Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hal Turner Family blog

The Hal Turner Show website has been taken down by Hal's family. For updates on his situation and for info to donate to his legal defense, see the following website:


"President" Obongo Holds Gay Pride Reception

Welcome to the United States of Perversion!


Another Maryland Black on White Hate Crime that Was Covered Up

Two savage blacks kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young white couple from a light rail stop. The jews media totally covered up the racial aspects of this case when it happened.


6/30/09 Forbidden Thoughts Radio Show: Ghost Stories Part Two


Public Barred from Negro Crofton Teen's Murder Trial

If this were a white on black "hate" crime, instead of a black on white Hate crime, the white boys names would already have been made public by every jew owned media outlet in the country!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Suburban Gangland


Baltimore Sun Reader Comments: "Delinquency is the real issue — not racism"


Hal Turner's Phone Call from New Jersey Jail

After we all saw what happened to Bill White, for Hal Turner to continue to push the envelope was just plain idiotic. Not withstanding the fact that all White Nationalists are under intense scrutiny by ZOG, thanks to our illegal alien Negro "President" Obongo and recent events such as the Holohoax Museum shooting. Bill White and Hal Turner's threatening and harrassing tactics lead to one place........PRISON!