one time a very influential satanic leader. He was an ordained HIgh Priest for Anton Lavey's Church of Satan. Joel explains the inner workings of the group & how they differ from NSM Chairman Herrington's Joy of Satan. From mass orgies to mass stupidity, Joel shows just how easy it is to get addicted to this spiritual poison. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!


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